5/23 AIW “JLIT Night 1” Results: Cleveland, Ohio

* All matches were in the 1st Round of the JLIT tournament.

1. Matt Cross def. Flip Kendrick

2. Tim Donst def. Marion Fontaine

3. Eric Ryan def. Jimmy Jacobs

4. Heidi Lovelace def. Rickey Shane Page

5. AIW Intense Champion Louis Lyndon def. Bobby Beverly

6. Buff Bagwell def. Jock Samson

7. #SPARX def. BJ Whitmer by DQ

8. Sonjay Dutt def. Davey Vega

9. Danny Havoc def. Ultramantis Black in a No DQ Match.

10. Josh Prohibition def. Colin Delaney

11. #AllEgo def. Veda Scott

12. AIW Champion Michael Elgin def. Eddie Kingston to retain the title.

Source: PWPonderings.com