Thomas Rude sent this in.


Peidmont-Pro South Wresling at the Pro South Arena: Dameon Ceretone & James Hardy defeated Josh Storm & Chris Ganz by DQ…Charles Zanders pinned Drew Game by Pinfall…Scott Aries pinned Lamar Phillips…Donnie Primetime pinned Chris McCain…Jimmy Rave & Ace Have defeated Big Tomb & Jed Johnson. (4/18/14)


Atwater-Fighting Spirit Pro at the FSP Arena: OMH pinned Christian Saint…Syn pinned Jack Flag, Nathan Brick, Shoop Shellhammer & Edris Jackson in an Open Challenge Gauntlet Match…Eli Everfly pinned Ali Hussen…The Channel Surfers defeated The Perfect Kings…Savanah Riley, Daniel Torch & Bobby Hart defeated Nicole Savoy, Marcus Lewis & Sione Finau…Shawn Gunn vs. Tony Vargas went to a Time Limit Draw…Joey Ryan pinned Dejon Brown…Brian Cage pinned Willie Mack. (4/18/14)

Pacifica-Gold Rush Pro Wrestling at the Ingrid B. Lacy Gym: The West Side Bad Boys defeated SU/KA…Suburban Commandos defeated The Soul Brothers…Resident Cowboys vs. Creepy Show Carnival went to a No-Contest…Idris Jacckson & JR Kratos defeated The Shooter Club…Virgil Flynn defeated Chupacabra, Jeff Cobb & Marquis Jackson in a Fatal 4-Way to become the new Dynamite Division Champion…Rik Luxury pinned Dylan Drake to become the new Gold Rush Heavyweight Champion…JR Kratos & Idris Jackson defeated The Suburban Commandos & The West Side Bad Boys in a Ladder Match to become the new Tag Team Champions. (4/26/14)


Newark-RightCoastPro Wrestling at the RCP Arena: Sean Royal defeated Bazooka Joe, Francis Kipland Stevens & Ryan Rush in a Fatal Four-Way Match to become the new RightCoastPro Champion…Mozart Fontaine defeated Michael Blake in a Ladder Match…Sean Royal pinned Billy Bax…Pedro Duro defeated Colton Quest by DQ…Courageous Cruz defeated Nicholas Sohlo by Countout…Sean Royal won the “Fight For Fame and Fortune” Battle Royal. (5/3/14)


Mossy Head-AIWF Culture Shock Wrestling at the CSW Arena: Mr. Bigg pinned Buddah…David Prime pinned Zane Stephens…Shonuff Sexy (Chuck Diamond & Shane Gibson) defeated Initial Shock (JT Angel & Xtreme G)…Chris Brackin pinned Logan Page…Lucha Locura pinned Chris Tighe…Marcus Gibbs & Street Bandit defeated The FIST (Darias Caine & Victor Cru) and Team CSW (Brian Caige & Suicidal Soulja) in a Three-way Tag Team Title Match…Ghetto Brown pinned DJ Durst…Justin Overstreet defeated Lan Smart by Countout…Jon Ryker defeated Billy Rayz, Mike Metal, Cali Kid, Nathan Beast & Jimmy Hinder in a “4 Corners of Hell” 6-Way Elimination Match to become the new CSW Champion.


Berwyn-Anarchy Pro Wrestling at the Berwyn Eagles Club: The Enforcers defeated Natural Fury to become the new Anarchy Pro Tag Team Champions…Shane Eaton defeated BPB, Damien Tyler & Brad Kevins in an Elimination-Style Fatal Four-Way…Mike Daniels pinned Joey Brittain…Sunny Ago pinned Jack Carpenter…Shane Fury pinned Marcello Spade…Jeff Troy pinned Kevin Kross…David Allen pinned Zexx…Superbad vs. D. Allure went to a No-Contest…Machine & Anthony defeated Willie Richardson & Beast…Max Holiday pinned Buddy Roberts Jr. (4/19/14)

Chicago-League of Wrestlers at the St. Frances De Sales High School: Big Titan won a Over-The-Top Rope Battle Royal…Big Titan pinned Dakota Prodigy…Marty Patron & Justa Mazing defeated Los Robios by Countout…Mike Lowery pinned Damien Tyler…Rion Skillz pinned Damean Dunne to become the new LOW Heavyweight Champion…Big Titan pinned Rion Skillz to become the new LOW Heavyweight Champion….EKW pinned Selene Gray…Don Juan Diaz pinned Matt Creed to become the new LOW League Champion…Don Juan Diaz pinned Rage…Chris Classic defeated D’Angelo Steele in a Lumberjack Match. (4/25/14)

Kankakee-Chicago Style Wrestling Southland at TNT Hitting: Acid Jaz pinned Ovirload…Tri-State Air Strike (Colin Smith & Chris Miller) defeated Ricky the Janitor & Bane…Diego Corleone pinned Joey Rose…Colin Cambridge defeated Brad Kevins & Mike Matthews in a Triple Threat Metra Division Contenders Match…Steve Boz pinned GPA…Sean Mulligan pinned Mario Andrew Cruvillo…Hunter Paine pinned The Lunatic…Marshe Rockett pinned Matt Winchester. (4/26/14)

Thomas J. Rude

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the Galli Arena: Mr. 450 & Team 2 Star (Matt Knicks & Chris Castro) defeated La Maldicion (Jester Yorick, Punisher 747 & Mojo McQueen)…Mike Anthony & Will Dolla defeated the Soul Touchaz (Will Richardson, Acid Jaz & Marshe Rockett) in a Handicap Tag Team Match…Syndicato (Barry Ryte & Bryce Benjamin) defeated Mike Matthews & Atomico…Kuni Silencio, Destructor Sr. & El Rebelde Noriega defeated La Corporacion (El Funebre, Emperador Azteca & Destructor Alfa)…Ovirload defeated Furia Roja & Golden Dragon in a Triple Threat Match…El Revelion Chicana (Destructor Jr. Traidor & Dark Scorpion) defeated 2 Hot 4 U (Chico Suave, D’Angleo Steele & Encantador Valentino)…Syndicato (Marcus Conrad & Barry Ryte) defeated The Smart Marx (GPA & Joey Marx) to become the new GALLI World Tag Team Champions. (4/27/14)

Villa Park-Fusion Wrestling at the Fusion Arena: Steve Boz pinned Colin Smith…Roy De Leao pinned Colin Cambridge…Willie Richardson pinned Chris Miller…Jester Yorick pinned Brad Kevins…Pauly Thomaselli pinned Bryce Benjamin…Apocalypto defeated Diego Corleone in a No-DQ Match. (5/3/14)

Villa Park-ELLMEX/GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: Golden Dragon & Furia Roja defeated La Maldicion (Overload & Mojo McQueen)…La Corporacion (Funebre, Emerador Azteca & Destructor Alfa) defeated Cruz De Angel, Golden Star & Atomico…Bryce Benjamin pinned DJ Z (Zema Ion)…Guerrerito Del Futuro & Slayer defeated Revelion Chicana (Traidor & Destructor Jr.)…Destructor Sr. & El Rebelde Noriega defeated Rey Makawi & Halcon Oriental…Imerio Azteca & Pedro Ocampo defeated Pentagono & Atomico. (5/4/14)

Woodstock-Premier Pro Wrestling at the Premier Studio: Ron Reeves pinned Will Dolla…Cutta Crosby pinned Matt Dewar…The Hellbillies (Outlaw Jay & Cousin Eddie) defeated Backwoods Brown & Michael Mack…Matt Vine pinned Texas Pete…Big J. Knight defeated Mirko JoeCop & Andy Anderson in a Triple Threat Elimination Match…Shockwave pinned Chris Classic…Cutta Crosby defeated Outlaw Jay & OCD Bernadino in a 2-out-of-4 Match to become the new PPW Heritage Champion…Mr. Bank$ pinned Milad Akbar. (4/19/14)


Fairhaven-House of Bricks Pro Wrestling at VFW Post 2892: Brandon Webb pinned Gregory Edwards…Everett Briggs pinned Jay Frost & JB Tickle…Scott Ashworth & Rick Fuller defeated Ramona Romano & Christopher James…Evan Siks pinned Doug Summers… The Portuguese Stallion pinned TJ Richter…Mack Attack defeated Pretty Boy Hernandes & Anthony Stone…Aaron Amadeus pinned Shawn Candido to become to the new HoB Heavyweight Champion…The Baker Boys pinned The Storm Brothers. (4/18/14)


Stern-GOUGE Wrestling at the Stern Fire Hall: Masked Magician pinned Old School…Mickey Gambino pinned Timmy Lou Retton…Team Sexxy defeated Ryan Miller & Juan Jeremi…Seymour Snott vs. Gluteus Maximas went to a Double Countout…Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. pinned Otto Schwanz. (5/3/14)


Campbell-Real Action Pro Wrestling at St. Joseph the Provider: Trystan Tyler pinned Leon Hart…Tuff Tina pinned Bill Rose…Sean Reznikk pinned Jesse McCoy…Metro Sexual Space Warriors defeated Bruiser Schmidt & Gabriel Shepard…Urijah Xero pinned Tyler Nitro…Ryan Burke defeated Aftermath, Flip Evans & Trevor Skye…Curt Fury pinned Flea…Joey Vincent Martini pinned Tripp Lee…#ZombieKillers (Bouncer & Angel Dust) defeated Alex Daniels & Joshua Singh…Marcus Knight pinned Simply Sexy. (4/27/14)

Clarksville-Midwest Premier Wrestling at the Old Clarksville Gymnasium: Matt Vengeance defeated Mike Brody & Draven Valentine in a Triple Threat Match…Hustle & Muscle defeated James Jordan & Jordan Lachey…Andrew Turner pinned J-Roc…The Shamrock Saints defeated Chronick & Wattz and Jesse Sinclair & Nicholas Davidson….Ryan Michaels pinned Robbie Raynes. (4/19/14)

Coshocton-Ohio Championship Wrestling at the Hopewell High School: Bruce Grey pinned Mike Hercum…Takahashi pinned Matt Taylor to become the new Ohio Heritage Champion…Jimmy Shane, Johnny Attitude & Papa Dingo defeated Sherman Tank, Ernie Ballz & Mikey D…The Heat Seekers (Jeremy Madrox & Kaden Assad) defeated the Saturday Night Slam Masters (Juice Jennings & Joey Vengeance)…Dusty Dillinger pinned Marion Fontaine…Robby Starr pinned Jeff Cannon to become the new OCW Heavyweight Champion…Beautiful Bobby pinned Little Kato. (4/12/14)

Jackson-Revolutionary Championship Wrestling at the YMCA: Duke Beefhammer pinned Heather Owens…Corey Mason defeated Brandon Fields & Otto Von Boogiemeister in a 3-Way Dance…DDK vs. Chad Cruise went to a Double DQ…The Black & Blue Crew defeated The Cosmic Connection & Party Down Productions in a 3-Way Tag Match…Tyson Rogers pinned Randy Allen. (4/25/14)

Marion-Classic Championship Wrestling at the Steve Hogg Recreation Center: Bobo Brazil Jr. pinned The Hangman…Karnevil vs. The American Eagle went to a Double Count Out…Uncle Hogg won the First Annual Ox Baker Battle Royale…Uncle Hogg defeated Chris Pain & Rod Street in a Three-Way Match…Lockdown & The Cannibal defeated Mikey the Maniac & GDT…Bobo Brazil Jr. defeated Ox Baker (with TKO Knuckles and Brutal Pain) & Sabu to become the new CCW Heavyweight Champion. (4/19/14)

Marion-Renegade Championship Wrestling at Sisters’ Pizza: Slim Trimmons pinned Preston Churchill…FIA pinned The Rainbow Warrior…Tracy Stone pinned Misfit Molly…Mikey the Maniac vs. Rotuna went to a No-Contest…Andre the Giant Jr. pinned Jack Hansen…Jeremy Daniels pinned GDT…Matt Starr pinned Chris Cruit…Twisted pinned Justin Toxicated. (5/3/14)

Marietta-Remix Pro Wrestling at the Marietta Middle School: Bryan Cross pinned Bulldozer…The Headless Horesmen defeated OI4K…Zac Vincent pinned Jason Kincaid…Ron Mathis defeated Cole Cash in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match to become the new RIOT Champion…The Honky Tonk Man pinned Jock Samson…Sassy Stephie defefated Cheerleader Melissa & Athena to become the Women’s Fury Champion…AJ Styles pinned Fa├žade…Chance Prophet defeated Michael Elgin & Adam Pearce. (4/25/14)

Middleton-Tuff Pro Wrestling at the Morningstar Arena: Fatman Rob pinned Irish Drunken Guy…Aaron Lee pinned El Grande Uno…Blackhawk pinned Nero…James Jordan vs. The Great Akuma went to a Time-Limit Draw…Nova Kaine defeated Aaron Lee & Outlaw in a 3-Way Dance…Gideon Malice pinned James Sheppard…AJ Moore pinned Dan Roberson. (4/22/14)

Middleton-Heartland Wrestling Association at the LSC Arena: Devon Nos pinned Sid Fabulous…Mike Hayes & Lady Victoria defeated Dash Venture Sullivan & Fantasia…Jake Omen pinned TD Thomas…Chase Owens pinned Tarek the Great…The Hollywood Compound (Dustin Rayz & Jerry Andrews) defeated The Bama Boys (John Wayne Murdoch & Josh Crow)…AJ Styles pinned Jamin Olivencia…JT Stahr pinned Orlando Christopher…Jeff Halloway defeated Jay West, Phantasy & Brutal Bellman in a 4-Way Match to become the 1st HWA Heritage Champion…BJ Whitmer pinned Jason Kincaid…Chance Prophet defeated Apollo Starr & Dru Skillz by Countout. (4/25/14)

Tiffin-NWA Sports Entertainment Wrestling at the Tiffin Developmental Center: Alex Mathews pinned Owen Travers…Broderick Shaw pinned Cody Reaper…Matt Hayle pinned Nemesis…AJ Snow defeated Ryan Burke…Joe Bruizer & Joseph Donnelly defeated John Campbell & Ricky Caurdia…Joshua Singh pinned Christian Black…Kano Josh Emanuel pinned Ethan Wright…Bruiser Schmidt pinned Jason Franchise…Renzo Lavell pinned Rampage. (4/19/14)

Waynesville-Tribute Championship Wrestling at the Fox Hollow Rodeo Grounds: Josh Crane won the Rodeo Rumble…Tripp Cassidy pinned Josh Crane…Dale Patricks pinned Marcus Edwards…Levi Connors pinned Jock Samson…Jake Omen pinned Jack Thriller…Aaron Williams pinned Heidi Lovelace. (4/18/14)


Altoona-Big Time Wrestling at the Jaffa Shrine: Craig Costa pinned Jimmy Morriss…Jake Roberts & Patriot defeated The Ladies Men…The Nasty Boys defeated TA & Brandino Davis…Flex Armstrong pinned Jeff Jarrett…Shane Douglas pinned Bam Shaw…Sabu pinned Crowbar. (4/26/14)

Ford City-Big Time Wrestling at the Ford City High School: Danny Miles pinned Chris LaRusso…Todo Loco defeated Chris Taylor and Bandino Davis…The Nasty Boys defeated TA & BAM…Flex Armstrong pinned Jeff Jarrett…The Patriot, Jake Roberts & Craig Costa defeated Gregory Edwards, Jimmy Preston & Ryan Mitchell…Sabu pinned Shane Douglas. (4/25/14)

Philadelphia-MaskedMania at the 2300 Arena: Latin Dragon & Ultimate Panda defeated Hollowicked & Frightmare…Ophidian, Amasis & Green Ant defeated Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy & Padadon…Negro Navaron defeated Solar by Submission…Pequinio Perroth pinned Mini Mariacho…Christina Von Eerie pinned Sumie Sakai…Cassondro pinned Matt Cross…Sabu, Beastia & Damian defeated Homocide, BLK JEEZ & Ruckus…Dr. Wagner Jr. pinned La Park(a). (4/27/14)


Jasper-AIWF Youngblood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: Opie-2-Dope pinned Maniac…Jay Anthony defeated Acid by DQ…Mikey G pinned SwitchBlade…Jason Williams pinned Adam Powers…Marc Slayton pinned The Executioner…Brandon Young pinned Cra-Z-C…Thomas Cage pinned Freddie Reckless…Eric Micheals pinned DeKay. (4/5/14)

Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Chris Kern pinned JP Jones…Michael Dunn pinned Mark Dunnavant…Ray Dunnavant pinned Steve Morton…The Ringmaster pinned Larry Cooter…Yukon Jack & JP Jones defeated Mikey Dunn & Lawrence by DQ. (5/3/14)

Red Bank-Total Wrestling Entertainment at the TWE Arena: Jaden Newman pinned Skull…Micky Gotti pinned Micky Dreggs…Crystal Fire pinned Jessica Wetmore…Toy Dodson defeated Brian Rivers by Countout…Rock n’ Roll Rock defeated Miranda Rights Tiffany Roux…J.D. Rollins pinned Brad Cash…The Heavenly Bodies defeated Chip Hazard & Drew F’N Game by DQ. (4/19/14)