4/12 SHIMMER 64 Results: Berwyn, Illinois (Melissa/Ohka)

4/12 SHIMMER 64 Results: Berwyn, Illinois

1. Athena def. Cherry Bomb with the O-Face.

2. Melanie Cruise def. Kay Lee Ray & Nikki Storm after a Tombstone on Ray.

3. Heidi Lovelace def. Angie Skye with a Frog Splash.

4. Saraya Knight & Rhia O’Reilly def. Leva Bates & Veda Scott when Rhia pinned Leva with the Rhiadjustement after Veda walked out on Leva.

* Allison Danger tries to prevent a post-match attack by Saraya & Rhia on Leva afterwards, but officials prevent her from doing so.

5. Christina Von Eerie def. Marti Belle with the Dead Raising.

6. LuFisto def. Nevaeh by submission with a reverse Indian Deathlock.

* Afterwards, LuFisto challenged Cheerleader Melissa to another match for the SHIMMER Title and refused to leave until she got it. Melissa came out, but said LuFisto would have to start over in SHIMMER for her to get another title shot. Allison Danger came out and said she agreed with Melissa, but Melissa will defend the title on this volume against Yumi Ohka.

7. Courtney Rush def. Evie, Madison Eagles & Nicole Matthews with a T-Bone on Matthews after Eagles accidentally hit Matthews with a boot.

* Matthews & Eagles argued afterwards, but Portia Perez ran out to play peacemaker. Portia was successful as the NINJAS & Eagles go after Rush & Evie, but Heidi Lovelace ran out to make the save.

8. Kana def. Thunderkitty by submission with a flying armbar.

* Mia Yim promo, says she wants to be SHIMMER Champion. Mercedes Martinez walks in and says Mia is not worthy of facing Melissa.

9. Hikaru Shida def. Kimber Lee with the 3 Count.

* Amber Gertner tries to interview LuFisto, but LuFisto brushes her off, still upset at not getting a title shot. Saraya Knight comes in to offer LuFisto advice, but LuFisto brushes her off also.

10. Mia Yim def. Mercedes Martinez with an inside cradle.

11. SHIMMER Tag Champions 3G def. Ray & Leon to retain the titles when Nakagawa pinned Ray with the 120% Roll-Up. 

12. SHIMMER Champion Cheerleader Melissa def. Yumi Ohka to retain the title with the Air Raid Crash.

* LuFisto came out during the match to help out Ohka, but Ohka hit her with a running boot. LuFisto & Ohka brawled afterwards to close the volume.

Source: Ringbelles


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