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Our 5.25.14 Easton event gets an “Expansion Pack”!

Get up close and personal with the CHIKARA gang during our exclusive, limited-availability “Expansion Pack” event!

CHIKARA is back at last! With fans already coming from 25 states and 8 countries, we know the CHIKARMY will be in full force come 5.25.14! We want to ensure that everyone leaves Easton with a healthy dose of CHIKARA’s unique flavor of fun, and so we’ve added a special event to the day, kicking off at 1:00 PM.

So what is the “Expansion Pack”? Your chance to get up close and personal with the stars of CHIKARA – a chance to win prizes, get photos and autographs and a big batch of the zany fun that only CHIKARA can deliver! And so things don’t get too crazy, we are limiting the number of folks that can be admitted to this event. A few tickets still remain, and while they last, you can grab them here: