6/27 SHINE Results – (Ivelisse/Serena Deeb – 1 Hour Draw)

June 27, 2014
Ybor City, Florida (The Orpheum)
Commentators: Lenny Leonard, Amber Gertner
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

It is announced as the show starts, that Leah Von Dutch will not be able to make it due to travel issues, but Crazy Mary Dobson will be taking her place. Also, Cherry Bomb could not make it due to travel issues, so the 4-Way Tag #1 Contenders Match will now be a Triple Threat Match, without the Kimber Bombs.

Four Way #1 Contenders Match for the SHINE Tag Team Titles (winners face the Lucha Sisters later on in the show): The Buddy System (“The Punk Rock Rag Doll” Heidi Lovelace & Solo Darling) w/”The Scream Queen” Daffney vs. Legendary (Malia Hosaka & Brandi Wine) vs. The S-N-S Express (Sassy Stephie & Jessie Belle Smothers) w/”The Gem City Queen” Nevaeh vs. Kimber Lee (representing the Kimber Bombs)

Kimber Lee comes out before the match and says Cherry Bomb is on a plane here and because tonight is my birthday…….Hosaka grabs the mic and says she doesn’t care, Kimber isn’t good enough to wrestle by herself and nobody wants her here. We are Legendary and Leilani Kai is watching our backs, so stay out of our way! Kimber says she doesn’t care and will wrestle this match alone, then the Kimber Bombs will face the Lucha Sisters later on tonight when Cherry Bomb gets here.

Kimber with a slam to Wine early. Hiptoss to Solo and an armdrag to Belle by Kimber. They surround Kimber, but Stephie & Hosaka wipe each other out. Leliani is on the apron as Heidi with a series of strikes to Stephie. Solo in, lucha style armdrag to Stephie. Belle & Heidi in, Heidi with a headscissors and sends Belle into the corner. Solo in, walks up Belle’s back and hits a back senton for a nearfall. Heidi in, but Belle with a shot to the throat. Series of shoulders to the ribs, Stephie tags in. Stephie with a takedown into the Last Chancery, Wine breaks up the submission. Belle in, back rake to Heidi. Russian Leg Sweep for a nearfall. Stephie in, sliding lariat to the back of Heidi’s head for a nearfall. Snapmare and a kick to the back, but Hosaka stops the Scissor Stomp. Wine in, gut shot to Heidi. Uppercut by Wine for a nearfall. Seated surfboard applied, with Wine positioning Heidi onto her feet. Hosaka in, has Heidi tag in Kimber. Hosaka pulls at Kimber’s face, then chokes her in the ropes. Ref is with Hosaka, allowing Leliani to choke Kimber. Hosaka with a flying forearm for a nearfall. Kimber fights back with chops. Stephie in, brings Hosaka in the hard way for a nearfall. Hosaka with a gut shot, Stephie sent off the turnbuckles. Wine in, snapmare, then Wine pulls at Stephie’s hair. Ref is with Leliani, but Belle breaks up the pin. Belle & Hosaka in, but Hosaka with a headbutt. Hosaka with a hair-mare. Heidi in, but Hosaka with a series of right hands. Heidi with a Sunset Flip for a nearfall. Hosaka chokes Heidi in the ropes, then Leilani bites Heidi’s arm, with commentary making a reference to soccer player Suarez, who did the same thing recently.

Double team by SNS Express to Heidi, then Stephie applies an abdominal stretch and uses Belle for leverage. Heidi gets out with a hiptoss, but Stephie re-applies it and uses Legendary for help. Heidi gets free, but Legendary takes control. Hosaka in, series of strikes to Stephie. Leilani with a soccer kick to Heidi on the outside. Seated surfboard applied by Hosaka to Stephie. Belle tries to come in, but she gets tripped up in the ropes. Stephie avoids a charge, but then Nevaeh gets a shot in on Hosaka. Ref is with Stephie, allowing Nevaeh to choke Hosaka. Belle gains a nearfall. Belle with a shot to Kimber, then hits an eye poke to Hosaka for a nearfall. Stephie in, series of knee strikes out of a cravate. Kimber in, delayed suplex to Hosaka, Heidi breaks up the pin. Hosaka fights back, then Leilani trips up Kimber. Double gourdbuster by Legendary on Kimber, then Leilani pulls Daffney off the apron.

Hosaka gets the pin on Kimber for the win.

Winners and #1 Contenders to the SHINE Tag Team Titles: Legendary by pinfall (Double Gourdbuster)

Legendary celebrates their win afterwards as they will face the Lucha Sisters later on tonight for the SHINE Tag Team Titles.

“Crazy” Mary Dobson vs. “The Ice Queen” Amber O’Neal

Amber works over Dobson’s arm early. Dobson reverses out, but Amber regains control. Dobson with a drop toe hold that surprises Amber. Chain wrestling ensues, but Dobson takes her down. Amber misses a clothesline and Dobson with an armdrag, a Japanese armdrag and a dropkick. Amber avoids a charge and hits a shoulder to the ribs, a chest kick and a series of right hands. Amber catches Dobson in the corner and locks in a headscissors. Gut shot, then Amber chokes Dobson in the ropes and slaps her in the back of the head. Chest kick, then Amber chokes Dobson with her boot. Dobson comes back with a series of knees to the ribs, but Amber with a clothesline. Amber unloads with right hands from the mount, then chokes Dobson. Amber gains a 1 count. Amber slams Dobson’s head off the mat, then hits an elbow drop to the back for a nearfall. Dobson sent off the turnbuckles, then Amber goes up top with her. Dobson knocks Amber off with a headbutt, then Dobson with a Tornado DDT.

Strike exchange, Dobson gains advantage. Dobson with a clothesline and a back elbow. Axe kick, Dobson fires up. Eye of the Hurricane variation by Dobson for a nearfall. Amber counters a clothesline attempt with a STO for a nearfall. Amber with a corner clothesline, then calls for the Booty Bounce, but Dobson gets up. Dobson kicks Amber off, then heads up top. Crossbody by Dobson for a nearfall. Amber comes back with a jawbreaker, then hits the Amber Alert, but Dobson kicks out! Amber can’t believe it! Amber goes outside and grabs a chair.

Amber with a chairshot to the back and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: “Crazy” Mary Dobson by DQ

More chairshots by Amber to the back of Dobson afterwards. Amber makes a gun motion and feigns it to the head of Dobson. Amber says to the camera “that is how I do things around here now” afterwards and leaves. Crowd gives Dobson an ovation as she leaves.

“The Arctic Wolf” Justine Silver vs. Su Yung w/”The Prize” April Hunter

Su piefaces Silver early. Silver goes for a side headlock, but Su shoves her off. They go to a tie-up and roll out to the outside. They get in at the same time, then Silver with a drop toe hold as Su is distracted by Hunter on the outside. Silver with a spinning headscissors and a Monkey flip. Silver with a snapmare takeover, followed by a basement dropkick. Silver runs into a boot, but comes back with a forearm. Su with a Thesz Press and unloads with left and right hands from the mount. Silver goes to the outside to re-group. Hunter gets in Silver’s face and tells her to sit down. This allows Su to come off the apron with a rolling senton! Back in, Su gains a nearfall. Silver sent off the turnbuckles, then Su with a chest kick. Su chokes Silver with her boot in the corner. Ref is with Su, allowing Hunter to pull at Silver’s hair. Su walks around with Silver and hits a side slam for a nearfall. Silver comes back with a Sunset flip for a nearfall. Su goes for Yellow Fever, but Silver quickly gets to the ropes. Su then applies a Rocking Horse variation, but Silver does not give up. Su gains a nearfall. Su places Silver in the Tree of Woe and hits a series of kicks to the back. Silver tries to get a boot up off a charge, but Su catches it and pulls her leg back. Su gains another nearfall. Hunter is on the apron, then Su puts on a white glove.

Su locks in the Purge (Mandible Claw), then applies Yellow Fever, Silver is out, Su wins the match.

Winner: Su Yung by submission (Yellow Fever)

Su & Hunter celebrate her win afterwards.

SHINE 18 Return Match: “Portugal’s Perfect Athlete” Shanna vs. La Rosa Negra w/Noemi Bosques

Shanna comes out with Brazilian soccer attire, along with a soccer ball. Shoving match early, then a slap exchange. Rosa with a Japanese armdrag and a hiptoss. Running forearm in the corner, then Rosa with a savate kick to the chest. Tiger Flip over the back, Rosa slides under Shanna’s legs and takes Shanna down. Knucklelock applied, but Shanna counters an armdrag with a powerbomb! Rosa with an armdrag, Shanna heads out to the outside to re-group. Rosa goes out after her, but Shanna sends her into the steel steps! Shanna gets in the face of Bosques and dares Bosques to hit her. Rosa sent into the speaker box on the outside and gets back in the face of Bosques. Rosa is sent again into the speaker box. Back in, Shanna with a soccer kick to the ribs and a kick to the head. Another soccer kick to the ribs, followed by a chest kick. Crowd wills on Rosa. Rosa fights back, but Shanna with more kicks. Snapmare and a pair of running leg drops for a nearfall. More kicks by Shanna, followed by a Northern Lights for a nearfall. Rosa fights back with gut shots, but Shanna with more soccer kicks to the ribs. Right hands and stomps by Shanna in the corner, then has words with the ref. Kick to the face, then Shanna grabs her soccer ball. Shanna stomps away at Rosa in the corner, then as the ref is with Bosques, Shanna KICKS A GOAL INTO ROSA!! Shanna gains a nearfall. Dragon Sleeper applied, but Rosa fights out with knees to the head. Strike exchange, Rosa gains advantage.

2 back elbows and a flying back elbow in the corner. Springboard back elbow off the middle rope by Rosa for a nearfall. Rosa with a cradle gourdbuster for a nearfall. Shanna slips out of an O’Connor Roll, hits a big forearm for a nearfall. “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Shanna with a lifting double-arm DDT, but Rosa kicks out! Shanna argues with the ref, but it allows Rosa to hit a Samoan Drop. We see that Rosa’s mouth has been busted open. Rosa heads up top, but Shanna crotches her. Shanna places her in the Tree of Woe and hits a big kick to the back. Bosques tries to stop Shanna from heading up top, but the ref stops her. Shanna heads up top, PERFECTION INJECTION!! Shanna wants the soccer ball again and goes for another kick, but the ref stops her. Bosques gets Rosa free, then lays Shanna out with a right hand!

Frog Splash by Rosa for the win.

Winner: La Rosa Negra by pinfall (Frog Splash)

Rosa & Bosques celebrate her win afterwards.

“The Gem City Queen” Nevaeh vs. Candice LeRae

This is Candice’s SHINE debut. Candice is known for her time in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla out in California. Candice avoids clotheslines early by Nevaeh, takes her down. Series of forearms by Candice, but Nevaeh comes back with a big forearm for a nearfall. Snap suplex by Nevaeh for a nearfall. Chinlock applied. Candice fights back, but Nevaeh with a back club. Snapmare, rolling neck snap and a sliding clothesline by Nevaeh for a nearfall. Nevaeh stomps away at Candice, then chokes her in the ropes. More choking by Nevaeh, followed by a side slam for a nearfall. Nevaeh is starting to get frustrated. Crowd wills on Candice. Candice fights back with forearms. Nevaeh misses a clothesline and Candice with a spinning headscissors.

Sunset flip for a nearfall. Basement Meteora by Candice for a nearfall. Nevaeh comes back with a hair-mare. Nevaeh talks trash to Candice, then stomps a mudhole in Candice and walks it dry. Series of shoulders to the ribs by Nevaeh, followed by another hair-mare. Crowd again wills on Candice. Candice fights back, but Nevaeh rakes the eyes. Nevaeh has words with the ref, then chokes Candice again. Nevaeh runs into boots, then Candice with a crossbody off the middle rope. Candice avoids a corner charge, but Nevaeh with a STO on the apron!! Baseball slide by Nevaeh, but Candice avoids an elbow drop when she gets back in. Candice fights back with forearms, but Nevaeh shoves her off. Nevaeh chokes Candice again with her boot, crowd again wills on Candice. Big chops by Nevaeh in the corner. Nevaeh taunts the crowd, but Candice fights back and treats Nevaeh to a Violence Party! Rana out of the corner by Candice, followed by a swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall. Candice goes for the Ball-Plex, but Nevaeh slips out. Alabama Slam, then Nevaeh catches Candice going up & over and hits a wheelbarrow suplex! Nevaeh gains a nearfall. Candice slips out of the Gem City Driver and locks in an Octopus, but Nevaeh gets to the ropes. Candice places Nevaeh up top, but Nevaeh fights Candice off.

Nevaeh goes for the Chin Checker, but Candice counters out with a leg roll-up for the win.

Winner: Candice LeRae by pinfall (Roll-Up)

Candice celebrates her win afterwards as Nevaeh can’t believe it.

SHINE Tag Team Titles: Legendary (Malia Hosaka & Brandi Wine) w/Leilani Kai vs. The Lucha Sisters (“The Blasian Barbie” Mia Yim & Leva Bates) (dressed as Warpath & Blink from X-Men) (c’s)

Legendary grabs the title belts from the ref before the bell. Yim & Wine start. Chain wrestling early. Leva in, double stomp to the arm of Wine. Leva goes shoulder-to-shoulder, but Wine takes her down. Hosaka tags in. Leva drops her body weight across Hosaka’s arm. Yim in, takes Hosaka down in an armbar. Yim switches to a front chancery. Hosaka fights back, but Leva tags in. Double hiptoss by the Lucha Sisters. Leva gains a nearfall. Hosaka comes back with a forearm, then sends Leva off Wine’s boot. Yim & Hosaka slug it out, then Wine chokes Leva in the ropes. Leilani comes in and yells at the ref. Lucha Sisters avoid clotheslines by Legendary and do Spidey moves in the ropes, causing Legendary to sail to the outside. Legendary avoids stereo baseball slides and regains control. Back in, Wine with a hair-mare to Yim and chokes her with her boot. Ref is with Wine, allowing Leilani to pull at Yim’s hair. Hosaka in, applies a stomach claw on Yim. Yim fights back and hits a dropkick on Hosaka.

Leva in, clothesline and a high knee to Hosaka. Dropkick, but Leva runs into a back elbow. Hosaka misses a clothesline and Leva with a dropkick and a basement bulldog for a nearfall. Yim in, Leva with a dropkick to the knees. Camel Clutch/Punt Kick combo by the Lucha Sisters, but Wine breaks up the pin. Leilani distracts the ref, allowing Hosaka to bite at Leva. Yim kicks at Hosaka, but Wine with a takedown on Leva. STF variation applied by Wine, then switches to a seated surfboard. Wine draws Yim in, allowing Hosaka to come in. Hosaka traps Leva’s arms and Leliani gives extra leverage. Wine in, double leg drop to Leva. Slam by Wine, then chokes Leva. Leg drop by Wine for a nearfall. Hosaka in, double goozles Leva and lifts her up. Hosaka slams her down, then knocks Yim off the apron. Ref holds Yim back, allowing Wine & Leilani to choke Leva in the ropes. Flying forearm by Hosaka, followed by a big splash, but Yim breaks up the pin. Wine in, chinlock applied. Crowd wills on Leva. Leva counters out with a Codebreaker. Yim in, missile dropkick to Wine. Clothesline to Hosaka, big boot to Wine. Head kick & a dropkick to Hosaka. Hosaka sent to the outside, then a series of strikes to Wine. Spinning backfist and a German to Wine for a nearfall. Shiranui by Leva, but Hosaka gets Leva to the outside. Yim goes for Lucha Strong, but Leilani pulls at her feet!

Wine pins Yim and WINS THE TITLES! 

Winners and NEW SHINE Tag Team Champions: Legendary by pinfall

Lucha Sisters are livid afterwards as they argue at the ref for Leilani’s cheating. Legendary celebrates their title retention.

Last Woman Standing: “The AK-47″ Allysin Kay w/”The Prize” April Hunter vs. “The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok

The chase is on early as Allysin tries to avoid Havok. Havok misses a clothesline and Allysin quickly hits the Discus from Detroit. Havok is up at 7 and hits a T-Bone. Havok unloads with right hands from the mount. Havok ragdolls Allysin, but Allysin fights back with right hands in the corner. Havok with a leg kick, then stomps away at Allysin in the corner. 2 running facewashes by Havok in the corner, but Havok runs into a boot by Allysin when tries for the trifecta. BIG soccer kick by Allysin to the ribs of Havok. Allysin goes outside and grabs a chair. Havok goes outside and the chase is on. Allysin drops the chair and Havok picks it up. Allysin throws water at Havok, then hits a kneelift. Havok sent off the apron. HUGE chops by Allysin. Havok fires back with chops of her own, then chokes Allysin with the chair. Allysin with a headbutt, then sends Havok face-first off one of the poles that holds up the Orpheum. Havok avoids a chairshot as the chair bounces off the pole. Havok with right hands and a big slap. Havok grabs a switch and WHIPS ALLYSIN REPEATEDLY WITH IT!! Allysin grabs it now and WHIPS HAVOK NOW WITH IT!! Allysin sends Havok into the steps, then stomps away at her. Havok gets up by 6, then sends Allysin repeatedly head-first off the steel steps! Allysin tries to crawl under the ring, but Havok stops her. Allysin then nails Havok in the head with a trash can lid! Havok sent off the apron, but then Allysin sent face-first off the pole! Havok places the trash can lid against Allysin’s head and STOMPS IT REPEATEDLY!!

They brawl around the Orpheum, then Havok counters a powerbomb attempt with a BACKDROP ON THE STAGE!! Series of kicks by Havok as they head back towards ringside. Soccer kick to the ribs by Havok, then talks trash to Allysin. Allysin with a slap, then hits a series of forearms. Allysin grabs a fan’s cane and chokes Havok with it, followed by a series of shots to the ribs with the cane! Allysin grabs a pair of scissors, but Havok blocks it. Strike exchange until they nearly punch themselves out. Stereo big boots and both go down! Allysin grabs a chair and throws it at the head of a charging Havok! Havok gets up by 8, but Allysin seats on the chair and hits a series of chest kicks. Allysin goes up top, but Havok stops her. DEMON DROP ON THE CHAIR!! Su Yung heads out to ringside and ties up Havok’s legs with a rope, preventing Havok to get to her feet.

Allysin gets to her feet by the count of 10, getting her the win.

Winner: “The AK-47” Allysin Kay

Havok gets to her feet afterwards and has the scissors. Allysin tries to run, but Havok stops her and CUTS OFF A GOOD CHUNK OF ALLYSIN’s HAIR!!! Allysin runs out, livid about losing a chunk of hair as Havok stands tall.

Main Event for the SHINE Title: “The Deebious One” Serena Deeb w/”The Prize” April Hunter vs. “The Huntress” Ivelisse (c)

Crowd chants for Ivelisse before the bell. The two go nose-to-nose as the bell sounds. Ivelisse feigns a kick, then boots Serena. Serena with an armdrag early. They battle in a tie-up, with no one gaining advantage. Rob Naylor joins commentary for this match. Leg kick and a front chancery applied by Ivelisse. Serena reverses out, but Ivelisse takes her down. Serena with a leglock, but Ivelisse gets free. Serena then drops her body weight across the back of Ivelisse. Ivelisse with gut shots, inside cradle for a nearfall. Front chancery re-applied by Ivelisse, but Serena gets free and hits some elbows to the arm of Ivelisse. Spinning toe hold applied by Serena, followed by stomps to the leg. Elbow drop to the leg, then a leglock applied by Serena, but Ivelisse counters out with a rear naked choke with a body scissors. Serena gets free and goes to a side headlock. Ivelisse fights out with knees to the back, then applies a headscissors. Ivelisse turns over to put more torque on the hold. Serena gets out and goes back to working over Ivelisse’s leg. Serena paintbrushes Ivelisse, but Ivelisse with a Northern Lights for a nearfall. Ivelisse with a Dragon Sleeper applied, but Serena gets to the ropes. Knee drop by Serena for a nearfall. Chop exchange, Ivelisse gains advantage. Big chop by Ivelisse, side headlock applied. Ivelisse takes down Serena, gains a nearfall. Ivelisse with a series of leg kicks to the back of Serena’s leg, followed by a kick to the arm for a nearfall. Chinlock applied, Serena gets to the ropes. Serena with a forearm from underneath, followed by a big right hand. Strike exchange, Serena gains advantage. Ivelisse fires up and hits a series of forearms. Suplex with a bridge by Ivelisse for a nearfall. Serena sent off the turnbuckles, then Ivelisse sent onto the apron. Suplex by Serena for a nearfall. Knee to the back and a leg drop by Serena for a nearfall. Strike exchange as Rain joins commentary.

Series of pinfalls by both women for nearfalls. Chinlock re-applied by Ivelisse. Ivelisse gains a nearfall. More leg kicks by Ivelisse, but then Serena with a series of forearms. Serena drives Ivelisse into the corner and unloads with stomps. Serena taunts the crowd, then hits a slam. Series of knee drops, followed by some stomps. Serena stands on Ivelisse’s hair and pulls at her arms. Ivelisse fights back with more leg kicks, then hits a series of shoulders to the ribs in the corner. Running boot and a Bronco Buster by Ivelisse in the corner. Boston Crab applied by Ivelisse, Serena gets to the ropes. Ivelisse has words with Hunter, but it allows Serena to take down Ivelisse and unload with right hands. Ivelisse fights back with some of her own, then calls for the end. More forearms by Ivelisse, Serena misses a clothesline and Ivelisse with a rana. BIG chop by Ivelisse in the corner. Serena fights back with forearms, but Ivelisse with one of her own. Hunter grabs at Ivelisse’s foot, allowing Serena to knock Ivelisse off the apron. Hunter distracts Ivelisse, allowing Serena to chopblock Ivelisse from behind.

Back in, Serena with more elbow drops to Ivelisse’s leg, then goes back to the leglock. Ivelisse gets to the ropes. Serena drops her body weight across Ivelisse’s leg, then pulls at it against the ropes. Serena goes outside and bites at Ivelisse’s leg, then drives it against the ringpost. Serena drives the leg again into the ringpost. Back in, Serena gains a nearfall. Toe hold applied by Serena, then Serena pulls at the leg while driving her own knee into the leg of Ivelisse. Ivelisse fights back, but Serena stomps away at her in the corner. More stomps by Serena, then she taunts the crowd again. Ivelisse comes back with kicks from underneath, but Serena drives her back down. Stretch Muffler applied, but Ivelisse kicks her way free. Serena places Ivelisse in the Tree of Woe, then bites at the leg after dropping down Ivelisse’s kneepad. Serena has words with the ref, but Ivelisse with a kick from the Tree of Woe position. Ivelisse gets free, then slips out of a back suplex. Flapjack into a half crab applied. Both women kick at each other, with Ivelisse gaining advantage. Kondo Clutch applied by Ivelisse. Serena almost makes it to the ropes, but Ivelisse pulls her back to the center and grapevines her. Serena crawls and is able to reach the ropes.

More leg kicks by Ivelisse, with a final one knocking Serena down to the outside. Serena kicks Ivelisse off and gets back in. Ivelisse is sent onto the apron, but avoids a charge and hits a series of kicks to the head, sending Serena to the outside. Ivelisse tries for a rana off the apron, but Serena blocks it and powerbombs Ivelisse on the apron! Serena breaks the ref’s count, then drops her body weight across the back of Ivelisse. Serena again breaks the ref’s count, but Ivelisse unloads with forearms and a big chop. Serena drives Ivelisse into the apron back-first repeatedly. Back in, Serena gains a nearfall. Ivelisse with a series of back elbows to Serena in the corner, but Serena pulls at Ivelisse’s hair and drives her down. Body scissors applied by Serena, with Hunter giving her extra leverage behind the ref’s back. Serena walks around with Ivelisse, but as Ivelisse tries to counter out with an Octopus, Serena with a backbreaker for a nearfall.

Seated surfboard applied by Serena. Ivelisse reverses out into her own seated surfboard, but Serena counters out with a series of knees to the back. Jackknife pin by Serena for a nearfall. Ivelisse with the Gator Roll, but Serena drives her into the corner to get free. Serena runs into a back elbow, but catches a kick and drives Ivelisse down to the mat for a nearfall. Ivelisse with a kick from underneath. Neckbreaker and a series of butterfly suplexes by Serena. Hunter gets involved again, causing the ref to eject Hunter from ringside. Serena continues working over Ivelisse’s arm, gains a nearfall. Ivelisse fights back, but Serena hits Go 2 Deeb. Serena goes for the Spear, but Ivelisse avoids it and Serena goes shoulder-first into the ringpost! Ivelisse works over Serena’s arm, straitjacket backbreaker for a nearfall. Japanese Stranglehold applied. Serena fights out, then they exchange strikes.

Sunset Flip by Ivelisse for a nearfall. Another strike exchange, then a chop exchange. Double clothesline, both women down. Ivelisse with a series of clotheslines and some more leg kicks. Scorpion Kick and an Axe Kick by Ivelisse for a nearfall. Draping Roll of the Dice by Ivelisse for a nearfall. Sit-out wheelbarrow facebuster by Serena for a nearfall. Atomic Drop, followed by a series of jabs from Serena. Serena sets for a big right hand, but Ivelisse with an armdrag. Crossbody by Ivelisse off the middle rope for a nearfall. Headbutt to the ribs and a series of stomps by Serena. They head up top, with Ivelisse knocking Serena off the ropes. Serena knocks Ivelisse off the ropes and to the outside, with her knee getting caught in the ropes in the process. Serena drives Ivelisse into the apron back-first, followed by a series of big chops to the chest. Ivelisse fights back with some chops of her own. Back in, Ivelisse gains a nearfall. Sweet Sernade applied by Serena. Ivelisse bridges backward and gains a nearfall. Ivelisse with another big kick, then goes for Vertigo, but Serena ducks and Ivelisse wipes out the ref!

Serena goes for the Spear, but Ivelisse catches her in a front guillotine choke! Serena taps, but the ref didn’t see it. Serena gets to the ropes. Serena sends Ivelisse to the outside. Ivelisse then sends Serena KNEES FIRST into the steps! Back in, Ivelisse gains a nearfall. Front gulliotine choke re-applied by Ivelisse, Serena gets to the ropes. Strike exchange from the mount, then they unload with strikes at one another. Serena’s nose is busted as the two break away, then they unload with more strikes on one another.

They go after one another again, but the bell sounds as we have gone the full one-hour time limit.

One Hour Time Limit Draw (Ivelisse remains the SHINE Champion)

The two stare each other down and exchange words afterwards. Ivelisse stands tall in the ring to close the show.