4/12 SHIMMER 63 Results: Berwyn, Illinois


1. Angelus Layne def. Mary Lee Rose

2. Angie Skye & Stacy Shadows def. Diana Hall & Pink Flash Kira


1. Evie def. Rhia O’Reilly with a Top Rope Double Stomp while Rhia was in a Tree of Woe.

2. Nevaeh def. Christina Von Eerie with an Attitude Adjustment.

3. Jessicka Havok def. Kay Lee Ray with a Top Rope Chokeslam.

4. Courtney Rush def. Marti Belle by submission with the Sharpshooter.

5. The Kimber Bombs (Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb) def. Leva Bates (dressed as Rogue from X-Men) & Veda Scott with a Codebreaker/German Combo on Veda.

6. Madison Eagles def. Heidi Lovelace by submission with an STF.

* Madison reportedly suffered a broken wrist during the match after a Meteora by Heidi. 

7. Saraya Knight def. SHIMMER Tag Champion Tomoka Nakagawa with a Reverse DDT after Rhia O’Reilly interfered. 

8. Yumi Ohka def. Athena with a Tiger Suplex.

9. Ray & Leon def. The Canadian NINJAS (Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews) after a double pin on the NINJAS with a Ray moonsault and a Leon senton bomb.

10. SHIMMER Tag Champion Kellie Skater def. Nikki Storm with the International Incident.

11. Mia Yim def. Hikaru Shida with the Package Piledriver.

12. LuKana (LuFisto & Kana) def. SHIMMER Champion Cheerleader Melissa & Mercedes Martinez when LuFisto pinned Melissa with the Burning Hammer. 

Source: Ringbelles