7/26 AIW Results: Cleveland, Ohio (Veda vs. Iron – Steel Cage)

7/26 AIW “All In” Results: Cleveland, Ohio

1. Tyson Dux def. Abe Jackson

2. John Greed def. Kyron, Samson Walker & Shaw to become the first HOSS Division Champion.

3. The Iron Curtain def. The Boys from Jollyville

4. AIW Women’s Champion Athena def. Heidi Lovelace to retain the title.

5. Cheech def. Ashely Sixx

6. #SPARX def. Alexia Nicole

7. Joshua Singh def. Alex Daniels

8. #AllEgo def. Brent Banks


7/26 AIW “Battle of the Sexes” Results: Cleveland, Ohio

1. Bobby Beverly def. Angeldust

2. Hania def. Colin Delaney

3. AIW Intense Champion Davey Vega def. Jasmin to retain the title.

4. Jenny Rose def. Tyson Dux

5. Rickey Shane Page def. Alexia Nicole

6. #SPARX def. Eddie Kingston w/the Duke

7. AIW Tag Team Champion BJ Whitmer def. Heidi Lovelace

8. AIW Women’s Champion Athena def. Louis Lyndon

9. Veda Scott def. Greg Iron in a Steel Cage Match.

Source: PWPonderings.com