Jessicka Havok talks match with Saraya Knight at SHINE #14


EDITORS NOTE: Forgot to include this in the original post. The person cutting the promo above in one Jessicka Havok has started a Give Forward account for her 4-year old cousin who is Autistic and whose parents have seen their funding for her to go to pre-school been cut and need help in being able to pay for her to go to pre-school. Autism is a heavy subject to myself, have known a lot of people who have gone through that with their loved ones so it hits home to me. The goal Havok is looking to reach is $1500 by 38 days from now with the current number as of this writing at $240. If you would like to make a donation to this fund, even if its only $1, you can do so by clicking here. Every little bit helps and I personally hope that the goal is reached by the deadline. 

– Jason Namako,

UPDATE on 10/24/13 at 3:00 PM ET: Jessicka Havok reached her goal earlier today, going over the $1800 needed for the Give Forward donation fund for her 4-year old cousin who is Autistic to get the funding she needs to be able to go to pre-school. Most notably, a very generous donation was made in the tune of $1500 by current WWE performer Ricardo Rodriguez. Havok wrote the following message about acheiving the funding goal today:

due to all your overwhelming generosity, we were able to meet the quota for Isabel’s school funds.. Our family cannot thank you enough.. we are going to keep her fundraiser open one more week for anyone else who would like to donate.

the exceeded amount of donations will trickle into the funds needed for her next school year… thanks again.

You can still donate to the fund by clicking on the link above.