10/19 SHIMMER #58 Results: Berwyn, Illinois (3G/LuKana)

10/19 SHIMMER #58 Results: Berwyn, Illinois


1. JK Kennedy def. Midiane with a 2nd Rope Skull Crushing Finale.

2. Angie Skye def. “Crazy” Mary Dobson with a Killswitch.


1. Portia Perez def. Thunderkitty after sending her head-first into an exposed turnbuckle.

2. Santana def. Sassy Stephie w/Mademoiselle Rachelle with the Shining Star Press.

* Afterwards, Santana went after Rachelle, but Nevaeh ran in and attacked Santana. Stephie & Nevaeh beat down Santana until Savannah Summers ran in to make the save. 

3. “The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok def. Mary Lee Rose with a sit-out chokeslam.

4. “The Dynamite Queen” Nikki Storm def. Su Yung with the Eye of the Storm.

5. “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez def. Veda Scott with the Fisherman’s Buster.

* Interview segment with Madison Eagles. Madison has Amber Gertner say everything she wants to say. Jist of it is Madison has been undefeated since returning to SHIMMER and is issuing an open challenge. Nicole Matthews comes out to accept, saying she has been undefeated since losing the SHIMMER Tag Titles and that Rockstar Energy Drinks are better than Starbucks coffee. 

6. Hikaru Shida def. “The Blasian Barbie” Mia Yim with a running kick to the head. 

7. Team Combat Zone (Cherry Bomb & Kimber Lee) def. MsEerie (“Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif & “The Ultraviolent Punk Princess” Christina Von Eerie) when they pinned Von Eerie with a Codebreaker/German Suplex combo.

* In-ring segment with Dan Murphy of Pro Wrestling Illustrated. It is announced that SHIMMER Champion Cheerleader Melissa is #1 in the 2013 PWI Female 50. Melissa comes out to accept the honor. Melissa rips on the SHIMMER locker room and Re-Generation X, specficially the retired Allison Danger. Leva Bates comes out and challenges Melissa to a match for Melissa’s SHIMMER title. Melissa accepts, which leads to…………

8. SHIMMER Title: Cheerleader Melissa (c) def. Leva Bates with the Air Raid Crash to retain the title.

* Afterwards, Melissa hit Leva with 2 more Air Raid Crashes, then applied an armbar. Allison Danger ran out to make the save for her friend, but Melissa then attacked her. Melissa targeted the head of Danger and went to hit her with the Air Raid Crash, but LuFisto ran in to make the save. LuFisto told Melissa to go after someone who can fight back, then hugged Danger and Leva. 

9. “The Lady Destroyer” Hiroyo Matsumoto” def. “Sweet” Saraya Knight with the Backdrop Driver.

* Before the match, the crowd chanted “Happy Birthday” at Saraya, causing her to refuse to wrestle until they stopped. The crowd continued, so Saraya threatened ring announcer Kevin Harvey before the bell sounded. 

10. “The Punisher” Madison Eagles & “The Lariat” Nicole Matthews went to a 20-minute time limit draw. 

* Before the match, the referee found multiple forks in Eagles’ ring attire. Afterwards, Eagles & Matthews feigned that they wanted to go 5 more minutes, but instead raised each other’s hands and said that they are both winners before leaving.

11. SHIMMER Tag Titles: 3G (“The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa) (c’s) def. LuKana (“Super Hardcore Anime” LuFisto & “The World Famous” Kana after a kick combination to LuFisto when Kana accidentally kicked LuFisto to retain the titles. 

Sources: @ShimmerDownMeow, @QumarZaman & @PocketVolcano on Twitter