Wrestleview.com’s own Josh Boutwell sent this in.

SWA “WrestleMania of the Gulf Coast”
May 31, 2014
Crestview, FL
Preview by: Josh Boutwell of WrestleView.com

Every year Heath Childs aka Mr. Fantasy and his Southern Wrestling Alliance has put together a super card in May that has become known by fans as the “WrestleMania of the Gulf Coast” because of the nature of its quality. Every year I say I’m going make the trip down to Crestview, FL and every year something comes up, but this year I am finally making it down to the show and will be there live. This year’s “WrestleMania of the Gulf Coast” will feature everything from Lucha Libre to old school legends!

Super Six-Way
Billy Rayz vs. “Shogun” Shane Gibson vs. Chris Tighe vs. Dunham vs. CB Slade vs. Cali Kid

This year the “WrestleMania of the Gulf Coast” will kick off with a big bang as six of the top young wrestlers on the gulf coast will go at it in what should be an insane “Super Six Way!” High flyers Billy Rayz, CB Slade, and Cali Kid will be joined by mat technicians Chris Tighe and Shane Gibson as well as the powerful Dunham! What better way to set the tone for a great night of wrestling action than to unleash six great wrestlers on each other?!

“The Saint In Sinners Eyes” Paul Jordane vs. Kyle Matthews

Paul Jordane is the former NHW Heavyweight Champion and formerly signed to the WWE developmental territory FCW/NXT. Ever since returning to the gulf coast Jordane has been on a tear over all the talent here. He has become one of the top stars in New Height Wrestling over the last couple of years. Georgia native Kyle Matthews is one of the top young stars on the Indies and has worked for promotions like Ring of Honor, EVOLVE, CHIKARA, Dragon Gate USA, Zero-1 in Japan, and the NWA and has been in the ring with names like Johnny Gargano, Daniel Bryan, Davey Richards, and even Japanese legends Shinjiro Otani and Ikuto Hidaka! This should be an epic encounter between two of independent wrestling’s brightest young stars and a beautiful clash of styles.

“The Master of Devastation” Cameron Frost vs. Sirus LaVey

On this night longtime gulf coast favorite and former NHW Heavyweight Champion Cameron Frost will step into the ring with the eerie Sirus LaVey, also known as Omega. LaVey and Frost are no strangers to each other having crossed paths in the past including with Ultimate Wrestling in Pensacola years ago. This should be another interesting clash of styles. Random fact: I once sat next to a fan that had “Omega” tattooed on his arm. The fan was even creepier than Omega himself.

Lucha Libre Rules Match
“The Purrfect 10” Lince Dorado vs. Lucha Locura

I’m sure no one is surprised that this is the match that I’m looking forward to most on the card as two high flying, exciting luchadors meet for the very first time. Former CHIKARA star Lince Dorado has competed all over the world and for companies like TNA, and has become one of the most exciting wrestlers on the independent scene. Lucha Locura has quickly become a favorite on the gulf coast and this matchup should be as exciting of a match as anyone will see in the Indy’s all year. It has “show stealer” written all over it.

“The Human Highlight Film” Scotty Rayz vs. “Death Proof” Aaron Epic

Scotty Rayz calls himself “The Human Highlight Film” and when he gets in the ring with high flying New York native Aaron Epic it should be an “epic highlight film”, pun intended. Rayz has been one of the most exciting and popular wrestlers on the gulf coast for quite some time and Epic has made his presence felt in Florida as well. Epic has wrestled for such promotions as FIP, CHIKARA, and CZW while Scotty Rayz has been a mainstay on the gulf coast for years as well as wrestling for promotions like Dragon Gate USA.

“The Iconic Beast” Minotaur vs. “Gender Bending” Dan Delicious

In what should be another entertaining and interesting clash of styles the masked Minotaur will face off against the flamboyant and controversial Dan Delicious. Will Delicious’ mind games be able to take the monster Minotaur off his game?

The Asphalt Cowboys (Justin Overstreet & Zane Stephens) vs. The Arrogant Americans (AJ Strokes & Mike Facen)

This battle between two of the top tag teams in the last several years on the gulf coast should be one for the ages. The fact that both Justin Overstreet and Mike Facen have recently won major singles titles as well makes for an interesting matchup, and potentially a preview of a big singles match down the line. Overstreet is the AIWF World Heavyweight Champion while Facen is the current NHW Heavyweight Champion. The Asphalt Cowboys are former SXW Tag Team Champions and The Arrogant Americans are former NHW Tag Team Champions. This very well could be a show stealer.

Six Man Tag Team Match
The Armstrong’s (“Bullet” Bob & Steve Armstrong) & mystery partner vs. The Stud Stable (Dr. Tom Prichard & “Mr. Olympia” Jerry Stubbs) & “Scarface” Waylon Barley

The Main Event will be a Continental Championship Wrestling reunion of sorts as CCW originals Bob Armstrong, Steve Armstrong, Tom Prichard, and Jerry Stubbs meet once again! Those four men battled it out for years on the gulf coast in CCW’s heyday. In the late 80’s Stubbs and Prichard were members of The Stud Stable alongside other names like Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden, Dutch Mantel (WWE’s Zeb Colter), and others. During this time Stubbs had a longstanding rival with Bob and the rest of the Armstrong family that even included a Mask vs. Mask Match with Bob. Bob and Steve Armstrong are of course part of the legendary Armstrong family and were staples in CCW and he like the rest of the Armstrong’s feuded with the Stud Stable most notably when he and his partner Johnny Rich as the Rat Patrol feuded with Stubbs and a young Arn Anderson. Joining the Stud Stable will be the monstrous “Scarface” Waylon Barley to add a bit of aggression to the team. The Armstrong’s will be bringing along a surprise mystery partner for the match as well.

The “WrestleMania of the Gulf Coast” takes place May 31, 2014 in Crestview, FL at the National Guard Armory on Highway 90. Doors open at 6:30 PM and the opening bell rings at 8:00 PM. Kids five and under are free of admission, 6-11 are $8, and 12 & up is $10.