4/18 SHINE 18 iPPV Results: Ybor City, FL (Ivelisse vs. Knight)

April 20, 2014
Taped on: April 18, 2014
Ybor City, Florida (The Orpheum)
Commentators: Lenny Leonard, Amber Gertner
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Ring announcer Heather Lee welcomes us to the show.

Four Way Freestyle: “The Arctic Wolf” Justine Silver vs. “The Hardcore Daredevil” Kay Lee Ray vs. SHIMMER Tag Team Champion “The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater vs. “The Queen of All Things” Kimberly w/Solo Darling, “The Scream Queen” Daffney & Thing

Before the match, Kimberly puts a Thing doll on each of the four ringposts. Skater & Kay Lee Ray start. Skater with a series of armdrags early. Kay Lee Ray comes back with a rana. Exchange of leg sweeps and kip-ups, stalemate. Silver & Kimberly tag in. Chain wrestling between the two early. Kimberly with 2 corner clotheslines. Skater & Kay Lee Ray with running forearms to Silver. Silver then throws one of Kimberly’s Thing Dolls at her, catching Kimberly in the face. Kay Lee Ray in, O’Connor Roll on Silver for a nearfall. FK by Kay Lee Ray, then heads up top. Silver moves out of the way off a top rope leg drop by Kay Lee Ray. Silver takes control on Kay Lee Ray. Backbreaker by Silver for a 1 count. Clothesline for a nearfall. Kay Lee Ray avoids a charge, then hits Silver with a missile dropkick. Skater in, applies a headscissors to Silver. Kay Lee Ray puts a headscissors on Skater. Kimberly comes in, locks Silver in the Cloverleaf, but then Kay Lee Ray applies a chinlock on Kimberly while Skater applies a Camel Clutch to Silver. Kay Lee Ray with a superkick to Skater. Kimberly blocks the Gory Bomb by Kay Lee Ray, then Kay Lee Ray blocks the Samoan Drop by Kimberly. Kimberly avoids an enziguri by Kay Lee Ray and this time hits the Samoan Drop. Silver with a boot to Kimberly. Kay Lee Ray with an enziguri to Silver, then avoids a Skater head kick. Rana by Kay Lee Ray to Skater for a nearfall. Kay Lee Ray heads up top, but Silver knocks her off the ropes and to the outside.

Skater gets out of a Silver Japanese Stranglehold, International Incident by Skater on Silver for the win.

Winner: “The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater by pinfall (International Incident)

Skater grabs a mic afterwards and says since Madison Eagles can’t compete in the SHINE Tag Title match tonight, she would like to take her place alongside Evie to challenge the Lucha Sisters for the Tag Titles because she knows Evie more than anyone and she is kind of a tag team specialist. Lexie Fyfe comes out and accepts Skater’s request.

THOUGHTS: Solid opener. Skater & Kimberly were right on par with their standard fare. Impressed with the stuff Kay Lee Ray did here for seeing her for the first time. Silver also put in solid work for seeing her for the first time. 

“The Ice Queen” Amber O’Neal vs. “The Island Girl” Tracy Taylor w/Su Yung

The two shake hands as the bell sounds. Chain wrestling early. Taylor with a leglock, O’Neal gets to the ropes. More chain wrestling between the two. Taylor goes to Hang Ten, O’Neal gets to the ropes. O’Neal extends her hand again, but hits a forearm. Strike exchange, Taylor gains advantage. O’Neal takes control, seated full nelson applied. Angels Across America applied, Taylor gets to the ropes. Figure Four Neck Lock in the ropes by O’Neal. Corner clothesline, followed by some booty-popping by O’Neal. Taylor avoids a charge, hits a big kick and a roll-up for a nearfall. Powerslam by Taylor, both women down. Taylor appears to have hurt her elbow. Another strike exchange, Taylor gains advantage. 2 one-legged dropkicks by Taylor. Leg lariat for a nearfall. O’Neal hits the Amber Alert for a nearfall. Taylor with a suplex into a gulliotine choke, O’Neal gets to the ropes. Taylor avoids another charge and hits another big kick. O’Neal with a Russian Leg Sweep for a nearfall.

Taylor hits Soul Food for the win.

Winner: Tracy Taylor by pinfall (Soul Food)

Su & Taylor celebrate Taylor’s win afterward.

THOUGHTS: Very well-worked simplistic style of a match from two long-time veterans of women’s wrestling. O’Neal was impressive getting to show off a more rougher style, which she has been more accustomed to throughout her career. Taylor looked a lot more motivated here than in previous outings, which enhanced this match. 

“Portugal’s Perfect Athlete” Shanna vs. La Rosa Negra

The two have a twerk-off before the bell, with La Rosa Negra coming out as the winner. Shanna with leg kicks early. La Rosa Negra with a savate kick to the ribs, followed by a STO. Crossbody off the middle rope by La Rosa Negra for a nearfall. Shanna takes control. La Rosa Negra with a spinning headscissors and a victory roll for a nearfall. Cradle Gourdbuster by La Rosa Negra for a nearfall. Shanna with a kneelift from the apron. Kick to the back by Shanna for a nearfall. Chinlock applied. Crowd wills on La Rosa Negra. Shanna continues to take control. Shanna gains another nearfall. Dropkick by Shanna for another nearfall. Dragon Sleeper applied. La Rosa Negra fights out, but Shanna sends her into the ringpost. Jackknife Pin by Shanna for a nearfall. Shanna works over the back of La Rosa Negra. Perfect-Plex by Shanna, but La Rosa Negra kicks out! Shanna can’t believe it! La Rosa Negra avoids a rolling elbow, hits an inverted atomic drop. La Rosa Negra makes a comeback, hits a springboard back elbow. Spinning back kick, followed by an Attitude Adjustment for a nearfall. German by La Rosa Negra for another nearfall. Shanna comes back with a discus forearm for a nearfall. La Rosa Negra blocks a Dragon, powerslam for a nearfall. La Rosa Negra goes up top for the Rose Splash, but Shanna stops her and places her in the Tree of Woe. Shanna heads up top, Perfection Injection!!! 1-2………..but La Rosa Negra gets her hand on the bottom rope! Crowd chants for La Rosa Negra. Inside cradle by La Rosa Negra for a nearfall.

Shanna this time hits the Dragon Suplex for the win.

Winner: “Portugal’s Perfect Athlete” Shanna by pinfall (Dragon Suplex)

Crowd gives La Rosa Negra an ovation as she leaves.

THOUGHTS: Once this match got going, it became a really good back & forth match, more-so down the stretch with some great nearfalls, especially off the Perfection Injection. In my opinion, in terms of an in-ring capacity, this was Shanna’s best match since coming over to the US. Everything looked real smooth here and her & La Rosa Negra were gaining chemistry with one another by the minute. This was also the best outing I have seen from La Rosa Negra and to me after this match, she deserves to be on the roster permanently. Good stuff from both women. 

Rhia O’Reilly vs. Su Yung w/Tracy Taylor

Su with an Oklahoma Roll early for a nearfall. Rhia goes not go down off 2 shoulder tackle attempts. Su with a leg cradle for a nearfall. Rhia taunts the crowd, but it allows Su to take control and send Rhia to the outside to re-group. Rhia avoids Su from the apron, then goes to work on her back in the ring. Su comes back with a dropkick that sends Rhia back out to the outside. Su then wipes out Rhia with the Cactus Jack Crack Smash off the apron! Back in, Su gains a nearfall. Rhia rakes the eyes and begins to regain control. Snap suplex for a nearfall. Crowd wills on Su. Rhia uses the ropes to her advantage, choking Su. Elbow drop for a nearfall. T-Bone by Rhia as she taunts the crowd. Taylor wills on her partner from the outside. Finlay Roll and a back senton by Rhia for a nearfall. All of a sudden, Saraya Knight heads out to the ringside. Double leg drop by Rhia for a nearfall. Crowd again wills on Su. Running kneelift by Rhia sends Su to the outside. Taylor checks on Su on the outside. Back in, Rhia with a big clothesline in the corner, then continues to use the ropes to her advantage. Rhia taunts the crowd some more, then Saraya grabs Su from the outside and says something in her ear, then slaps the taste outta her mouth! However, that slap woke Su up as Su with a Thesz Press and right hands to Rhia. Strike exchange, Su gains advantage. Rhia makes a comeback, but Su with a dropkick. Rhia placed in the Tree of Woe and Su with a series of Kawada kicks to the back. Su with a running dropkick to the ribs while Rhia was still in the Tree of Woe. Fever Yellow applied, Rhia gets to the ropes.

Yellow Fever applied, Rhia taps.

Winner: Su Yung by submission (Yellow Fever)

Su celebrates with Taylor afterwards, but Rhia attacks Su from behind. Saraya pulls Rhia off of Su and grabs Su. Saraya again whispers something in Su’s ear and Saraya, Rhia & Su all leave together while Taylor goes after them.

THOUGHTS: Solid match, but the storytelling with Saraya & Su was the bigger story here by far. Su Yung delving into the dark side has been slowly built ever since SHINE 12 way back last summer, but whenever fans felt the trigger would be pulled, it wasn’t. It also wasn’t clear how SHINE would go about pulling the trigger, well we found our answer with Saraya, almost portraying a motherly figure to Su, bringing about tough-love and snapping her into the final stretch run where she tapped out Rhia. Solid match overall, but the story they told with Su & Saraya was very well done. 

SHINE Tag Team Titles: SHIMMER Tag Team Champion “The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater & Evie vs. The Lucha Sisters (Leva Bates & “The Blasian Barbie” Mia Yim (dressed as the House of Lannister from Game of Thrones) (c’s)

Skater & Evie are billed as weighing a total combined of 120 kilos of common-wealth dynamite. Leva & Skater start. “Lucha” chants for the champs. Chain wrestling early. Skater with a spinning back kick and a knee strike. Leva sends Skater into the corner, then hits a Pendelum Kick. Roll-up by Skater for a nearfall. Leva with a Jackknife Pin for a nearfall. We have a stalemate and they hug it out. Evie & Mia tag in. Both feign going for kicks, then Mia strikes first. Strike exchange, then Evie with a leg kick. Leg kick exchange, then Evie with forearms. Series of evasions, then Mia does the Spidey pose in the ropes, but Evie kicks her to the outside. Mia catches a running apron kick and sends Evie face-first off the apron. Mia then hits her own running apron kick. Mia grabs her foot, appearing to have hurt herself in the process. Back in, Mia gains a nearfall. Leva in, Skater knocked off the apron. Facebuster across the knee, followed by a leaping knee by Leva. Mia in, Lucha Sisters drive Evie into the corner. Delayed double knees by Leva, Cannonball by Mia for a nearfall. Skater stops another Lucha Sisters double team, allowing Evie to hit Mia with a head kick. Skater in, series of knees to Mia. Suplex for a nearfall. Skater begins taking control. Running forearm for a nearfall. Evie in, series of kicks by Evie & Skater, ending in a combo, but Leva breaks up the pinfall. Axe kick and a PK by Evie for a nearfall. Evie charges, but Mia ducks a running boot and Evie accidentally nails Skater, knocking her off the apron! Leva in, 2 chest kicks to Evie. Hook kick, followed by double knees in the corner. Leva heads up top and hits the Mushroom Stomp for a nearfall. Evie comes back with a urnangi backbreaker for a nearfall. Skater heads up top, but Leva avoids a big splash. Mia in, Lucha Sisters hit the Camel Clutch/Punt Kick combo. Evie in, running boot to Mia in the corner. Step-over basement facebuster by Leva to Evie. Skater hits Skate & Destroy on Leva. Mia with a sit-out powerbomb to Skater, everyone is down. “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Mia & Evie with a strike exchange, Evie gains advantage. Evie with another PK to Mia, but Leva breaks up the pin. Leva avoids a Skater head kick, Codebreaker/release German combo by the Lucha Sisters.

Superhero Kick to Evie by Leva, then Mia hits the Package Piledriver for the win.

Winners and STILL SHINE Tag Team Champions: The Lucha Sisters by pinfall (Package Piledriver)

All 4 women raise each other’s hands and embrace afterwards in a sign of mutual respect. Lucha Sisters then celebrate their title retention.

THOUGHTS: If you are a fan of kicks, this was the match for you because there were kicks aplenty here. It was a good match, although there were some awkward spots in the middle portion. I won’t fault any of the 4 for that, as Skater coming in to sub for Madison Eagles was a last-minute decision. Lucha Sisters were able to amp up their double-team work here, more so than any of the 3 tournament matches on the last show and the double-teams came off very well. Lucha Sisters get a nice defense under their belts and US fans got to see a rare appearance by 2 of the best women’s wrestlers from the Land Down Under. 

Before the next match, Nikki Storm cuts a promo, calling Kong the 100th wonder of the world, but for all Kong’s acheivements, Kong is not the best in the galaxy, not from Glagsow, Scotland and not Nikki Storm. Get your arse out here!!

“The Dynamite Queen” Nikki Storm vs. The Amazing Kong w/Solo Darling & “The Scream Queen” Daffney

Storm attacks Kong as the bell sounds. Storm unloads with shots, then grabs a hold of Kong’s leg. Storm charges, but just runs into Kong and falls down. Kong with a hair-mare. Big chops in the corner. Kong chokes Storm in the corner. Running body block by Kong. Leglock applied by Kong. Storm pulls at Kong’s braids to get free. Storm rakes Kong’s eyes and begins to take control, but she has no effect on Kong. Avalanche by Kong in the corner. Storm avoids another avalanche and hits more shots in the corner. Storm again pulls at Kong’s braids. Kong catches Storm off a crossbody, but Storm sends Kong into the corner and hits a dropkick. Storm regains some semblance of control, continuing to go back after Kong’s hair, but Kong quickly regains control. Kong removes one of her gloves and hits a slam for a nearfall. Storm with a knee to the ribs, but can’t lift Kong up. Kong with a swinging Sleeper, but Storm avoids a splash. Cyclone Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Kong blocks a Sunset flip and goes for a Chokeslam, but Storm counters with a victory roll for a nearfall. Kong slips out of another Cyclone Neckbreaker, spinning backfist, but Storm kicks out!

Implant Buster by Kong for the win.

Winner: The Amazing Kong by pinfall (Implant Buster)

Daffney’s All Star Squad celebrate Kong’s win afterward.

THOUGHTS: What a glorious squash match this was. Nikki Storm being in way over her head and finding different ways to bounce around and go splat off Kong was sensational. If you love squash matches, you will immensely enjoy this match. 

“The Deebious One” Serena Deeb w/”The Prize” April Hunter vs. “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez

Chain wrestling in the early going, with Mercedes constantly giving noogies to Serena and having fun. Clothesline and a dropkick by Mercedes. Series of strikes by Mercedes in the corner. Serena slips out of a slam, neckbreaker across the knee for a nearfall. Serena begins to take control, using the ropes to her advantage. Serena distracts the ref, allowing Hunter to get involved. Jawbreaker by Serena. Serena works over Mercedes’s back with knees. Leg drop for a nearfall. Cravate applied. Serena continues to work over Mercedes’s back. Serena with her series of jabs, but Mercedes blocks the big right hand and begins to make a comeback. Strike exchange, then a chop exchange. Mercedes then hits a spinebuster for a nearfall. Kawada kicks from the apron by Mercedes, sending Serena to the outside. They brawl on the outside, but Serena avoids a chop, causing Mercedes to chop the ringpost! Mercedes sent off the apron multiple times. Serena tells the front row to move, but she feigns sending Mercedes into the front row and instead, sends Mercedes back in. Serena hot-shots Mercedes across the top rope. Back in, Mercedes counters Go 2 Deeb with 2 of the Three Amigos, but Serena counters the trifecta with a DDT for a nearfall. Mercedes blocks Go 2 Deeb and hits a release German. Mercedes hits the Fisherman’s Buster, but Hunter distracts the ref from the apron. Mercedes heads up top, but Serena stops her. Serena brings Mercedes out of the corner and this time hits Go 2 Deeb. Serena sets for the Spear, but Mercedes catches her. Mercedes this time hits all of the Three Amigos, ending with an Ego Trip variation, but Serena gets her foot on the bottom rope. Mercedes goes for a baseball slide, but Serena traps her in the ring skirt and unloads with strikes. Serena with knee drops to the back while Mercedes is still trapped in the ring skirt. Back in, Serena gains a nearfall. Serena heads up top, but Mercedes stops her. Serena blocks a superplex and gourdbusters Mercedes off the ropes, but Mercedes comes back with a running boot. Mercedes with a Muscle Buster, but Hunter pulls the ref out of the ring before he can make the 3! Mercedes is distracted by the ref dealing with Hunter on the outside. Mercedes turns around and Serena hits the Spear!

Serena makes the cover and Hunter knocks Mercedes’s foot off the bottom rope, allowing Serena to get the win.

Winner: “The Deebious One” Serena Deeb by pinfall (Spear)

Serena & Hunter celebrate Serena’s win while Mercedes complains to the ref about her foot being on the bottom rope.

THOUGHTS: Best match on the show from an in-ring standpoint. These two worked a nicely paced match, with a well done structure by having Mercedes have fun by messing around with Serena early on, then just like that, the volume get turned up when Serena was able to gain control. April Hunter did a great job on the outside and in my opinion, doesn’t get enough credit for her work as the manager of VALKYRIE. Mercedes got to show here that even though she is a real good heel, she is just as good as a babyface. The only downside was this match went a little too long, but it didn’t deter how the match turned out to me whatsoever. Great stuff from these two. 

Ybor City Street Fight: “The AK-47″ Allysin Kay w/”The Prize” April Hunter vs. “The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok

Allysin waits for Havok at the entrance before the bell with a chair, but Havok comes through the crowd and nails Allysin from behind. Havok unloads with forearms. Chairshot to the arm of Allysin by Havok. Havok sends Allysin multiple times off the apron. Allysin fights back with forearms and a big chop. Allysin chokes Havok with Havok’s own gas mask. Havok sent off the apron multiple times. Allysin takes a swig of beer, but Havok with a kick. Series of chest kicks by Havok. Allysin sent off the ringpost. Big chop by Havok. Havok sent off the stage face-first by Allysin. They brawl onto the 2nd level of the Orpheum. Allysin blocks a suplex off the stage and sends Havok into the wall. Clothesline by Allysin for a nearfall as Falls Count Anywhere. Allysin dumps a trashcan onto Havok. Havok sent off a table multiple times. Havok then sends the table into Allysin’s face, then dumps it on top of her and stomps on it repeatedly. They go back down to floor level at the Orpheum and continue brawling. Havok sent into another trashcan and Allysin dumps the contents of it onto her. They brawl onto the street, Havok gains a nearfall. Back in the Orpheum, they make their way back around ringside. Havok with a suplex on the floor!!! Havok gains a nearfall. In the ring, Allysin avoids a charge and traps Havok’s leg in the middle turnbuckle. Allysin stomps away and chokes Havok. Allysin knocks down the ref and removes his belt. Allysin whips Havok, who is still trapped in the ropes, with the ref’s belt repeatedly. Allysin then whips the ref with his own belt. Allysin chokes Havok with the belt and drags her around the ring. More shots with the belt by Allysin. Havok comes back with right hands, then nails Allysin repeatedly with the belt. Allysin leaves the ring and Havok gives chase. They brawl in the parking lot now as Havok sends Allysin face-first off of a dumpster. Havok places Allysin in the dumpster and closes the doors on it. Allysin fights out of it, though and the two continue brawling in the parking lot. All of a sudden, a red Camaro drives up and RUNS OVER HAVOK!!!! Allysin gets in the passenger side and the car drives off, leaving an injured Havok on the ground. Referee and Lexie Fyfe run out and attend to Havok, calling for help.

No Contest

Before the main event, commentary mentions that Havok is being tended to by paramedics.

THOUGHTS: Chalk up another sensational and brutal brawl from these two. The viciousness from both was on display here in spades. Had some callbacks with using the ref’s belt and the such from their first two outings, but they found different ways to get to that point which made the match stand out on its own. The angle at the end with Havok getting run over was a unique idea, but unfortunately, the camera work kinda made the angle come across a little awkward. Still, the “whodunit” aspect to this allows the rivalry to continue and more-so the fact that after three brutal encounters between these two, no one has been able to decisively win a match. 

Main Event for the SHINE Title: “Sweet” Saraya Knight vs. “The Huntress” Ivelisse (c)

Saraya with an eye poke early. Another eye poke by Saraya. Ivelisse blocks a slap and hits a kick. Slap exchange, then Ivelisse with shoulders to the ribs in the corner. Right hands, but then Saraya with a big forearm and a kick down low for a nearfall. Saraya pulls at Ivelisse’s hair and applies a nerve hold. Ivelisse with leg kicks and chops. Running body block and a seated dropkick down low by Saraya in the corner. Gut shots by Saraya, but Ivelisse with more leg kicks. Boot to the head and a soccer kick to the ribs. Axe kick, then more leg kicks by Ivelisse. Head kick, but Saraya with another eye poke. Saraya with right hands in the corner. Saraya catches a kick and hits another kick down low. Strike exchange, but Saraya with a big forearm. Forearm exchange, Saraya gains advantage. Saraya catches another kick and takes down Ivelisse for a nearfall. Running side slam by Saraya for a nearfall. Running knee to the ribs by Saraya in the corner. Series of strikes by Saraya, but Ivelisse with a running forearm. Saraya avoids a charge and hits another eye poke. Ivelisse avoids a charge and hits a series of kicks to the side of the head while Saraya was trapped in the ropes. Saraya pulls at Ivelisse’s hair and takes her down. Ivelisse with more leg kicks and a savate kick, followed by another head kick.

Vertigo!!! 1-2-3!!

Winner and STILL SHINE Champion: “The Huntress” Ivelisse by pinfall (Vertigo)

Afterwards, VALKYRIE runs out and attacks Ivelisse. Su Yung is with them in new gear and face makeup. VALKYRIE stomp away at Ivelisse, then the Lucha Sisters run out. Allysin Kay wipes out Mia Yim with Cut-Throat, then Saraya with a kick down low and an Alabama Slam to Leva Bates. April Hunter & Allysin work over Ivelisse, then Kellie Skater runs in, but Serena wipes her out with the Spear. La Rosa Negra comes in, but April Hunte lays waste to her with a rolling elbow. Tracy Taylor comes in and has words with Su. Saraya whispers something in Su’s ear and Su wipes out her now former partner with a neckbreaker across the knee. Su then drops to her knees and hugs Saraya’s legs as if Saraya is a motherly figure to her. Serena grabs the SHINE Title and stands tall over the fallen champion. VALKYRIE stands tall in the ring, then Serena grabs the mic and says that Ivelisse can’t keep running from her. I will bring the SHINE Title back to VALKYIRE where it belongs. Serena then grabs Su and says I stand corrected, the NEW VALKYRIE!! VALKYRIE stands tall as Saraya motions Su to the back to close the show.

THOUGHTS: Main event was not much of a wrestling match and in terms of a smooth category, this isn’t going to come anywhere close to it. However, the sloppiness and grittness to this match made it a very enjoyable encounter for myself. When you have 2 high-strung personalities going up against one another for a title, they should be doing nothing but strikes and takedowns and that is what Ivelisse & Saraya did here. It was a battle of who was going to get their big blow in first and Ivelisse was able to do so with Vertigo to get the win, but you knew at the end, no matter how short or long the match went that these two went through hell to beat the other one. 

The post-match angle revealing Su Yung as part of VALKYRIE and turning on her long-time partner Tracy Taylor was very good and logical. In SHINE’s history, Saraya has been known to be an associate of VALKYRIE’s and she helped them gain a new member by getting in the head of the ONE PERSON she has ever given the slightest amount of respect to since coming over to the US and that was Su Yung, after Saraya gave that nod of respect after their match at SHINE 9. Saraya now as that motherly figure and guide to Su, that shows up every once in a while to help VALKYRIE makes all the sense in the world. Serena again getting over on Ivelisse in a beatdown should lead to a title match next month or the month after and with the Lucha Sisters also being laid out in the post-match angle, this should also lead to VALKYRIE getting a Tag Title shot sooner than later. 

Overall, good show, not great by SHINE for SHINE 18, but in terms of moving across storylines for the summer, job well done.

You can order the replay of SHINE 18 at WWNLive.com. 

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