ROH newswire for 11/21/13


– Thank you to everyone who attended Pursuit Night 1 & 2 from Dearborn, MI & Columbus, OH last weekend. Each night was taped for ROH TV Road Rage and they will begin airing THIS weekend! So many great moments and matches on the last stop before Final Battle 2013. The feedback has been great and nobody leaves an ROH event disappointed!

Speaking of this past weekend’s events, This week’s edition of RING OF HONOR WRESTLING TV comes to you from Dearborn, Michigan and features a MUST SEE bout between Jay Lethal and “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards. Also Jay Briscoe issues an open challenge for HIS REAL WORLD Championship. To see when ROH TV airs in your area click here.

– You can already preorder the Pursuit DVDs here for Night 1 and Night 2

– Final Battle 2013 is approaching fast and the main event is truly unpredictable as ROH World Champion Adam Cole defends against both Jay Briscoe and “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin in a triple threat match! There are many elements to this bout that has everyone buzzing including, but not limited to, Jay Briscoe’s claim that he is the REAL defending World Champion in the match and Michael Elgin’s claim that he is the uncrowned champion. Don’t forget the intriguing invitation from Adam Cole to his friend and “mentor” to attend the event to see him on “top of the world”. Check out the ROH World Champion’s blog right HERE to see his request

– The ROH World Tag Team Championship match last Saturday is one to go out of your way to see. reDRagon retained over Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander in a fantastic contest that eventually turned into a landmark moment for both Caprice & Cedric. After the defeat, Caprice explained that he was ending the team and they had done all they could as a team and it was time to see what lies ahead on their own. This emotional speech left the Columbus audience inspired as both men parted ways in a feel good moment that will never be forgotten in ROH.

– Speaking of reDRagon, over the weekend the ROH World Tag Team Championship match for Final Battle 2013 was decided as Outlaw Inc. will face Fish & O’Reilly in New York City at the Hammerstein Ballroom on December 14th. Last Saturday, Outlaw Inc defeated former champions and ROH legends the American Wolves proving they are here to compete against the best. Since they entered ROH, Outlaw Inc. has been trying to prove themselves to Nigel McGuinness since Nigel has taken their promises of “honorable behavior” with a grain of salt. They wear suits, shake hands, and act “corporate” in a condescending way, however they have proved to be dominant with an undefeated record. “You had the balls Nigel…WOW, stated Eddie Kingston, “we said it from day one that the corporation runs this ship and we would help you bring it back to the people. You didn’t believe us when we said that we are here to help and now you cannot deny it. You may not be the puppet that we thought. If you still don’t trust us Nigel, wait until NYC.”

– Silas Young responded to Jay Briscoe’s open challenge for his Real World Championship last Friday but Silas was quickly disposed of after his attempt at cheating was intercepted by Jay’s brother Mark at ringside. Silas and Mark will go at it in a Strap Match at Final Battle 2013 and both men have been at each other throats since September at A New Dawn when Silas attacked Mark after Mark defeated him with a sunset flip. The hostility continued last weekend in both Dearborn and Columbus and each man is ready to settle it once and for all!

– Rumor has it that Veda Scott had influenced The Barrister R.D. Evans to accept Jay’s open challenge last Saturday in Columbus however things broke down between Briscoe, Cole and Elgin before The Barrister “had time to accept”. The Barrister returned to ROH last Friday with a new attitude beating Hakim Zane. After the contest Veda Scott said that there was still a bone to pick with Tommaso Ciampa and she challenged him to face the Barrister right there on the spot. Fortunately for The Barrister, Matt Taven jumped Ciampa on his way to the ring attacking his leg. Evans and Scott declared a “victory” by count out and despite The Barrister’s claim at a 2-0 record, the match with Ciampa was never official.

– Jay Lethal has stated that he has a very close eye on the ROH Television Title match at Final Battle.

– What a story with Jimmy Jacobs since his return to action.

– The newest DVD to hit the ROH Store is a 3-Disc DVD chronicling the entire history of S.C.U.M and their war on ROH. S.C.U.M VS. ROH features the entire series of battles between S.C.U.M and ROH plus many never before released moments. Watch the story unfold and ultimately come full circle during Steel Cage Warfare. Honor prevailed but the war left our ROH World Title vacant and many people scarred for life. Order it today!

– The latest edition of Ring of Honor Wrestling TV is now available to RINGSIDE MEMBERS right HEREand it features the epic Champions vs. All-Stars match from Glory By Honor. This match will be remembered for a very long time and showcases the level of elite athlete that ROH provides.

– Remember that you will be able to see the entire 73 minute bout uninterrupted and in its entirety on VOD available for purchase right HERE!

– The next ROH Try-out/Seminar Camp will take place on Saturday December 7th & Sunday December 8th at the ROH Dojo and, due to a recent settlement, just added to the list of instructors… STEVE CORINO! Please click HERE for more information. HURRY only 4 spots remain!

– Although everyone in the ROH locker room ignores Steve Corino, his denial and refusal to acknowledge his sins of the past is annoying to most. The fact that our wrestlers must share a locker room with him is viewed as an injustice of the legal system. Ring of Honor as a company does not endorse any of the personal views of the wrestlers in accordance to this matter.

– Mr. ROH Roderick Strong debuts in Mexico at the end of the month.

– The hottest selling T-Shirt this month has been the Jay Briscoe WAGE WAR shirt and it can be purchased right HERE.

– ROH heads to Nashville, TN on Saturday, January 4th for a big TV Taping that is sure to be electric. The Nashville State Fairgrounds will host our first event after Final Battle and the first event of the New Year! Witness the future of honor with matches for the 2014 Top Prospect Tournament plus Adam Cole, Jay Briscoe, Michael Elgin, Jay Lethal, and many more. Order your tickets right HERE.

– On Saturday, March 22nd, Ring of Honor Wrestling makes its return to Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Dayton, OH! Expect announcements for ROH Stars and Matches soon but Ringside Members get your tickets NOW!!! The general public will be able to purchase tickets starting tomorrow, November 22nd at 10am EST!