More indy show results from 10/18 to 10/20/13

Thomas Rude sent this in.


Atwater-Fighting Spirit Pro at the Atwater Community Center: Kevin El Devino defeated Steven Andrews & Dejon Brown…Will Rood pinned Kimo…The Channel Surfers defeated The Kings of Suplexes…Syn pinned Tony Vargas…Tyler Bateman pinned Jeff Cobb…Savanah Riley pinned Ruby Raze…Damien Grundy pinned Drake Younger.

Oakland-Hoodslam at the Victory Warehouse: Sub Zero pinned Ken…Scorpion pinned Sub Zero…Drugz Bunny defeated Jesus Kurze, Fong & Doc Atrocity in a Fatal 4-Way Match…Brittany Wonder pinned Johnny Drinko…Banana pinned Anthony Riv Butabi…The Stoner Brothers Pinned Dark Sheik & El Chupacabra…The Best Athlete of the East Bay Award Winner Virgil Flynn III pinned James. (10/18/13)

Oroville-Pro Championship Wrestling at the Municipal Auditorium: Dominik Simon & The Mystery Hit Man defeated Real Dealers (P-Daddy & Will Roberts)…Drake Frost pinned Marcus Cary Lewis…Kim Shellhammer & Andrew Rose defeated Kurai Hime & Lee Perfetto…Chico Lopez defeated Virgil Flynn & Fanga in a Triple Threat Match…Matt Carlos defeated Dylan Drake in an Escape Only Steel Cage Match…The Originals (Rik Luxury & Mr. Prime Time) defeated Mitch Valentine & Shoop Shellhammer in a Pin or Submission Only Steel Cage Match. (10/19/13)

Sacramento-Supreme Pro Wrestling at St. Peter’s Hall: Ryan McQueen won the Halloween Costume Battle Royal…Jeckles Jester pinned Sione Finau…The Beautiful People (Rik Luxury & Corvus) defeated Dominik Simon & Dejon Brown…Marcus Lewis defeated Scoot, Dusty Grimes & Joe DeSoul in a Fatal Four-Way Match…Legacy of Brutality (Cjay Kruze & Bobby Hart) defeated Drake Frost & Dexter St. Jock…Drake Younger defeated Virgil Flynn in a 2-Out-Of-3 Falls Match…Ryan McQueen defeated Sir Samurai, T’Lo Insano, John Reditto & Mustafa Saed in a 5-Way Match…Jeff Cobb defeated Sal Thomaselli by DQ. (10/20/13)


Fort Myers-New Era Wrestling at the Riverside Community Center: Mark Boswell pinned Deakon Starr…Romeo & Eli defeated American Superstar & Tupak…Len Taylor defeated DB Harrison in an Intergender Match…Dravin Frost pinned Ethan Carnage…David Pierce pinned Richie Paradise…Mike Dubz defeated Joey Bydafoodcourt, Justin Cage & Giovanni the Greatest in a Fatal-Way Match to become the N.E.W. Lightweight champion…Justin Matthews pinned Zack Monstar…Tim Serrago defeated Michael Kai Rayne in a Last Man Standing Match. (10/16/13)


Chicago-GALLI Lucha Libre at the St. Lutheran Church School: Golden Dragon defeated El Traidor & Atomico in a Triple Threat Match…Mike Anthony pinned Noriega…GPA, Discovery & Kuni Silencio defeated El Rosario, Will Moah & Valentino…Dante DVS pinned Chico Suave to advance to the 2d Round of the GALLI Cup Tournament…The Syndicate (Barry Ryte, Mason & Marcus Conrad) defeated Prince Mustafa Ali, Matt Knicks & Willie Richardson…KO Kendra pinned Stevie Fierce…Acid Jazz, Bryce Benjamin & Marshe Rockett defeated The Curse (Mojo McQueen, Ovirload & Punisher 747). (10/20/13)

River Grove-Chicago Style Wrestling at the Guerin College Prep: Ricky the Janitor pinned Sunny Ago…Diego Corleone & Syxx defeated Carlos Rivera & Ex.Celetor…Acid Jazz pinned Brad Kevins…Elite Paine (Hunter Paine & Marco Anthony) defeated Colin Smith & Chris Miller…William Richardson pinned The Arc Angel…Marshe Rockett pinned Colin Cambridge…Steve Boz won the Championship Contract Taste of Gold 2013 Ladder Match. (10/18/13)

Villa Park-Premier Pro Wrestling at the Premier Studio: Matt Vine & Calvin Beckham defeated Shaun Anarchy & Rockin’ Randy…Big J Knight pinned The Masked Stretcher…Will Dolla pinned Chase Gosling…Mojo McQueen defeated Matt Knicks to advance to the Armageddon Gauntlet Match…Mirko Joecop defeated Matt Dewar in a Raising Singapore Cane Match by Countout…Milad Akbar & Ron Reeves defeated Cousin Eddie & Backwoods Brown…Sea Man pinned Hardcore Craig…Alex Bernadino, Cutta Crosby & Mr. Bank$ went to a No Contest. (10/19/13)

Woodstock-Chicago Style Wrestling Northland at the VFW Post 5040: Arc Angel & Sean Mulligan won the 12-Man Rumble…Sunny Ago pinned Diego Corleone…Da Soul Touchaz (Willie Richardson & Acid Jazz) defeated Chris Miller & Brad Kevins…Marshe Rockett pinned Steve Boz…Nick Cutler pinned Colin Cambridge…Acid Jazz pinned Nick Cutler….Arc Angel pinned Sean Mulligan. (10/19/13)


Woburn-Chaotic Wrestling at the Woburn Elks Lodge: Matt Taven pinned Biff Busick…The Logan Brothers (Bryan & Matt) Vs. Scott Reed & Brandon Locke went to a Time-Limit Draw…Brian Milonas pinned Jimmy James…Chester Furnacola pinned Mikey Webb in a House of Horrors Match to become the new CW New England Champion…Donovan Dijak pinned Anthony Greene…Scott Slade pinned Tomahawk…MPG defeated Scott Slade by DQ…Mark Shurman pinned Todd Hanson. (10/11/13)


Cassopolis-Outlaw Championship Wrestling Alliance at the OCWA Arena: Jonny Crisis Vs. Chelsea Marie went to a No Contest…John Campbell pinned Jonny Crisis…The Hot Bodies defeated The Michiana Wrecking Crew…Keith Calhoun pinned Tone C to become the new OCWA Heavyweight Champion…Chief Attakullakulla pinned Sexy K.C. (10/19/13)

Lansing-International Ring of Grapplers at the Think Live Music Studio: Deputy Dave pinned American Eagle…Rick Vidol pinned Steven Raye…Kid Diamond defeated Mike Budnick by DQ…Mike Musso pinned Joey Risque’…Randi West pinned Joseph Schwartz…Ryan Blackstone pinned Kid Diamond…Atlas Hytower pinned Darrell Jackson…Anthony Rivera pinned B.B. Butcher…Officer Rod Street defeated Cy Risk in a No DQ Match to become the new IROG Champion. (10/19/13)

Wyandotte-Metro Pro Wrestling at Rookies Sports Pub: Austin Manix pinned Donovan Danhausen…Bry Sullivan pinned Moose Ojinnaka…Bry Sullivan pinned Jordan Timm…Caleb Stills pinned Cody Hall…Mike Marvel & Angelina Love defeated Action Jackson & Ingrid Isley…Christopher McGinnis pinned Kushida….Eddie Venom defeated Jaimy Coxx & DBA in Eddie Venom’s Retirement Match. (10/18/13)


Toledo-NWA Championship International Wrestling at The International Boxing Club: Justin Mane pinned Jacob Hollows…Will Studd pinned Kevin Gutierrez…Mustafa Muhammad pinned Mickey Smalls…Legion defeated Terror Khan & The Beast by DQ…Shane Douglas defeated Kris Korvis by DQ…Grizzly House Jones defeated Andrew Lee & Trey Miguel in a Handicap Match…Jon Bolen pinned Renzo Lavell…Sebastian Rose defeated Dave DuPont by DQ…Sebastian Rose & Shane Douglas defeated Austin Manix & Kris Korvis…The Great Akuma defeated D Ray 3000 in a Ladder Match to become the new NWA Television Heavyweight Champion…Nitro Vs. Kushida went to a Double DQ. (10/20/13)


Fort Worth-World’s Best Wrestling at the House of Pain Arena: Sebastian Envy pinned Seph Annunaki…Ace Time pinned Kevin McAllister…Tejano Kid pinned Craig Jericho…Kevin Cross defeated The Timeriders…Lumberjack Martin defeated Chavez, Lil’ Tony & Big Sed in a Fatal 4-Way…Paul London & Paige Turner defeated James Johnson & Angel Blue…The Lost Boyz defeated Dammit Bobby & Cervante…Seph Annunaki won an 18-Man Battle Royal. (10/11/13)

Sherman-NWA Texoma at the Sherman Elks Lodge: Tim Storm pinned Apoc…Miss Dislexia defeated Angel Blue by DQ…Genesis pinned Rock Star Mafia…Andy Dalton Vs. Scott McKenzie went to a Double countout…Mike Foxx pinned Gregory James. (10/18/13)