But his trials have only just begun…

At “Death Before Dishonor XI” this past Friday night, BJ Whitmer sadly announced that he would be retiring from in-ring competition due to the injury suffered at “All Star Extravaganza V” in Toronto. After he thanked the fans and all of the people who had made it possible for him to get this far, BJ then did a surprising thing and called Jimmy Jacobs out to the ring.

With a history as violent as theirs, it was quite a surprise when Whitmer turned to Match Maker Nigel McGuinness and made one last request that Jacobs be reinstated. Taken aback, Nigel acquiesced and stated that Jimmy would get his opportunity to prove himself starting the following night during the ROH TV Tapings.

That night he faced off with Silas Young in a bout that will air on the October 26th edition of ROH TV and, as it turns out, it will mark the first of five Trial Series matches for the former S.C.U.M member. Waiting at the end, should Jacobs be victorious in three of those five bouts, will be a World Title match on November 15th when ROH returns to Jimmy’s home state of Michigan!

“This is a unique opportunity for Jimmy to step up and prove himself” said Nigel to, “He will be a tested against familiar faces as well as ones he may have never faced before. It will take him to cities all around the country and if he pulls out the three wins he needs, I guarantee a World Title match will be his in Dearborn.”

Nigel also provided with a complete list of Jimmy’s opponents and just where his bouts will take place:

Jimmy Jacobs Trial Series

Match 1: vs. Silas Young – Philadelphia, PA 9/21/13 (TV AIR DATE: 10/26/13)

Match 2: vs. Kevin Steen – Hopkins, MN 9/28/13

Match 3: vs. Michael Bennett – Baltimore, MD 10/5/13

Match 4: vs. Adam Page – Chicago Ridge, IL 10/26/13

Match 5: vs. Roderick Strong – Cincinnati, OH 11/2/13

Will Jimmy be able to pull it off and get that World Title opportunity in his home state? Find out first-hand by being there live at each ROH event! Tickets for all are on-sale now in the ROH Store!!!

If Jacobs wins 3 out of 5 he will be rewarded with an opportunity at the ROH Championship on 11/15 in his home state of Michigan!!