11/29 AIW Results: Cleveland, Ohio

1. Colin Delaney def. Ty Colten

* Greg Iron introduced his new bodyguards, the Iron Curtain.

2. AIW Intense Champion Louis Lyndon def. Marion Fontaine to retain the title.

3. Ethan Page def. Shima Xion

4. The Jollyville .-Its def. AIW Tag Champions The Batiri to win the titles.

5. Tim Donst def. Michael Hutter

* Donst challenged Chris Hero for the 12/27 show afterwards.

6. Johnny Gargano def. Kevin Steen

* Ethan Page & Louis Lyndon attacked both men afterwards.

7. Marti Belle def. Veda Scott after Greg Iron accidentally hit Veda.

* Veda announced afterwards that the “four count” rule for Greg Iron’s matches is no more.

8. Chest Flexor, Bobby Beverly & Youthansia def. #NIXON to win Flexor control of AIW.

Source: PWPonderings.com