SHINE Wrestling #16 Internet PPV
Ybor City, Florida (The Orpheum)
Taped on: January 24, 2014
January 27, 2014
Commentators: Lenny Leonard, Rob Naylor
Recap by: Jason Namako of

The roster comes out for a 10-bell salute for Mae Young. Afterwards, Leva & Nevaeh get into it at ringside, with the rest of the roster having to keep them back, before finally getting them backstage.

THOUGHTS: Wow, what a way to start the show off. I know some people are gonna think that doing something after a 10-bell salute to Mae Young was in poor taste, but to me, it gave that frantic, anything can happen kinda start to the show that worked in my eyes.

“The Queen of All Things” Kimberly w/”The Scream Queen” Daffney & Thing vs. Sojo Bolt

Kimberly is sporting new pink attire for now being part of Daffney’s All-Star Squad. Sojo tries to start a “Crazy” chant for Kimberly early. Sojo has words with Daffney, but Kimberly with a side headlock takeover. Sojo counters with a pinning predicament for a nearfall, but Kimberly keeps the hold maintained. Sojo fights out and goes into her own side headlock takeover. Kimberly gets out with a headscissors and turns over to put more torque on the hold. Sojo gets out, but Kimberly with another side headlock takeover. Sojo gets free and goes to her own side headlock. Kimberly takes Sojo down, but Sojo kicks her off. Kimberly with an armdrag into a chinlock. Sojo fights out with a big back elbow to the face. Sojo runs into a back elbow and Kimberly with a big clothesline for a nearfall. Kimberly looks for approval by Daffney, but it allows Sojo to hit a forearm.

Both women grab each other’s hair until Sojo hair-mares Kimberly down. Sojo stomps away while talking trash and mocking Daffney. Sojo gets a 1 count. Sojo chokes Kimberly in the ropes while yelling “You wanna see crazy?” Snapmare, followed by stomping on Kimberly’s hair. Kimberly comes back with a kick from underneath, followed by a headscissors takeover that sends Sojo to the outside. Sojo continues to have words with Daffney on the outside while the ref continues his 20 count.

Sojo gets back in, but runs into a Samoan Drop by Kimberly for the win.

Winner: “The Queen of All Things” Kimberly by pinfall (Samoan Drop)

Kimberly & Daffney celebrate her win while Sojo complains to the ref while heading to the back. Daffney then takes Thing from Kimberly and makes her chase her around the ring before giving it back to her and they embrace.

THOUGHTS: Very simple, but fun way to kick off the show. Sojo was perfectly fine in what she needed to get across in the match and the match she and Kimberly had was a fine use of the “no frills” style of match you don’t see a lot anymore. I absolutely loved the interactions between Kimberly and Daffney, especially utilizing the Thing doll. Kimberly has definitely gained a lot of traction since becoming a babyface and the new, infectious energy she brings is a good fit to kick off these SHINE shows. Good stuff.

“The Ice Queen” Amber O’Neal vs. La Rosa Negra

The two shake hands as the bell sounds. Rosa with a side headlock takeover into a front chancery. Amber counters out into a side headlock. Rosa fights out and sends Amber into the corner. Amber with a snapmare, followed by a kick to the back, then one to the chest. 2 running neck snaps by Amber for a nearfall. Rosa with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Both women then exchange leg sweeps for nearfalls until we have a stalemate.

Amber misses a clothesline and Rosa with a dropkick. Amber runs into a forearm by Rosa, then Rosa with a flying clothesline from the middle rope for a nearfall. Amber with right hands, then a clothesline in the corner. Amber then twerks all over Rosa in the corner. Basement dropkick in the corner, followed by a jackknife pin from Amber for a nearfall. Another big right hand by Amber, but Rosa avoids a charge. Series of back elbows and shoulders to the ribs. Bronco Buster by Rosa and she does some of her own twerking to Amber, but not with her posterior. Amber comes back with a facebuster for a nearfall. Rosa with a powerslam for a nearfall. Rosa cannot believe it. Amber comes back with a jawbreaker.

Backslide with a bridge by Amber for the win.

Winner: “The Ice Queen” Amber O’Neal by pinfall (Backslide)

Amber celebrates her win while Rosa gets a nice ovation from the crowd as she leaves.

THOUGHTS: Another simple, but fun match between two fan favorites. Amber definitely showed her vast experience here and did enough things to give Rosa some credibility for the short amount of time this match went. Rosa, being a local talent in the Florida area, definitely has that local following with the Ybor crowd and it showed here with the reactions to her mannerisms. Very nifty finish with the bridging backslide and the win helps Amber to begin moving up the card as a singles competitor while at the same time, did enough to make Rosa someone the crowd wants to see again.

“The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez vs. Su Yung

Su gets in Mercedes’s face before the bell. Mercedes piefaces her, then hits the Three Amigas, ending with a brainbuster. Mercedes disrespectfully kicks at Su, then hits a big right hand. More right hands by Mercedes, followed by a HUGE chop. Mercedes chokes Su in the ropes with her knee, then with her boot. Series of chest clubs by Mercedes while Su is on the apron. Another big right hand and another chop. Mercedes again chokes Su with her knee and boot. Su slips out of a slam, O’Connor Roll for a nearfall. Su avoids Mercedes and Mercedes sails to the outside. Su goes to the apron and wipes out Mercedes with the Cactus Jack Crack Smash. Back in, Su gains a nearfall. Su tries to lock in Yellow Fever, but Mercedes gets free. Series of chest kicks by Su, then she applies an inverted figure four neck lock. Mercedes counters out with a Buckle Bomb, followed by a running facewash, but Su kicks out! Mercedes cannot believe it.

Mercedes gets another nearfall and is starting to get angry. More big chops by Mercedes, Su sent off the turnbuckles. Series of forearms by Mercedes in the corner. Another chop and Mercedes again disrespectfully kicks at Su. Mercedes tries to go up & over, but Su counters with a jawbreaker. Su crawls over and puts the arm over, but only gets a 1 count. Mercedes begins to favor her shoulder, but drives Su into the corner. Su avoids a charge and Mercedes goes shoulder-first into the ringpost.

Su with a series of chops and places Mercedes in the Tree of Woe. Su with a series of kicks to the back of Mercedes, followed by a running front dropkick. Su gains a nearfall. Su lifts up Mercedes, but Mercedes fights out with elbows. Tree slam by Mercedes for a nearfall. Mercedes goes for the Fisherman’s Buster, but Su counters out into a rolling inside cradle for a nearfall. Mercedes reverses the cradle for a nearfall.

Mercedes picks back up Su and this time hits the Fisherman’s Buster for the win.

Winner: “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez by pinfall (Fisherman’s Buster)

Mercedes kicks dirt on Su afterwards disrespectfully, then celebrates her win. Crowd gives Su a nice ovation as she leaves.

THOUGHTS: While Mercedes was the victor, this match was another example of showcasing the “never say die” attitude of Su Yung. SHINE first showed this in her match with Saraya Knight at SHINE 9 and they did the same thing here. Mercedes absolutely beat the tar outta Su here with her vicious chops and throws, but Su wouldn’t give up and would get right back in Mercedes’s face until Mercedes finally shot Su out of a cannon by hitting the Fisherman’s Buster to get the win. Another good win for Mercedes, who has settled in nicely as a veteran gatekeeper to work with the younger talent and another good showing from Su by showing off both her aggressiveness, while at the same time, her “never say die” attitude.

Before the next match, it is announced that at SHINE 17 on February 28th, there will be a one-night, 8-team tournament to crown the first ever SHINE Tag Team Champions.

“The American Sweetheart” Santana vs. “The Deebious One” Serena Deeb

Good ovation for Serena before the bell. This is Serena’s SHINE debut. The two shake hands as the bell sounds. Serena backs Santana into the corner and breaks clean. Serena with a go-behind, but Santana with a standing switch. Serena with an armdrag into an armbar. Santana counters out into a side headlock. Serena gets out and goes to a hammerlock. Santana gets out and reverses the hold. Serena regains control and goes to an armbar. Santana uses the ropes to counter out. Serena then uses her agility to regain control. Side headlock takeover, Santana with a headscissors, Serena gets free. Santana with a side headlock takeover, Serena with a headscissors, Santana gets free. Another exchange of side headlock takeovers and headscissors until Serena turns over to put more torque on her headscissors. Santana with a headstand to get out and we have a stalemate.

Serena wants a Test of Strength and Santana obliges, but Serena instead does a Fireman’s Carry takeover, however Santana with another headscissors. Serena gets free, but then Santana goes back to the side headlock. Serena tries to get out, but Santana maintains the hold. Serena fights out, but Santana with a shoulder tackle. Santana with a multiple revolution spinning headscissors takeover, sending Serena into the ropes. Handspring elbow in the corner, but Serena slips out of a bulldog. Both women exchange armdrags and Serena fires up. Monkey flip for a nearfall. Atomic drop, then Serena begins peppering Santana with a series of jabs. Santana avoids a big right hand and hits a series of forearms. Serena catches the feet of Santana, but Santana kicks her off. Serena charges, but Santana avoids her and Serena goes shoulder-first into the ringpost. Serena comes back with gut kicks, but Santana then with more forearms. Serena tries to grab Santana from the ring, but Santana with a kick. Running kneelift from the apron, then Santana heads up top. Crossbody for a nearfall, then Santana goes for a cross armbreaker, but Serena clasps her hands to block it. Santana gets the armbreaker locked on, but Serena quickly gets to the ropes. Serena blocks Soul Food, lifts up Santana and hits a Gutbuster. Serena sets for the Spear, but Santana catches her coming in with Soul Food. Superkick, but when Santana goes for the Shining Star Press, Serena moves out of the way.

Serena this time hits the Spear for the win.

Winner: “The Deebious One” Serena Deeb by pinfall (Spear)

Serena celebrates her win, then helps Santana to her feet and the two embrace in a sign of mutual respect.

THOUGHTS: At first I was surprised that Serena got the win, but after hearing the news about Santana and this now being her swan song, you can’t be surprised at all. It also now makes sense why the American Sweethearts team with Amber O’Neal was broken up and why, after Santana was gaining some traction in the early part of the year as a singles, the gas petal was eased up on her. Its no secret that Santana was a high commodity from the 2 mainstream companies and it was just a matter of time before one of them scooped her up and it happened to be TNA first. Well deserved in my eyes of Santana, who outside of Leva Bates was in my opinion, the most likable female performer on the independents. Santana has gotten very good in a short amount of time, especially at a real important aspect for babyfaces which is selling. So well deserved for Santana and she will be sorely missed on the indy scene.

Now onto the match, thought Santana & Serena had a very good babyface vs. babyface style match that did a good job of showcasing the young upstart (Santana) against the veteran (Serena). Santana had some good counters to Serena’s big stuff, notably avoiding the Spear once, then the beautiful counter the second time with Soul Food. Finish was very well done as while Santana got the better of Serena on a couple occasions, Santana made that one mistake in going for the Shining Star Press a little too early, allowing Serena to avoid it and hit the Spear for the win. Good story and dynamic between the two and up to this point, the best match on the show.

Taylor Made w/”The Prize” April Hunter vs. The Amazing Kong w/”The Scream Queen” Daffney

Kong comes out wearing a tiny top hat on her head, much like Daffney is known to wear. Taylor plays a game of cat and mouse early to avoid Kong, but Kong shows off some newfound quickness. Kong finally catches Taylor and hair-mares her down. Big chop, followed by a huge biel that sends Taylor right into the arms of April Hunter on the outside. Taylor breaks the ref’s count and tries to re-group. Taylor & April complain to the ref, allowing Taylor to nail Kong from behind. Kong comes back with a big body block. Back club, then Kong stands on the back of Taylor’s head. Big right hand, then Kong chokes Taylor in the ropes. Snapmare into a chinlock, but Taylor gets to the ropes. Taylor again has the ref keep Kong away from her while she is in the ropes. Kong with a big overhand chop, followed by a slam. Kong goes for the Implant Buster, but Taylor drops down into the fetal position. Kong kicks at her, causing Taylor to roll around the ring.

Taylor rakes the eyes, then hits a series of kicks, followed by two dropkicks that sends Kong into the corner. Third dropkick sends Kong into the corner, then Taylor with a schoolyard trip-up to take Kong down. Taylor begins working over the legs of Kong, pulling at it in the ropes. Ref is with Taylor, allowing April to pull at Kong’s leg. Taylor stomps away, then hits an elbow drop to Kong’s leg before applying a leglock. Kong counters with a body scissors, but Taylor gets free by biting at Kong’s leg. Taylor with more stomps to the leg of Kong. Taylor stands on Kong’s leg and taunts her. Basement dropkick, then Taylor applies another leglock while again biting the leg of Kong. More kicks to the leg, followed by another dropkick. Taylor heads up top, but Kong moves out of the way off a splash attempt.

Big running avalanche by Kong in the corner. Taylor avoids another one, but Kong mows her over with a clothesline. Series of backfists by Kong, followed by the spinning backfist.

Implant Buster by Kong for the win.

Winner: The Amazing Kong by pinfall (The Implant Buster)

THOUGHTS: Very straight-forward big woman vs. smaller woman match here. When Kong was in control, she dominated. When Taylor was able to find different things to get the bigger Kong down to size, she was able to take control. Taylor worked another good control section, working over Kong’s leg while at the same time, doing the sneakiest little things, like biting Kong’s leg, to keep control whenever Kong would try to get back to her feet. However, once Kong regained momentum, it was only a matter of time for Taylor and one Implant Buster later, the rest is history. While its wasn’t anything of real note, it did its job of having a good, simple match in the middle of the show. Thumbs up.

Kong & Daffney celebrate Kong’s win afterwards while April helps Taylor to the back. Kong leaves as Daffney has a mic. Daffney apologizes for missing the last show, but says she did her homework by watching the iPPV for her new tag team. Its not gonna be Kimberly because she kinda has a mind of her own. Daffney introduces the first half of the new team, Solo Darling. Daffney says that after watching the last show, someone caught her eye. Solo’s partner and the newest member to the All-Star Squad will be………..Heidi Lovelace. Crowd chants for the All-Star Squad. Daffney says her All-Star Squad is shaping up nicely and since there happens to be another tag team out there, S-N-S Express, come out and face my Buddy System.

The Buddy System (Solo Darling & “The Punk Rock Rag Doll” Heidi Lovelace) w/”The Scream Queen” Daffney vs. The S-N-S Express (Sassy Stephie & Jessie Belle Smothers)

Stephie & Solo start. Stephie works over Solo’s arm early. Solo uses her agility and takes down Stephie. Heidi in, double elbow drop to Stephie. Heidi works over Stephie’s arm. Solo in, arm drag off the middle rope to Stephie. Belle in, gut kick to Solo. Solo with a lucha takedown, followed by a kick to the chest. Heidi in, missile dropkick off the middle rope to Belle, sending her to the outside. Heidi with a head of steam, but S-N-S catch her with stereo right hands.

Belle begins working over Heidi’s leg as commentary mentions that Heidi injured her ankle the previous night. Stephie in, ankle hold applied to Heidi. Stephie switches to a spinning toe hold variation, then grabs Belle’s hand to gain more leverage while the ref was distracted. Belle in, elbow drop to the leg of Heidi. Kicks to the leg by Belle, followed by slamming the leg into the mat multiple times. Belle goes for a suplex, but Heidi counters with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Stephie in, Heidi sent off the turnbuckles. Stephie pulls at the leg of Heidi in the ropes, then distracts the ref so Belle can get some shots in. Knee-DT by Stephie, then continues to stomp away at Heidi’s ankle. Ankle Lock applied by Stephie, but Heidi rolls through it to get free, sending Stephie face-first to the mat. Stephie stops Heidi from making a tag and tags in Belle. Belle with an elbow drop, then applies a Camel Clutch while pulling at the face of Heidi. Belle piefaces Solo on the apron. Series of shoulders to the ribs of Heidi, then Belle chokes Heidi with her boot. Stephie in and S-N-S drive Heidi into the corner. Toe hold applied by Stephie, then tags in Belle, who applies the same hold. Heidi gets to the ropes, then taunts Daffney. Belle chokes Heidi in the ropes and continues to talk trash her & Daffney. Heidi continues to taunt Daffney, but it allows Heidi to come back with an enziguri.

Solo & Stephie get the tags in. Back elbow, a Mongolian Chop, a Bionic Elbow and a clothesline by Solo for a nearfall. Heidi in and the Buddy System with a double facebuster, but Belle breaks it up. Solo knocked off the apron. S-N-S hits Derailment (Running Boot/Kiss my Sass combo) on Heidi, but Solo breaks up the pinfall. Stephie sent to the outside by Solo. While the ref is distracted by this, Daffney gets on the apron and nails Belle with what appeared to be brass knucks. Running bulldog by Solo on Belle.

Heidi crawls over and gets the pinfall on Belle.

Winners: The Buddy System by pinfall

The Buddy System celebrate their win afterwards.

THOUGHTS: Good tag match. SNS continue to work that old-school tag team formula that works everytime for them. Why I say that? 1) They do enough heelish things in their control section to get a good heel reaction from the crowd while at the same time 2) they garner a good amount of sympathy on any babyface they are working over. Have become a big fan of the SNS tag team over the last few months, hats off to both Stephie & Belle for their work.

Now onto their opponents. Boy, do I love me some of this new Buddy System tag team. Solo has become another one of those very likable characters in SHINE with the vast infectious energy she brings to all of her matches. Also, Solo has improved night and day from her first SHINE match to becoming a very fun babyface worker.

The big story here, though, is Heidi Lovelace. Holy cow has she come out of nowhere to being one helluva babyface seller. The selling she did of her ankle throughout the entire match was sensational. From hopping across the ring after being Irish whipped to constantly grabbing at it when getting back on offense, Heidi did a great job at gaining babyface sympathy from the crowd and should be commended for her performance, great stuff.

Finally, I liked the finish because it again shows that while Daffney’s All-Star Squad was created to get rid of the SHINE-engians, Daffney isn’t afraid to pull some SHINE-engians to get her team the win, especially heading into the tag team title tournament next month. Very good tag match, great effort by all involved.

No Disqualification, Anything Goes: “The AK47″ Allysin Kay w/”The Prize” April Hunter vs. “The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok

Allysin comes out wearing Havok’s gas mask. Havok comes out with a new entrance vest and a new, spiked gas mask. Crowd chants for Havok before the bell. Commentary mentions that Havok is dedicating this match to a sick, little boy in Orlando named Samuel. Allysin takes her time getting into the ring, but avoids a Havok running kick, putting the ref in the way and wiping him out as the bell sounds. Allysin with a series of back clubs and stomps to Havok. Allysin goes outside and brings in a steel chair. Chairshot to the ribs, then one across the back of Havok. Havok avoids a shot to the head and hits a big boot. Havok unloads with stomps to Allysin in the corner. Havok with 2 running facewashes in the corner. Havok looks to complete the Violence Party, but Allysin gets up. Havok blocks a right hand and hits a Backdrop Driver. Havok places the chair against Allysin’s head in the corner and completes the Violence Party, sending the chair right into Allysin’s face!

Allysin goes to the outside as Havok goes after her. April Hunter gets involved, but it has NO EFFECT on Havok. However, the distraction allows Allysin to nail Havok with a big boot. Allysin stomps away at Havok and chokes her with her boot. Havok sent into a post holding up the Orpheum, then another big boot by Allysin. Havok comes back with a forearm, then THROWS a garbage can at Allysin! Havok then nails Allysin multiple times with the garbage can across the back! Havok picks up a thumbtack-laced wiffleball bat, but Allysin avoids a head shot. Allysin grabs the thumbtack bat and NAILS HAVOK IN THE RIBS WITH IT, then across the back!! Allysin grabs a beer can and uses it to nail Havok repeatedly in the back of the head with it! Havok sends Allysin off a speaker and unloads with overhand chops to the chest. Havok chokes Allysin with her boot. Havok grabs a bottle of water and dumps it on Allysin, before unloading with right hands from the mount. Allysin whipped HARD into the steel steps. Havok pulls at Allysin’s hair and applies a Japanese Stranglehold. Allysin sent face-first off the steel steps. Havok fires up as they get back in, but Allysin knocks her off the apron with a clothesline. Allysin then DRILLS Havok with a running apron kick! Big chops by Allysin, then she sends Havok into the steel steps.

Back in, Allysin places Havok’s head against the chair and hits a CURB STOMP onto it! Referee is still down from the beginning of the match. Allysin grabs the gas mask she stole from Havok and chokes her with it while putting it on at the same time. Allysin taunts the crowd, then unloads with forearms from the mount. Havok tries to fight back, but Allysin with more forearms. Allysin removes the belt from the still fallen referee and begins to whip Havok repeatedly with it. Havok catches the belt and then begins to unload with lashes to Allysin. Havok places the belt around Allysin’s neck and chokes her with it while on the turnbuckles. Another lash with the belt, then Havok places an open chair on the ribs of Allysin while Havok sits on the chair. Havok with right hands, then drops down on the chair with her body weight multiple times to do damage to the ribs of Allysin. Allysin is able to get free as another chair is brought in the ring by April Hunter. Havok & Allysin both go for chairshots, but no one connects. Havok & Allysin then nail each other with stereo big boots and both go down. Both get to their feet, each holding a chair and nail each other at the same time with the chairs, knocking both down.

Referee comes to and begins his 10 count. Havok & Allysin try to get to their feet, but are unable to do so and they are both counted out.

No Winner, Double KO

April Hunter carries the fallen Allysin to the back while Havok is able to get to their feet and get to the back under her own power. The crowd wants 5 more minutes, but the ref motions that he has to stop the match.

THOUGHTS: Another fantastic brawl between these two. Just sheer brutality shown between these two, from the chairshots to the ringside brawling to using a freaking thumbtack bat, they beat the snot outta one another. Liked the creativity with Havok using her body weight to drive the open chair into Allysin’s ribs, as well as Allysin wearing Havok’s gas mask while choking her with the neckstrap, very creative sequences between the two.

Know some weren’t a fan of the double KO finish, but in my opinion, if it worked for what most consider the Feud of the Year in 2013 with the Goto/Shibata feud in New Japan, it can work here and it did by having them nail each other with chairshots at the same time, playing off the fact that they know each other so well. With the tag tournament next month, we are gonna get a cooling off period between the two, but this rivalry is far from over and I for one am looking forward to Chapter 3 of this feud. As an aside, popped for the “sick kid from Orlando named Samuel” reference. One helluva brawl between two of the top female wrestlers in the US.

Grudge Match: “The Gem City Queen” Nevaeh vs. Leva Bates

Leva is not doing any cosplays this time out as Nevaeh had previously challenged her to just show up and wrestle, without any cosplaying. Leva rushes to the ring and unloads with gut shots early. Nevaeh fights back, but Leva with the Superhero Kick, however Nevaeh comes right back with a big boot. Big chop, but Leva fights back with forearms. Nevaeh with a big forearm, then chokes Leva in the ropes. Nevaeh misses a clothesline, but doesn’t miss the second. Nevaeh gains a nearfall. Nevaeh slams Leva’s head into the mat. Soccer kick to the ribs, followed by a snap suplex. Leva fights back with gut shots, but Nevaeh with a big right hand. Leva sent off the turnbuckles, then Nevaeh presses Leva’s face into the turnbuckles. Shoulder to the ribs, followed by a big chop. Snapmare, followed by a running neck snap. Basement clothesline, but Leva is too close to the ropes for Nevaeh to get a pinfall. Chinlock applied, then Nevaeh with a chest club. Right hand, followed by a kick to the chest. Another right hand, but Leva fights back with chops and forearms. Nevaeh with a knee to the ribs and a stomp. Nevaeh talks trash, then hits a kick to the ribs. Nevaeh taunts the crowd, then hits a kitchen sink for a nearfall. Nevaeh misses a clothesline and Leva with a Northern Lights for a nearfall. Nevaeh comes back with a clothesline for a nearfall. Knee to the ribs by Nevaeh, then slams Leva’s head again into the mat. Nevaeh presses Leva’s face again into the turnbuckles. Leva fights back, but Nevaeh brings her out of the corner the hard way. Big chest kicks by Nevaeh, then talks more trash. Chinlock re-applied, then Nevaeh with a series of crossface shots. Belly-to-back facebuster by Nevaeh for a nearfall. Leva fights back with chops to the back, but Nevaeh with another boot to the face. Nevaeh gives a receipt with a chop of her own, then chokes Leva in the ropes. Nevaeh talks more trash, then paintbrushes Leva. Leva fights back with forearms, but then Nevaeh responds by unloading with some STIFF forearms of her own. Nevaeh runs into a back elbow, then Leva with a front dropkick.

Knee to the face, then a high knee by Leva for a nearfall. Leva with forearms, then a dropkick to the knee. Basement ace crusher & crossbody, but Nevaeh is too close to the ropes for Leva to get a pinfall. Dropkick and a running knee in the corner by Leva. Double knees in the corner by Leva, but again, Nevaeh is too close to the ropes. Nevaeh goes to the apron, but she hot-shots Leva across the top rope. Leva with a right hand, then goes to the middle rope and hits the Mushroom Stomp while Nevaeh was draped across the ropes for a nearfall. Both exchange big forearms with Nevaeh gaining advantage. More stiff forearms in the corner by Nevaeh. Nevaeh places Leva up top and goes up with her. Leva blocks a superplex and headbutts Nevaeh. Leva goes to the top and tries for the Pepsi Plunge, but Nevaeh blocks it and superplexes Leva off the top! Death Valley Driver by Nevaeh, but Leva kicks out! Nevaeh cannot believe it. Nevaeh measures Leva, but Leva flips her off.

Snap German by Nevaeh for the win.

Winner: “The Gem City Queen” Nevaeh by pinfall (Snap German)

Nevaeh celebrates her win and flips off Leva as she leaves the ring. Nevaeh has a smile on her face as she heads to the back. Referee helps Leva to the back.

THOUGHTS: This exceeded expectations to a great degree. Another match of two people beating the tar outta one another because my goodness, there were some STIFF strike exchanges in this one and I thought that is what made this match really click. The sense of realism brought to this match, especially with the hype leading into this match on social media by both women made fans emotionally invested in what they were trying to accomplish. Nevaeh has quickly become a very good heel in SHINE while Leva, even on a losing effort, did a great job at showing defiance until the very end to her archrival, especially with the flipping off right before the finish. Leva continues to put some really good performances and is still one of SHINE’s most popular characters.

Nevaeh, who at this point last year, was really only seen in a managerial role in CZW, since then has seen a career resurgence and showed a ton of improvement with her matches and more notably, her mannerisms as both a heel and a babyface, depending on the promotion she works for. Very good match and in my opinion, one of Nevaeh’s best matches to date and one of Leva’s best matches in SHINE to date. Hats off to both.

Leah Von Dutch vs. Angelina Love

Leah attacks Angelina from behind before the bell. Angelina comes back with a gut kick, a running kneelift and 2 clotheslines. Front slam for a 1 count. Leah goes to the apron, then kicks away Angelina. Angelina then baseball slides Leah to the outside. Leah tries to head back in, but drops back down when Angelina goes after her. Angelina goes out with Leah and sends her head-first off the apron multiple times. Leah lifts up Angelina and hot-shots her off the apron. Leah breaks the ref’s count and gets Angelina back in. Leah gains a nearfall. Leah stands on Angelina’s hair and pulls back on Angelina’s arms at the same time. Leah chokes Angelina with her boot in the corner. Series of shoulders to the ribs, followed by an avalanche. Leah then with a discus………………eye poke!! Angelina fights back with forearms, but Leah with a knee to the ribs. Russian Leg Sweep for a nearfall. Leah with a series of forearms, but then Angelina with an avalanche in the corner, followed by a crossbody for a nearfall. Leah drop toe holds Angelina into the middle rope throat-first. Leah chokes Angelina in the ropes, then pulls back on her arms while Angelina is trapped in the ropes. Running dropkick sends Angelina to the outside. Back in, Leah with a soccer kick to the ribs and talks trash. Series of kitchen sinks by Leah, followed by a suplex for a nearfall. Leah is starting to get frustrated as she gets another nearfall. Chinlock applied while Leah continues to talk trash. Angelina fights out, then both women take each other down by the hair, both women down. Both women get to their feet by the count of 7. Angelina with a forearm, a chop and a gut kick. Clothesline, a back elbow and a spinning heel kick by Angelina. Neckbreaker by Angelina for a nearfall. Leah lifts up Angelina, but Angelina with elbows.

Angelina counters out with a Sunset Flip for the win.

Winner: Angelina Love by pinfall (Sunset Flip)

Leah nails Angelina from behind afterwards, but Angelina then chases Leah to the back.

THOUGHTS: Solid match from these two, but after the 2 very emotionally driven matches prior, I don’t know in hindsight if this was the best place to put this match in. There was nothing wrong at all with anything both Leah or Angelina did, I thought Angelina again played a good babyface seller and Leah showed some nice intensity on her control section, but I don’t think this was the right place for this match. Unfortunately, this match didn’t get the reaction I think it deserved at the end of the day. Good, solid match, but just placed in the wrong spot.

We see video on how we got to the main event SHINE Title match.

Main Event for the SHINE Title: “The Huntress” Ivelisse vs. “The Radiant” Rain (c)

Ivelisse & Rain both come out wearing new ring attire. The rest of VALKYRIE comes out with the champion. April Hunter gives high-fives to both Rain & Ivelisse before the bell. The two stare each other down as the bell sounds. Rain then looks to re-enact the infamous fingerpoke of doom, but Rain pulls up on the cover before 3, saying “we’re not gonna do it like this.” Rain then lies down so that Ivelisse can win. Ivelisse goes to make a cover, but Rain surprises her with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Rain says she is sorry to Ivelisse, she didn’t mean it, and it was just a habit. Rain then with a series of forearms to Ivelisse in the corner, then a gut kick. Ivelisse avoids a charge and hits some forearms of her own. Ivelisse heads up top and hits a rana from out of the corner. Ivelisse takes down Rain and unloads with right hands from the mount. Rain backs off and asks for a timeout, saying “it doesn’t have to be like this.” Rain then sends Ivelisse to the outside.

Baseball slide by Rain, then sends Ivelisse into the ringpost back-first. Ivelisse sent off the apron head-first. VALKYRIE has a concerned look on their faces as back in, Rain stomps away at Ivelisse. Rain traps Ivelisse’s arm in the ropes and hits a running dropkick for a nearfall. Ivelisse fights back, but Rain with a knee to the face. Cravate applied. Ivelisse fights out and hits a rolling snapmare, but Rain avoids a kick and hits a basement dropkick. Rain chokes Ivelisse, then continues to stomp away. Running Cravate Ace Crusher for a nearfall. Japanese Stranglehold applied as Rain goes backward and presses her knees against the back of Ivelisse. Rain releases the hold, but not before doing a Curb Stomp. Rain blocks a Dragon & German suplex attempt by Ivelisse and hits her with a clothesline with the arm that has her cast for a nearfall. Series of knees to the back of Ivelisse, followed by a Cravate Neckbreaker by Rain for a nearfall. Ivelisse fights back, but Rain chokes her with her boot in the ropes. Rain then stands on Ivelisse’s throat in the corner. Ivelisse sent off the middle turnbuckle. Ivelisse comes back with a kick from underneath, but Rain with a big forearm. Ivelisse goes to the apron, then Rain with a neckbreaker, dropping the back of Ivelisse’s head across the middle rope. Rain gets another nearfall. Ivelisse fights back again, this time hitting a series of kicks to Rain’s legs. Ivelisse takes down Rain and applies a leg grapevine. Rain fights out with kicks, then hits another big forearm. Ivelisse blocks the Implant DDT and hits a Belly-to-Belly, both women down.

Rain with more forearms, but runs into a thrust kick by Ivelisse. Ivelisse goes to the middle rope, crossbody for a nearfall. Ivelisse fires up and hits 2 Mafia Kicks to the chest of Rain. Rain misses a clothesline and Ivelisse hits another rolling snapmare, followed by a rolling kick for a nearfall. Rain again says to Ivelisse that it doesn’t have to be like this, we are VALKYRIE. Ivelisse allows Rain to get up, but Rain with a gut kick. Rain avoids a charge and rolls up Ivelisse while hooking the tights, but only for a nearfall. Ivelisse charges in, but Rain catches her with a Codebreaker for a nearfall. Crowd begins willing on Ivelisse. Rain mocks the fans’ chants and slaps Ivelisse mulitple times. Rain says Ivelisse should have listened to her, but Ivelisse responds with a slap of her own. Forearm exchange with both women firing up on one another with a series of forearms back and forth. Chop exchange now, then Ivelisse feigns a chop and hits an overhand chop. More kicks to the legs of Rain, then a series of chest kicks. VERTIGO, but Rain KICKS OUT!!! Ivelisse can’t believe it.

Rain rakes Ivelisse’s eyes, causing Ivelisse to swing wildly. Rain with a knee to the ribs, followed by a Fisherman’s Driver for a nearfall because at first, Ivelisse’s shoulders weren’t all the way down on the mat. IMPLANT DDT by Rain, but IVELISSE KICKS OUT!! Now its Rain who cannot believe it! Rain stomps away at Ivelisse, followed by more forearms in the ropes. Ivelisse comes back with a savate kick to the ribs.

Ivelisse off the ropes, HUNTRESS CODE!!! 1-2-3!!! NEW CHAMPION!!!

Winner and NEW SHINE Champion: “The Huntress” Ivelisse by pinfall (The Huntress Code)

VALKYRIE is in shock on the outside as Ivelisse celebrates her title win. April Hunter helps Rain to her feet as Rain grabs the mic. Rain congratulates Ivelisse on her win and says that she said it from day one, as long as someone in VALKYRIE has the title, its fine with her. Ivelisse & Rain embrace. Rain says however, Ivelisse is NOT IN VALKYRIE ANYMORE!!! GET HER!!

VALKYRIE attacks Ivelisse until Jessicka Havok, Angelina Love, Serena Deeb & Amber O’Neal run out to make the save and clear the ring of VALKYRIE. Serena helps Ivelisse to her feet while VALKYRIE remains on the outside. All of a sudden, Serena NAILS IVELISSE IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH THE SHINE TITLE BELT!!! The rest of the babyfaces are in shock at what just happened, then VALKYRIE gets back in and goes after Havok, Amber & Angelina. Heidi Lovelace comes out, but is taken out. La Rosa Negra, Santana & Su Yung come out to help, but VALKYRIE lays waste to them as well. Serena removes her SHIMMER hoodie to reveal a VALKYRIE t-shirt underneath!! Rain grabs the mic and says to Ivelisse that she is the Huntress, but she is now the hunted. VALKYRIE stands over the fallen new champion as Serena holds up the SHINE Title belt. SHINE VP Lexie Fyfe comes out to ringside as VALKYRIE raises each other’s hands. Lexie Fyfe tells VALKYRIE that they have 30 seconds to leave or they will be suspended. VALKYRIE leaves the ring, but as they do so, Havok & Allysin Kay begin brawling with one another once again.

VALKYRIE leaves as Ivelisse grabs the mic. Ivelisse says that Rain really thinks that this makes me the hunted. This SHINE Title belt is just bait. If you want it, come and get it. Ivelisse gets to her feet and stands tall with her newly won SHINE Title as she & Serena talk trash to one another. Ivelisse celebrates her title win with new music as the show closes.


THOUGHTS: Holy cow, there is a lot to digest here. First off, sensational main event, best match of the show. It took a while for the crowd to get invested into the match because of the heel-heel dynamic, but man, once Ivelisse & Rain started trading bombs with the strike exchanges, those two had that crowd eating out of the palms of their hands. Everything about this match made it feel like a big deal in the short history of SHINE as a promotion, from the new ring attires to the video package before the match, you felt like you were watching something special. Loved the nod to the Fingerpoke of Doom early and then having VALKYRIE’s entire plan blow up in smoke because Rain, the great heel that she is, couldn’t stop her ego from wanting to keep the title by any means necessary, even if it means laying waste to a stable mate.

Rain still has, in my honest opinion, the best heel control section in female wrestling right now, period. Very simplistic nature to it by first having a base to work off of with the cravate and doing different things off of that base, like the neckbreaker or the Ace Crusher or the Japanese Stranglehold, everything centers around that cravate and its done so smartly. The other thing is that the entire time, Rain just has that disgusted scowl on her face while working over an opponent, or lets out a scream whenever they kick out, just the littlest things that make everything she does mean something, so well done.

Ivelisse, at the beginning, seemed to be in uncharted waters with the babyface selling, which is natural since she mostly portrays a heel. However, once she got engaged with it, she did a really good job at garnering sympathy from the crowd and getting them to begin coming alive to the match. But man oh man, when Ivelisse got going with the comeback, she was one helluva fired-up babyface. All the strikes and kicks had a little more pop to them and it just seemed like she really began to embrace this new role she was portraying.

Some people might question the finisher kick-outs towards the end, but in a big-time match like this, if you are gonna do them anytime, this is the perfect time to bust them out. Especially with the Implant DDT, because up to this point, fans were trained to know that if Rain hits that Implant DDT, its ballgame, so it made the moment a big deal when Ivelisse kicked out of it. Loved them both firing up when they started trading bombs off the strike exchanges and also liked the quasi-out for Rain when the ref didn’t count right away off the Fisherman’s Driver due to Ivelisse’s shoulders not being completely on the mat. It gave you that sense that “Hey, Rain could have retained here, but because the ref had to do his job, Ivelisse was able to have enough time to kick out.”

The finish was kind of out of nowhere, but I think that actually helped the reaction be even greater when Ivelisse won the title because it had that shock and awe deal of “Holy cow, Ivelisse actually won the title.” So great match, both Ivelisse & Rain worked their tails off and for the final match in the career of Rain, holy hell what a way to go out with a bang.

Now, the post-match. I know commentary was bringing up the Sting/Horsemen deal with VALKYRIE kicking Ivelisse out of the group but to me, it felt more like when Evolution kicked Randy Orton out of the group in 2004 when he won the World Title. Rain’s “Get Her” line was a definite similarity to Triple H giving Orton the thumbs down signal. So, the way that came off was very well done, but the out-of-freaking nowhere turn of Serena Deeb to join the VALKYRIE and lay out the new champ with the title belt was without a doubt, the biggest moment in the short history of SHINE to date. No one saw that coming. From the gasps in the crowd to the babyfaces’ shocked reaction to Lenny Leonard’s amazing line on commentary of “What the F**k?”, the turn of Serena Deeb to VALKYRIE was done to absolute perfection.

So, it looks like in my eyes that with Ivelisse out of the group and Rain riding off into the sunset of wrestling retirement, it appears that Serena has now quickly become the new figurehead of VALKYRIE going forward in an attempt to get the SHINE Title back in their group. One side note, popped when after Lexie Fyfe said that VALKYRIE had 30 seconds to leave the ring or be suspended, Rain uttered the line “Again?” Nice, little snide cocky heel comment to really re-ignite the VALKYRIE vs. SHINE storyline that is heading into its second year. The storyline definitely needed a spark after the last few shows and the closing angle of SHINE 16 gave it that new founded flame.

Go out of your way to see SHINE 16. Not a bad match on the card, with 3 extremely well done matches in the second half and a great final match from Rain. Go check out the replay at

 Match of the Night: Ivelisse vs. Rain (Honorable Mentions: Leva vs. Nevaeh, Jessicka Havok vs. Allysin Kay)
 The Three Shining Stars: 1st Star: Rain. 2nd Star: Ivelisse. Third Star: Heidi Lovelace & Nevaeh (tie)

Until SHINE 17 on 2/28 where the first SHINE Tag Champs are crowned, stay shinin’.