9/20 ROH iPPV Results: Philadelphia, PA (New ROH Champion)

Ring of Honor “Death Before Dishonor XI” iPPV
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (National Guard Armory)
September 20, 2013
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see highlights of the ROH World Title tournament and comments from the four guys in the semi-finals. Kevin Kelly welcomes us to the show, alongside Nigel McGuinness. Loud “ROH” chants from the Philly crowd. All of a sudden, the music of the former ROH Champion Jay Briscoe hits and he makes his way to the ring, with the ROH World Title belt in tow.

Loud “Man Up” chants for Jay. Jay says that if you wanna be successful, you’ve gotta work hard. The harder you work, the better you’re gonna be. A company is only as successful as the people in it. 11 years ago, this company started with myself in the Murphy Rec Center. I was 18 years old and I have spent my entire adult life, my blood, sweat and tears trying to make ROH what it is today. “Thank You Jay” chants. Fast forward 11 years later, Kevin Steen is the World Champion, SCUM is taking over, but I whooped his ass and won the ROH World Title. Then, I got a shoulder injury and the higher-ups thought I couldn’t defend the title. Nigel McGuinness, I’ve known you for a long time, but why can you with a torn bicep defend your title, but I can’t defend my title? Now I know you are the messenger, but I think this is bulls**t. “This is “bulls**t” chants. Jay says its not Nigel’s fault. Jay says that his brother Mark told him not to look into the past, look to the future. So whoever wins this title fair and square and like a man, guess I will have to hand this title over to them. “NO” chants by the crowd. Jay says when he is cleared, he will come back and win back his title.

Jay Lethal vs. “The Last Real Man in Pro Wrestling” Silas Young

Code of Honor before the bell. Lethal backs Silas into the corner, clean break. “F You Silas” chants by the crowd. Silas goes to work on Lethal’s arm. Lethal reverses out. Silas goes to a side headlock, followed by a shoulder tackle. Lethal with a leapfrog, followed by a dropkick. Silas goes to the ropes, but Lethal with a baseball slide, then nails Silas with another dropkick for a 1 count. Silas goes to the outside to re-group. Lethal sets to dive, but Silas avoids him and nails Lethal when he comes back in. Silas with a knee facebuster and a right hand. Lethal comes back with the hiptoss/cartwheel/dropkick combo. Lethal again goes to dive, but this time sidesteps Silas. Lethal then with 2 tope suicidas, a springboard dropkick, then completes the trifecta of tope suicidas, sending Silas into the barricade! Crowd chants for Lethal as he says that this is his house. Chop by Lethal, then he sends Silas back in. Silas blocks a Sunset flip by grabbing onto the ref’s shirt, then stomps Lethal.

Silas trash talks Lethal before hitting a crossface shot. Silas with a chop in the corner. Lethal then sent hard into the turnbuckles. Silas gains a nearfall. Lethal blocks a suplex, but Silas drives him into the corner, followed by a series of shoulders to the ribs. This time Silas hits the suplex, then motions how easy it was before gaining another nearfall. Front chancery applied as the crowd wills on Lethal. Lethal fights out, then hits an inverted atomic drop after Silas tries multiple times to re-apply the chancery.

Silas misses a clothesline and Lethal hits a flying forearm, followed by a back elbow. Lethal Combination, but Silas grabs onto the bottom rope before the count of 3. Lethal with a slam, removes his elbow pad and motions that he is heading up top. Lethal heads up top, but Silas stops him. Silas goes up with Lethal, but Lethal blocks a superplex and knocks Silas off the ropes. Silas rolls out of the way for the Hail to the King, then draws Lethal in and does a jackknife pin for a nearfall. Silas with the backbreaker/clothesline combo for another nearfall. Silas avoids a superkick, but Lethal slips out of the Finlay Roll. Lethal with a spinning back kick, but Silas catches him off the Lethal Injection with a German for a close nearfall. Silas lifts up Lethal, but Lethal holds onto the ropes. Silas with a boot, then lifts up Lethal again and this time hits the Finlay Roll. Lethal then avoids the Pee Wee Gaja Plunge.

Lethal with the in-ring version of the Lethal Injection for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal by pinfall (Lethal Injection)

Lethal celebrates his win, then Silas refuses to adhere to the Code of Honor afterwards.

We see video of how Adam Cole & Tommaso Ciampa won their 1st Round & Quarter-Final matches in the ROH World Title Tournament.

Ring of Honor World Title Tournament Semi-Final Match: “The Panama City Playboy” Adam Cole vs. “The Sicilian Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa

Code of Honor before the bell. Ciampa charges right at the bell and stomps away at Cole in the corner. Down comes the kneepad, but Cole nails him with a pump kick. Ciampa gets out of the Florida Key, but Cole knocks him off the apron with an enziguri. Cole with a head of steam and wipes out Ciampa with a tope suicida! Crowd chants for Cole. Ciampa then lifts up Cole and drives him right into the barricade! Cole is seated by the barricade, then Ciampa charges and connects with the Running Knockout Knee! Cole is seated by another barricade and Ciampa with a 2nd Running Knockout Knee! Cole seated by a third barricade, but Ciampa catches a superkick and POWERBOMBS COLE INTO THE BARRICADE AND THE CHAIR! Ciampa charges and hits a THIRD Running Knockout Knee! “Holy s**t” chants by the crowd. Ciampa breaks the ref’s count, then removes the ring mats, exposing the concerte floor underneath. Cole tries to get back in the ring, but Ciampa stops him. Cole counters a suplex, but Ciampa blocks a German. Ciampa then SUPLEXES COLE ON THE CONCERTE FLOOR!! “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Back in, Ciampa gains a nearfall. Ciampa with right hands, but misses a clothesline and Cole with a dropkick to the knee, followed by a Shining Wizard for a nearfall.

Ciampa blocks being lifted up with elbows, but Cole catches him and hits the Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Ciampa blocks a suplex, but Cole sends him onto the apron. Strike exchange, then Cole runs into a knee strike. Cole blocks being suplexed to the outside, then hits a SLINGSHOT DDT, SPIKING CIAMPA ON THE APRON! Back in, Cole gains a close nearfall. Ciampa again blocks the Florida Key and Cole runs into another knee strike. Ciampa lifts up Cole and hits an Awful Waffle variation for a nearfall. Ciampa runs into a back elbow, but hits a forearm,. Down comes the kneepad again and Ciampa hits the Running Knockout Knee not once, not twice, but three times! Ciampa lifts up Cole and heads up to the middle rope. Ciampa hits the Super Air Raid Crash, but Cole kicks out! Ciampa cannot believe it. Cole goes onto the apron and Ciampa heads up top with him. Ciampa sets for a powerbomb off the top, but Cole blocks it. Ciampa blocks a Sunset Bomb, but Cole superkicks the back of Ciampa’s leg, sending him crashing to the mat. Cole drives Ciampa’s previously injured leg repeatedly against the ringpost. Cole then locks Ciampa in the ringpost variation of the Figure Four, but then breaks before the count of 5. Ciampa is in pain as back in, Cole with a basement superkick. Cole goes for the Figure Four, but Ciampa with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Cole avoids another knee strike, takes down Ciampa and this time locks in the Figure Four. Ciampa is able to reverse the hold, but Cole gets to the ropes.

Strike exchange, Ciampa gains advantage, but Cole with another kick to the leg. Cole drops his kneepad and hits another Shining Wizard, but Ciampa kicks out! Now its Cole who cannot believe it. Cole with two running boots, then yells at Ciampa to stay down. Ciampa catches Cole off a 3rd, but fights out of Project Ciampa. Cole with another boot, but Ciampa takes his head off with a lariat! Ciampa lifts up Cole and hits Project Ciampa, but Cole KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! “ROH” chants by the crowd. Ciampa’s leg buckles and Cole with the brainbuster across the knee for a nearfall. Figure Four re-applied, then both men slap each other.

Cole then kicks Ciampa repeatedly in the face. Ciampa is out as the ref counts his shoulders down to send Cole into the finals.

Winner and advancing to the finals of the Ring of Honor World Title Tournament: “The Panama City Playboy” Adam Cole by pinfall

Referees check on Ciampa afterwards as Cole celebrates his win.

We see video on how Michael Elgin & Kevin Steen won their 1st Round & Quarter-Final matches before our next match.

Ring of Honor World Title Tournament Semi-Final Match: “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen

Crowd chants for Steen before the bell. Code of Honor adhered to. Nigel says that Ciampa is OK after being knocked out by Cole. Elgin backs Steen into the corner, clean break. Elgin again backs Steen into the corner, another clean break. Steen with a go-behind, then takes down Elgin into a chancery. Elgin gets out and works on Steen’s arm. Steen gets to the ropes, then applies a side headlock. No one goes down off a shoulder tackle. Steen again with a side headlock, but again no one goes down off a shoulder tackle. “OLE” chants by the crowd. Steen with another side headlock, then with a gut kick. Steen goes for the Package Piledriver, Elgin tries for the Buckle Bomb, Steen gets out and goes to the outside to re-group. Back in, Elgin wants a Test of Strength. Steen obliges, but Elgin easily takes him down. Steen then with a Monkey flip, followed by an inverted Curb Stomp. Steen stomps away, followed by a chop. Elgin with one of his own, but Steen with a headbutt. Steen chokes Elgin with his boot in the corner, then says “I have til 5!” ala Daniel Bryan. Elgin fights back, but Steen with a big forearm. Elgin tells Steen to bring it and fights back with some forearms of his own. Steen blocks the delayed vertical, but runs into a boot and another forearm. Springboard moonsault off the middle rope by Elgin for a nearfall. Elgin with shoulders to the ribs of Steen, but Steen fights back. Elgin responds with a flurry of forearms in the corner. Steen comes back with an eye poke, then more chops and forearms. Elgin with another big forearm, but Steen sidesteps a back drop. Elgin then comes back with a Black Hole Slam, sending Steen to the outside. Steen gets back in, then stops Elgin on the apron and SPIKES him with a draping DDT for a nearfall. Steen heads up top, but Elgin stops him. Elgin goes up with Steen, but Steen blocks a superplex. Steen bites at Elgin’s forehead and knocks him off the ropes. Steen with a CROSSBODY for a nearfall. Elgin slips out of a slam, but Steen with back elbows. Steen avoids a pump kick, then both men collide with flying shoulders and both are down.

Both men clothesline each other at the same time twice. Steen with a boot, but Elgin with an enziguri. Steen avoids a clothesline, but Elgin nails him with a left-arm lariat for a nearfall. Steen fights out of the Deadlift German, but Elgin with multiple clotheslines to Steen in the ropes. Both slip out of each other’s slam attempts, then Elgin gets out of the Sharpshooter. Steen charges, but Elgin avoids him and Steen goes shoulder-first into the ringpost. Elgin locks in the Crossface, but Steen gets to the ropes. Steen goes onto the apron and Elgin sends him off the turnbuckles. Elgin goes to the middle rope, but Steen blocks the Deadlift Superplex and knocks Elgin off the ropes. Steen heads up top and hits the Steenton Bomb for a close nearfall. Dueling chants by the crowd. Elgin gets out of the Package Piledriver, but Steen slips out of a slam. Steen charges, but Elgin hits him with the ST-Joe. Elgin heads up top, but Steen gets the knees up off the corkscrew senton. Steen lifts up Elgin and hits the F-Cinq, but Elgin kicks out! Steen charges, but Elgin avoids the Cannonball. Elgin this time hits the Deadlift German, but Steen kicks out! Elgin holds on and locks Steen back in the Crossface. Steen is able to get his foot on the bottom rope to force a break.

Strike exchange, Steen gains advantage. Elgin goes off the blind side, but Steen with a forearm. Steen runs into a pump kick and a spinning backfist, but Steen hits the Pop-Up Powerbomb! Elgin counters out of the Package Piledriver by rolling through a Sunset Flip and hitting a DEADLIFT POWERBOMB! Elgin lifts up Steen and hits the Buckle Bomb. Elgin goes for the Elgin Bomb, but Steen takes him down and locks in the Sharpshooter, but Elgin is able to power out of the hold. Steen is holding onto his shoulder from the earlier Crossface. Elgin holds onto the ropes to block the Sleeper Suplex. Elgin then takes Steen down back into the Crossface. Both men then with pinning predicaments for nearfalls. Elgin with the neckbreaker into the rolling elbow, but Steen comes back with a BIG Lariat! Sleeper Suplex this time hits, but ELGIN KICKS OUT!! Steen can’t lift up Elgin for the Package Piledriver, so he hits 2 more Sleeper Suplexes! Steen goes back after Elgin, but Elgin DRILLS him with a Lariat! “This is awesome” chants by the crowd.

Steen tries again for the Package Piledriver, but Elgin takes him back down into the Crossface and Steen has no choice but to tapout!

Winner and advancing to the finals of the Ring of Honor World Title Tournament: “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin by submission (Crossface)

Referees come out to check on both men, who are still down afterwards. Steen gets up and pats Elgin on the back in a sign of respect. Steen pulls Elgin to his feet and they adhere to the Code of Honor.

We see video on what has gone down in the ROH Tag Team Division over the summer.

IWGP Junior Tag Team Titles: The Forever Hooligans (Alex Koslov & Rocky Romero)(c’s) vs. The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards)

Koslov wants the mic before the match and sings the Russian National Anthem. DAVEY DOES HIP SWIVELING BEHIND THE HOOLIGANS! Code of Honor before the bell. Romero & Edwards start. Edwards with a go-behind, Romero with a standing switch. Edwards works on the arm, Romero takes him down and applies a leg lock. Edwards counters with a pinning predicament for a nearfall. Crowd chants for Edwards. Edwards takes down Romero into a front chancery. Richards in, Romero slips out and goes to his corner, tagging in Koslov. Richards works on the arm, Koslov counters out. Davey regains control, roll-up into a leg lock, but Koslov gets to the ropes. “USA” chants by the crowd. Koslov tries to start a “Russia” chant, but to no avail. Crowd with a “Rocky IV” chant. Koslov with a side headlock and a shoulder tackle. Koslov shows off his agility, but Richards with a dropkick. Richards feigns a dive and shows off his agility. Romero & Edwards back in. Romero with a gut kick and some chops. Edwards responds with some BIG chops. Edwards goes up & over, lifts up Romero and hits a sit-out fallaway facebuster, followed by a running chest kick for a nearfall. Elbows to the head by Edwards, then Romero with a spidey move in the ropes, causing Edwards to go to the outside. Romero does the same to Richards, but the Wolves get back in the ring, while the Hooligans go to the outside. Wolves with a head of steam, STEREO SOARING AND SCORING! “USA” chants by the crowd. Back in, stereo strikes by the Wolves to the Hooligans. Edwards avoids Romero and Richards does the Hooligans own Battering Knee Double Team to Koslov. Richards with a headbutt and a snap suplex to Romero. Edwards in, another BIG chop. Koslov gets a shot in on Edwards, allowing Romero to hit a knee strike.

Richards is knocked off the apron. Koslov in and the Hooligans stomp away at Edwards. Chinlock applied, crowd wills on Edwards. Edwards fights out, but Koslov drives him back down. Romero in, leaping knee drop as the crowd again chants “USA”. Romero pulls at Edwards’ face, then unloads with a series of right hands from the mount. Crowd chants for Edwards as he fights out of the Hooligans’ corner. Koslov trips up Edwards while the ref is distracted, then the Hooligans with stereo submissions on the Wolves. Koslov in and the Hooligans set to double team. Romero does the FOREVER Clotheslines in the corner, but Koslov gets mad at Romero. Shoving match ensues and the Hooligans set to fight each other. Instead, the Hooligans “hug it out.” Richards is knocked off the apron again. Romero in, Edwards runs into a boot, but hits an enziguri when Romero goes to the middle rope. Edwards with the Chin Checker, both men down.

Richards in, knocks Koslov off the apron. Richards heads up top, missile dropkick to Romero. Richards kips up, then unloads with a series of chest kicks to Romero. Richards with a running forearm, a spinning back kick, then a penalty kick, but Romero kicks out! Koslov stops Richards’ German attempt and knocks Edwards off the apron. Romero with a clothesline, but Richards avoids the Battering Knee and Edwards hits an enziguri. Romero is placed in the Tree of Woe and the Wolves with sandwich kicks to him. German by Richards for a nearfall. Romero slips out of a double team, then blocks the Alarm Clock and Richards accidentally kicks Edwards! Strike exchange between Romero & Richards. Koslov comes in with a knee strike, followed by an inverted suplex. Romero with a running kick for a nearfall. Koslov in and he grabs his beret. Koslov with the Kosak Kicks to Richards, followed by a double stomp for a nearfall. Romero with a clothesline, then the Hooligans this time hit the Battering Knee. Edwards stops Romero on the apron, then Koslov with a roll-up while hooking the tights, but the ref catches him. Koslov tries for an enziguri, but Richards catches it and applies the Trailer Hitch. Romero tries to stop it, but Richards grabs him and applies the Ankle Lock! Koslov gets to the ropes, forcing Richards to break.

Richards places Koslov on the turnbuckles and goes up with him. Koslov blocks a superplex and knocks Richards off, but Edwards flies in with a BIG boot! Edwards goes up, but Romero pulls him off. Romero with a back heel kick, but runs into a Davey head kick. Richards with a Falcon Arrow, but at the same time, Koslov hits Richards with a Frog Splash for a nearfall. Koslov lifts up Richards for the Contract Killer, but Romero is down. The Wolves with the Alarm Clock, followed by an Edwards Front-Plex. Edwards with a double stomp, then Richards heads up top and hits another double stomp for a close nearfall. Richards is grabbing his abdomen as it appears he may have suffered a hernia. Koslov blocks another Wolves double team and ranas Edwards to the outside. Romero goes up with Richards and hits a super rana! Romero holds Richards while Koslov goes up top and hits the Shooting Star Press, but Edwards breaks it up. Edwards is sent to the outside.

The Hooligans this time hit Richards with the Contract Killer to get the win.

Winners and STILL IWGP Jr. Tag Team Champions: The Forever Hooligans by pinfall (The Contract Killer)

The Hooligans celebrate their title retention, then all 4 men again adhere to the Code of Honor.

Veda Scott & Barrister RD Evans make their way to the ring. Veda talks about the injustice in ROH by Nigel McGuinness. RD says he should leave ROH, but he won’t. Tonight, I will not leave this ring until I get justice.

Adam Page makes his way to the ring. Page grabs the mic from RD and says he speaks for Philly when he says that they don’t care. You are an angry little man, so if you need to blow off some steam, let’s have a match. Nigel says the match is on, so we have an impromptu match!

Adam Page vs. RD Evans w/Veda Scott

RD sent off the turnbuckles. Page with a chop, followed by an inverted atomic drop and 2 regular atomic drops. RD comes back with a knee to the ribs. RD has Page’s hat and puts it on. RD mocks Page, but Page with a powerslam.

Inverted Tombstone by Page for the win.

Winner: Adam Page by pinfall (Inverted Tombstone)

Page accidentally steps on RD’s injured hand afterwards. Veda continues to complain to Nigel.

“Mr. Ring of Honor” Roderick Strong vs. Ricky Marvin

Strong works on the arm, but Marvin shows off his agility and hits a dropkick. Crowd chants for Marvin. Knucklelock applied, Strong with a Monkey flip for a nearfall. Marvin with his own Monkey flip. Strong with a side headlock and a shoulder tackle. Marvin comes back with a rana that sends Strong to the outside. Strong avoids a baseball slide, but Marvin does a handstand on the apron and hits Strong with a headscissors takeover. Back in, Marvin with a snapmare into a chinlock with Strong’s arms trapped. Strong backs Marvin into the corner and hits a shoulder to the ribs. BIG chop by Strong, but Marvin responds with an overhand chop. Chop exchange, but Strong with a knee to the ribs. Forearm, Strong runs into a back elbow. Strong slips out of a slam, Marvin skins the cat and hits another headscissors that sends Strong to the outside. Marvin heads up top and takes out Strong with a BIG crossbody.

Marvin is clutching his leg as he & Strong roll back in. Strong goes onto the apron, but Marvin with a Coast to Coast dropkick! Marvin again grabs at his leg before gaining a nearfall. Strong blocks a suplex with elbows. Strong lifts up Marvin, but Marvin slips out. Strong goes off the blind side and hits a running knee to the ribs. Olympic Slam for a nearfall. Marvin blocks the urnangi backbreaker, rolls up Strong for a nearfall. Strong runs into a boot, but hits an enziguri. Belly-to-back backbreaker for a nearfall. Strong with a running knee, but Marvin comes back with a flying kick. Marvin with a superkick, but Strong with a leaping knee. Marvin with another kick and both men are down.

Strike exchange, Marvin with a spinning back kick. Strong with a boot, but Marvin with a knee strike. Roll of the Dice variation for a close nearfall. Marvin heads up top, but Strong stops up. Strong goes up with Marvin and hits an enziguri. Top Rope Superplex for another close nearfall. Strong with a series of forearms, lifts up Marvin, but Marvin counters out with a reverse rana! BIG Lariat by Marvin for a nearfall. Curtain Call variation by Marvin, but Strong gets his leg underneath the bottom rope. Marvin heads up top, but Strong avoids a double stomp. Leaping Knee, followed by the Death by Roderick. Sick Kick, but Marvin kicks out!

Gibson Driver by Strong for the win.

Winner: “Mr. Ring of Honor” Roderick Strong by pinfall (Gibson Driver)

We see video of when BJ Whitmer was piledriven on the apron by Michael Bennett back in August, causing him to suffer a serious neck injury.

Nigel McGuinness is in the ring and he introduces BJ Whitmer. Whitmer makes his way to the ring. BJ says that he wants to thank anyone who sent him a get well message. BJ thanks Les Thatcher for training him. BJ also thanks Gabe Saplosky for giving him his first job. BJ thanks Cary Silkin for what he has done for ROH and what he has done for BJ as a friend. BJ thanks the wrestlers who he has been in the ring with. BJ says after all the doctor’s visits, he made a decision to end his in-ring career. Last time I left, I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. But this time, I do. Thank you guys for allowing me to come out here and apply my trade. “Thank You BJ” chants by the crowd. Before I go, I have to tie up 1 loose end. BJ calls out Jimmy Jacobs to the ring. Jacobs comes out through the crowd and gets into the ring. BJ says there has never been a more violent feud in ROH between you & me, but thank you. When I was in a hospital in Toronto, you were at my bedside. What that proved to me is something I knew 10 years ago and that is you have more heart than anyone. It was an honor to share this ring with you. One last time, I have a favor to ask of you, Nigel. I’m not asking you to get his job back. I’m asking you to give him an opportunity to prove he is honorable. ROH was built on guys with heart like Jimmy Jacobs. We will never see eye to eye with him for some of the things he has done. But, you need a guy like Jimmy Jacobs. Nigel agrees to give Jacobs an opportunity at the TV Tapings.

8-Man Tag Team Attraction Match: Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly), Michael Bennett w/”The 1st Lady of ROH” Maria Kanellis & Ring of Honor Television Champion Matt Taven w/Truth Martini & The Hoopla Hotties (Kasey Ray, Scarlett Bordaeux & Seleziya Spark) vs. The C & C Wrestlefactory (Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander) & Adrenaline RUSH (“The Last Hero” ACH & TD Thomas)

Maria joins Kelly on commentary. Code of Honor before the bell.

(Due to stream issues, didn’t get to see the match, apologies guys.)

Winners: C & C Wrestlefactory & Adrenaline RUSH by pinfall

Outlaws Inc. come out afterward and put reDRagon on notice.

Nigel McGuinness introduces ROH founder Cary Silkin, ROH COO Joe Koff and Prince Nana as judges for the main event in case it goes to the time limit.

Main Event in the finals of the Ring of Honor World Title Tournament: Adam Cole vs. Michael Elgin

Elgin with a quick shoulder tackle that sends Cole to the outside. Elgin with a powerslam for a nearfall. Cole counters the Buckle Bomb with a backdrop. Elgin sends Cole to the outside to get out of the Florida Key. Cole with a chancery, then works on Elgin’s arm. Elgin shows off his agility and hits a dropkick. Cole sent into the corner, then Elgin with a press slam for a nearfall. Cole gets out of the delayed vertical and hits a neckbreaker. Snapmare and knees to the back. Basement dropkick for a 1 count. Cravate applied. Elgin gets out with a back suplex for a 1 count. Cole then sidesteps a back drop with a DDT for a nearfall. Chinlock applied by Cole. Elgin fights out, but Cole avoids the spinning backfist and takes down Elgin in a sleeper hold. Elgin gets back up and gets free by driving Cole into the corner. Cole with a pump kick and an enziguri. Elgin with a rolling elbow, but Cole avoids a corner charge. Cole charges, but Elgin with the ST-Joe. Elgin with multiple clotheslines to the front and back of Cole. Elgin with 2 big clotheslines, Black Hole Slam for a nearfall. Cole gets out of the Deadlift German, Shining Wizard for a nearfall. Elgin gets out of the Figure Four, sending Cole to the outside. Cole comes back with an enziguri. Elgin then deadlift Germans Cole from the apron into the ring for a nearfall. Another German by Elgin for a nearfall. Both men head up top, but they then go through CRASHING THROUGH THE TABLE! Ref begins his count and Cole gets back at 16, with Elgin JUST BARELY making it back in! Elgin with a series of offensive moves, ending with the Elgin Bomb, but Cole JUST BARELY KICKS OUT!!! Elgin cannot believe it. Elgin brings Cole back in the ring, but Cole dropkicks his knee when Elgin tries to get back in. Figure Four applied by Cole, but somehow, Elgin is able to make it to the ropes. Cole hits the Florida Key, ELGIN KICKS OUT!!! Cole can’t believe it. “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Cole with a slingshot DDT to Elgin on the apron. Back in, Elgin blocks the Florida Key, Crossface applied. Cole counters into a pinning predicament for a 1 count.

Cole with a German, followed by ANOTHER FLORIDA KEY!!! 1-2-3!!! NEW CHAMPION!!!

Winner and NEW Ring of Honor World Champion: “The Panama City Playboy” Adam Cole by pinfall (The Florida Key)

Cole celebrates his win, then the music of Jay Briscoe hits and he makes his way to the ring. Jay has the ROH World Title belt and hands the title over to Cole. Cole & Briscoe shake hands. Jay turns his back to Cole and COLE SUPERKICKS JAY IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!! Elgin gets to his feet and COLE LAYS HIM OUT WITH THE ROH WORLD TITLE BELT!! Cole blows a kiss to Nigel McGuinness and poses with the World Title belt as the show closes.