Results from indy shows from 11/1 to 11/3/13

Thomas Rude sent this in.


Oakland-Hoodslam at the Oakland Metro: Gangrel pinned Broseph Joe Brody…Karate Kid defeated Toad, Little Mac & Rocky 4 in a Fatal 4-Way…Virgil pinned Drake Younger…Butabi Brothers (Johnny & Anthony) defeated The Stoner Brothers (Rick Scott & Scott Rick), Chup & Doc Atrocity and Otis The Gimp & Big Man Faber in a 4-Way Elimination Tag Team Match…Juice Lee & Dark Sheik defeated Brittany Wonder & Banana…Drugz Bunny defeated James in a Probation “Last Drunk Standing” Match. (11/1/13)


Harvey-Project Revolution Wrestling at the Martin Luther King Recreation Center: Jon Francis defeated Vick Fury by Referee Stoppage…3rd World Order (Sheik Osama Hussein, Prince Hakeen & Ryu Shinzaki) defeated Mark Reconcile, C-Red & Rage…Chi-Town T & Chris Classic defeated Mr. Santiago & The Assassin…KO Kendra defeated Selene Gray…Justa Mazing & Matt Creed defeated The Moon Dawgz (Brian Knight & Jack McDaniels)…Hadriel won a Multiple Megastar Battle Royal. (10/26/13)

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: Joey Marx pinned OuttKast…Valentino & Stevie Fierce defeated Chico Suave & Kuni Silencio…Mike Anthony pinned Chris Castro…GPA & Atomico defeated Mojo McQueen & Punisher 747…El Rosario pinned Golden Dragon…Acid Jazz defeated KO Kendra by Referee Stoppage…Gold Star, Furia Roja, Destructor Jr. & Discovery defeated La Corporacion (Traidor, dark Scorpion, Destructor Sr. & Funebre)…Matt Knicks, Ricky Cruz & Willie Richardson defeated The Syndicate (Barry Ryte, Mason & Marcus Conrad). (10/27/13)

Villa Park-Fusion Wrestling att the Fusion Arena: Doug Simmons pinned Dante DVS…Prince Mustafa Ali pinned Sunny Ago…Chris Miller pinned TJ Steele…Pauly Thomaselli pinned Colin Smith…Apocalypto pinned Diego Corleone…Steve Boz pinned Brad Kevins…Nick Cutler pinned Willie Richardson. (11/1/13)

Villa Park-Premier Pro Wrestling at the Premier Studio: Mojo McQueen pinned D’Angelo Steele…Texas Pete defeated Cousin Eddie & Outlaw Jay in a Triple Threat Heritage Championship Contenders Match…Milad Akbar & Ron Reeves defeated Calvin Beckham & Matt Vine…Backwoods Browns pinned Jack Carpenter to advance to the PPW Heavyweight Championship Armageddon Gauntlet Match…Matt Dewar pinned Willie Richardson to advance to the PPW Heavyweight Championship Armageddon Gauntlet Match…Team Sea Stretch (Masked Stretcher & Sea Man) defeated Billion Dollar Empire (Will Dolla & Big J. Knight)…Mr. Banks defeated Cutta Crosby & Alex Bernadino to become the new PPW Heritage Champion. (11/2/13)


Bel Air-Absolute Wrestling League at the Bel Air Armory: Desert Storm pinned Jimmy Dream…Ruckus pinned Joe Gacy…Black Wall$street defeated The War Pigs…Kindred pinned BLK Jeez…Alexander James pinned Mike Mondo…Kylie Pierce pinned Kimber Lee…Mustafa Aziz pinned Greg Excellent…Fed Up & Justin Schlegel defeated DJ Hyde & David Starr…Steve Corino pinned Nui Tofiga. (11/1/13)

Eldersburg-Adrenaline Championship Wrestling at the Liberty High School: Kindred pinned Ruckus…Aken Pembrooke & Rebecca Payne defeated Doyle Day & Holli Carrol…Diaz pinned Pat Anthony…Desert Storm pinned Super Phoenix…The Hellcats defeated Pretty Ugly…Rayburn won the $5,000 Battle Royal…Fed Up & Liberty High Wrestling Coach Mr. Flemming defeated Andy Vinerburg, Shaun Cannon & Louis Rich… Skull defeated Prodigy in a Grudge Match. (11/2/13)


Garden City-Takedown Wrestling Alliance at the Family Life Center: High Voltage (Calhoun & Fraytown) Vs. Sexy Gentlemen (Sexy KC & John Campell) went to a Double Countout…J. Abrams pinned Rob Frost…Owen Travers pinned Laethan the Money Maker…Keith Calhoun defeated Chris Moore…Rampage Vs. Lance Starr went to a Draw…League of Legends defeated the Evan Boys, Suicycos & Misfits of Canada in a 4-Corners Tag Team Match to become the new TWA Tag Team Champions. (10/26/13)


Pelham-Pure Pro Wrestling at the Pelham Community Center: Labron Kozoned pinned Nathan Strange…Brandon Greene & The Hood defeated J-Sinn & M.I.A….Earl McRainey pinned Shaun Murphey…Col. Spud Wade pinned Rolling Thunder…The Sons of Salem defeated The Masked Assassins…Corey Duncom pinned Scrapyard Dog…The Just Us League defeated Kanichiwa & Ougo Booga…Jimi Love pinned Jimmy Parker. (10/19/13)


Gallatin-AIWF Main Event at the National Guard Armory: Jason Wolf pinned Rudy Boy Gonzalez…William Matthews pinned Kirk Patrick…Mario DeVito pinned Galan Ramirez…Panther defeated Lee Byford by Countout…Toby Farley pinned Zach Hartnell to become the new AIWF Main Event Champion. (10/30/13)

Pulaski-Tennessee Valley Wrestling/Pulaski Wrestling Association at the National Guard Armory: Zach Braden pinned Mossy Moss Hustler…Kurt Nickles & Floyd defeated Travis Locke & Dustin Benjamin…Jason Starr vs. Jay Kraft went to a Double DQ…Kurt Nickles pinned Michael Anthony…Travis Locke pinned Floyd…Jason Starr & Dustin Benjamin defeated Jay Kraft. (11/2/13)

Union City-Pro Wrestling Elite at the Giant Flea Market: Dan Matthews Defeated Officer Jason Rage by DQ…Chris Hayes pinned Tony Flood…Seth Knight pinned Billy Hills…Jon Michael pinned Erik Hayes…Moe Stegall defeated Greg Anthony by DQ. (10/18/13)


Big Spring-AIWF Permian Pro Wrestling Association at the Dorothy Garrett Colliseum: Chad Thomas & The Texas Tornados defeated El Grande & The Cruz Empire…Dameon Blood defeated Pierce Price to become the new AIWF-PPWA Hardcore Champion…Myka pinned Kowgirl Kissy…Shance Williams pinned Moonshine Mantell…Hurricane Hector pinned Rudy Boy Gonzalez…Awesome Andy pinned Jason Erra. (10/26/13)

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