12/14 CZW Cage of Death XV Results: Voorhees, New Jersey

12/14 CZW Cage of Death XV Results: Voorhees, New Jersey

* Tommy Dreamer & Maven Bentley came out to present a plaque to cameraman Lyle Williams for his hard work before his retirement from CZW camerawork. Chris Hero came out and wanted to face Drew Gulak right away. Dreamer obliged, which led to…….

1. CZW World Champion Drew Gulak def. Chris Hero by submission to retain the title.

* Afterwards, MASADA returned and stared down Gulak.

2. 6-Way Scramble: Joe Gacy def. AR Fox, Andrew Everett, Tony Nese, Chuck Taylor and Azireal

3. Relaxed Rules: Greg Excellent w/Momma Excellent def. Freight Train w/Cherry Bomb

* Per pre-match stips, Cherry Bomb now must become the manager for Greg Excellent.

4. CZW Tag Team Champions BLK-OUT w/Robbie Mireno def. The Juicy Product to retain the titles.

5. Kimber Lee w/the Gulak Campaign def. Christina Von Eerie after the Gulak Campaign distracted Von Eerie.

* Afterwards, Von Eerie got out the BBQ skewers and stuck them in Kimber Lee’s head. Von Eerie had to be led away to the back by multiple referees before doing anymore damage to Kimber.

6. The Beaver Boyz def. The Colony (surprise debut)

7. Chris Dickinson def. Davey Richards

8. Ohio is 4 Killers & Nevaeh def. DJ Hyde & The Front when Nevaeh pinned DJ.

9. CZW Wired Champion Alex Colon def. Shane Strickland to retain the title.

10. The Nation of Intoxication def. The Forgotten Ones inside the Cage of Death. The match was held under WarGames Elimination style rules. Order of Elimination: Ron Mathis (Forgotten Ones), Drew Blood (Forgotten Ones), Devon Moore (NOI), Danny Havoc (NOI), Rory Mondo (Forgotten Ones), Matt Tremont (Forgotten Ones) after a returning Sick Nick Mondo helped Lucky 13 defeat Tremont. 

* Afterwards, Lucky 13 challenged Drew Gulak to a CZW World Title match at the January 11, 2014 CZW show. Sick Nick & Rory Mondo had a staredown as Sick Nick said he came back to tell Rory he didn’t need to be someone he wasn’t and that he earned his respect. Rory said Sick Nick’s respect is all he ever wanted, he was being someone he wasn’t and the Cage of Death was his final match. Sick Nick & Rory posed in the ring to close the show. 

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