Results from indy shows from 10/11 to 10/13/13

Thomas Rude sent this in.


Yuba City-West Coast Wrestling Federation at the West Coast Muscle Athletic Center: Jack Flag pinned Dusty Grimes…Drake Frost pinned Nathan Brick…Sir Samurai Vs. Kevin K. went to a Time-Limit Draw…Marcus Lewis pinned Tony Dreamer…Joe DeSoul pinned Rik Luxury…Samuel Del Toro won a Battle Royal. (10/11/13)


Harrington-First State Championship Wrestling at the Harrington Park and Recreation Building: Rockin’ Rebel pinned Louis G. Rich…Funky White pinned Marc Angel…Juan Montoya pinned Donnie Hart….Greywolf Vs. Muddy Waters went to a Double DQ…Pretty Ugly defeated Black Wall Street and Wrestling’s Best Dancce Crew to become the new 1CW Tag Team Champions…Kindred pinned Prodigy…Country Force defeated Scott Dukes & Sonny Deeds…Zac Conner pinned Sinister X…Eric Chapel pinned Crazii Shea to become the new 1CW Cruisterweight Champion…Mark Harro pinned Christian York to become the new 1CW Heavyweight Champion. (10/5/13)

Newark-East Coast Wrestling Association at the Boys & Girls Club: Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian pinned Kyle Andrews…Jessie Kaye pinned Amber…Matt Saigon pinned Bobby Shields in a Best of Five Golden Opportunity Series…Apolyon pinned Breaker Morant… Monster Ahtu & Referee Phil Sly by DQ…Mr. Ooh La La & Kid USA defeated The Great Gus-ta & Kai Katana…Napalm Bomb & Solo defeated D-Line by DQ…Chris Wylde defeated Ricky Martinez by DQ…Greek God Papdon defeated Ricky Reyes & VsK in a Triple Threat Match to retain the ECW Heavyweight Title. (10/5/13)

Newark­-RightCoastPro Wrestling at the Life Community Church: Matt Striker pinned Billy Bax…Ryan Rush & Stockade defeated Kng Mega & Chris Steeler…Colton Quest pinned Michael Blake…Anthony Vigilante, Damian Gibbs & Fallah defated JR Ryder, Zac Conner & Nick Sohlo…Mike Reed pinned Cory Blaze…Sean Royal & Joey Silver defeated Pedro Duro & Jason Leigh…Harry M. Baldwin pinned Courageous Cruz. (10/12/13)


Villa Rica-Universal Independent Wrestling at the Villa Rica Elementary School: So Fine Mafia (Brad Lynch Bull Buchanan, The Mercenary & Peanut) defeated Stanley Robinson, Billy Knight & …Frankie Valentine & Eli Daniels defeated Stupid & Josh Storm…Murder One pinned Jimmy the Kidd…Fry Daddy pinned Kameron Kade…De ATlien pinned Alex Ross. (10/5/13)


Chicago-Division 3 Wrestling at the Sears Auto Center Outdoor Parking Lot: Tim Norton pinned Billy the Tiger…Ricky the Janitor pinned Kevin Gutierrez…Bazooka defeated Asesino De Allah by DQ…Kid Prodigy pinned Draven…KO Kendra defeated EKW by Countout…Grin & Justa Mazing Vs. The Troublemakers (Damian Tyler & Matthew Fontaine) went to a No Contest…Xavier King Vs. Luis Morales went to a No Contest. (10/12/13)

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: El Talentoso GPA pinned Mike Matthews…Mike Anthony pinned Dante DVS…Golden Dragon & Chico Suave defeated Valentino & Destructor Sr…Ricky Cruz & Noriega defeated Jake Parnell & Dave Vaughn…Barry Ryte pinned Kuni Silencio…El Traidor & Dark Scorpion defeated Furia Roja & Atomico…Pentagono pinned Mason Conrad…The Curse (Mojo McQueen & Punisher 747) defeated Acid Jazz & Bryce Benjamin. (1/13/13)


Millersville-Adrenaline Championship Wrestling at the O.B.I. Recreation Center: Pretty Ugly defeated Black Wall Street & Fed Up to become the new ACE Tag Team Champions…Flyin’ Hawaiian pinned Zac Connor…Thc defeated Winners by DQ…The Winners defeated Thc & Ghozt…Diaz defeated Wylde in a Ladder Match…Kacce defeated Rebecca Payne in a Street Fight…Kindred pinned Prodigy.(10/4/13)


Escanaba-UPW at the Delft Nightclub: Tyler Jackson won a Battle Royal to advance to the King of the UP Tournament…Tyler Jackson pinned Peter Schwanz in Round One…Jordy Lee pinned Dysfunction in Round One…Bryan Skyline pinned Brad Sharpe in Round One…Silas Young pinned Nathan Gust in Round One…InkJET Xpress defeated Brock Hall & Devin Nash by DQ…Judge Jesse defeated Kaz Karter in a Police Brutality Match…Tyler Jackson Jordy Lee in Round Two…Silas Young pinned Bryan Skyline in Round Two…Seth Gambino pinned Brett Powers…Tyler Jackson pinned Silas Young to become King of the UP. (10/12/13)

Warren-XICW at the Ritz: Petey Williams pinned Austin Manix…Chaz Monana pinned Xavier Justice…Bobby Lee pinned Shawn Tyler…Paul Bowser & DJ Shortstop defeated Mark Gjoka & Johnathan Presley…Movado pinned Willy Watts…KC pinned Andrew Lee…Chris Monroe defeated Security Guard Gordon in the 2d Round of a Boxing Match…Jacob Hollows defeated Zach Gowen, Caleb Stills, Dickie Bronson, Jaimy CoxXx, & Donnie Hollows to become the new XICW Lightweight Champion…Eddie Venom pinned Matt Morgan…Scarbonis defeated TD Thomas & Mad Dragon in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match…The DBA pinned Jimmy Jacobs to become the new Midwest Champion. (10/13/13)


Las Vegas-Future Stars of Wrestling at Sam’s Town Casino: Brandon Gatson defeated Virgil Flynn & Lorenzo C. Henderson in a 3-Way Match…Big Duke defeated Jason Cash by Countout…Cutler Wright defeated Clutch in a Loser Leaves The Agency Match…Alkatrazz & Funny Bone defeated Suburban Commandos and Beauty & the Beast in a Tag Team Elimination Match…Greg Romero pinned Rush…Remy Marcel & Jack Manley defeated Bryce Harrison & Jakob Austin Young…Kenny King pinned Disco Inferno…Leon Hater defeated Legacy in a No-DQ Match…Sweet n’ Sour defeated RockNES Monsters… Tyshaun Prince defeated Luster the Legend in a Last Man Standing Match. (10/13/13)


Sardinia-World’s Best Wrestling at the Old School Gymnasium: The Solar Powers (Eclipso & Jake Ashworth) defeated Ed Gonzales & Heather Owens…Massacre pinned Funny Bones…Grizzly Monsoon defeated Tom McClane by DQ…Tejo Kahn pinned Mac McPhat…Devlin Anderson pinned Flash Fury…Kenny Lucas defeated Big Jim Hutchinson in a No-DQ Match…Matt Taylor pinned Tyson Rogers to become the new WBW Heavyweight Champion…Jason Legend pinned Matt Taylor in an Impromptu Match to become the new WBW Heavyweight Champion. (10/12/13)


San Juan-E.W.O. At the San Juan Bosco Auditorium: El Demonio Slugga pinned Mike Piconse to become the new E.W.O. World Champion…Doom Patrol defeated Crazy Red and Nitido to become the new E.W.O. World Tag Team Champions…Jack Daniels pinned Luis Estilo to become the new E.W.O. Puerto Rico Champion…Masamba pinned Sexy Boy Christopher to become the new E.W.O. TV Champion. (10/12/13)