WWNLive.com to broadcast iPPVs in HD going forward

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WWNLive Alerts – January 6th, 2014 Edition

EVOLVE kicks off 2014 for the WWNLive Family this weekend with a tripleshot of live iPPVs from Florida. We are pleased to announce a game changing upgrade. Let’s get to it….

January 6th: WWNLive.com has upgraded to HD cameras and equipment. All iPPVs will now broadcast worldwide in HD widescreen starting this weekend. This means all DGUSA, EVOLVE, SHINE and FIP iPPVs will be HD widescreen. The DVDs of these events will also be HD widescreen. It starts with the EVOLVE live iPPVs this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This upgrade is all because of you. When you support us, we put your investment into making the products and brands better for you. We will show our appreciation by bringing you this HD widescreen upgrade at no additional cost to you. Our iPPV prices will remain the same. In addition, we will now have a wireless router on hand at all live iPPVs to serve as a back up to the hard wire building internet connection. This will be a safety to make sure we bring you the smoothest broadcast possible.

These are significant upgrades for our small business operation.. There are no multi-million dollar companies supporting the WWNLive brands. We are the definition of mom and pop. Going to HD widescreen will open more exciting doors for all of us.

No words can express our appreciation to you for making it possible to feature the top talent from around the world, get DVD production on track and upgrade our equipment. Thank you and we hope you continue to enjoy DGUSA, EVOLVE, SHINE and FIP. This is happening because of you.