Thomas Rude sent this in.


Fort Myers-New Era Wrestling “Enemy Lines” at the Riverside Community Center: Michael Kai Rayne pinned Carrion…Tupak pinned Guy Franchise…Romeo pinned Eli…Boston Bad Boy pinned Shane Carnage…Donnie Able & Prestin Caine defeated Torcher & Aaron Andrews…Zack Monstar defeated Richie Paradise, Blanco Loco & Justin Matthews…Dravin Frost vs Deakon Starr went to a No Contest…Giovanni the Greatest defeated Syther in a No-DQ Match…Tim Serrago pinned Jordan Owens. (8/5/14)

Orlando-I Believe in Wrestling “#BELIEVE81” at the Team Vision Dojo: Lince Dorado pinned Maxwell Chicago…Mike Patrick & Leo Brien defeated Joey Mayberry & Gabriel Black…Aaron Epic pinned Brandon Groom…Yamamoto pinned Chico Adams…Chasyn Rance pinned Brittany…Roderick Strong pinned Rhett Giddins. (8/19/14)


River Grove-Chicago Style Wrestling at the Guerin College Prep School: The Masked Bonanzas defeated Mike Wendorf & Kidd Twist…Tri-State Air Strike (Colin Smith & Chris Miller) defeated Brad Kevins & Pretty Boy Preston…Anthony Antonelli pinned Ricky the Janitor…Willie Richardson pinned The Lunatic in a Taste of Gold Qualifying Match…Elite Paine (Marco Anthony & Hunter Paine) defeated Tony Briggs & J.W. Lovely…Colin Cambridge pinned Jester Yorick in a Taste of Gold Qualifying Match…Acid Jaz pinned Grin in a Taste of Gold Qualifying Match…Marshe Rockett pinned Jason Dukes in a Tast of Gold Qualifying Match…Ruff Crossing vs. Steve Boz went to a No Contest. (8/23/14)

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the Galli Arena: 2 Hot 4 U (D’Angelo Steele & Chico Suave) defeated Gavilan & GPA…Destructor Jr. & Golden Star defeated Caballeros Del Chaos (Destructor Alfa & Destructor Sr.)…Dark Scorpion pinned Encantador Valentino…La Maldicion (Mojo McQueen & Ovirload) defeated Mason Conrad & GPA…Syndicate (Marcus Conrad & Barry Ryte) defeated Golden Dragon & Kunai Silencio…Jesus Bryce pinned Furia Roja. (8/24/14)


Terre Haute-New Wave Pro Wrestling at the NWP Arena: Lil T pinned Big T Thomas Moore…Tripp Cassidy pinned TJ Fantastic…Mark Vandy pinned Ace Perry…Jay Oleander pinned Rage…GT Vega pinned Kronos…Jason Levi defeated Kenny Taylor in a No-DQ Match. (8/16/14)


Garden City-Takedown Wrestling Alliance at the United Christian Church School: Breyer Wellington defeated Rampage & Suicyco Slasher in a Triple Threat Match…Chris Moore vs. Paul Bowser went to a Time-Limit Draw…Sam Farmer & Rob Frost defeated Mike Kelly & Jay Abrams and Darren & Donny Molson in a Loser Leave Town Tag Team Match (Molson’s were pinned)…J. Dogg defeated Tommy Johnson by DQ…Willie Watts & Chelsea Marie defeated Pounder & McMahon…Scotty Fraytown & Keith Calhoun defeated Owen Travers & Lance Starr…Chief Attakullakulla defeated Movado in a Lumberjack Match. (8/23/14)


North Tonawanda-Empire State Wrestling at St. Johnsburg Fire Hall: Rochester Wrecking Crew defeated the Oliver Street Connection…Ron Falco & Brett Mednik vs. Double Down went to a No Contest…Sonjay Dutt pinned Coconut Jones…The Hurricane & Johnny Adams defeated The Flatliners to become the new ESW Tag Team Champions…Jonny Puma vs. Will Calrissian due to Referee Stoppage (Injury)…Brandon Thurston pinned Jamin Olivencia…Bill Collier pinned Sebastian Suave…Chris Cooper pinned Johnny Gargano. (8/23/14)


Campbell-Real Action Pro Wrestling at St. Joseph the Provider: The Duke & Brandon Xavier defeated Vincent Marverick & Leon Hart…Sean Reznikk pinned Zak Riot…Trystan Tyler pinned Flip Evans…Bill Rose pinned Tuff Tina…Curt Fury defeated Kip Paige & Flea in a Triple Threat Match…Incredibily AmaSINGH (Alex Daniels & Joshua Singh) defeated Ryan Burke & TJ Dynamite…Max Alexander pinned Jesse McCoy…Space Warrior Attack Team (Eli Thomas & Chase Aaryons) vs. #ZombieKillers (Bouncer & Angel Dust) ended in a No Contest…Shawn Blaze defeated Marcus Knight in a Reverse Decision…Joey Vincent Martini defeated Urijah Xero to win the Check in the Mail Heavyweight Title Contract. (8/16/14)

Fairfield-Northern Wrestling Federation at the UAW Hall: The Revolution (Ricky Cardinal & Ryan Fitzgerald) defeated Dustin Stewner & Big Rig, Dirty South & the Edd’s in a 4-Corners Elimination Match…Pompano Joe defeated Chuck E. Smooth in a 5-Count Match…Big Jim Hutchinson defeated Jordan Lachey in a $5,000 Challenge Match…Big Mama defeated Heather Owens in a Ladies Street Fight…Nicholas defeated six other wrestlers in the Ultimate Ladder Match to capture the Unified Championship Title…Jeremiah defeated six other wrestlers in the same Ultimate Ladder Match to become the new Tri-State Champion…Anthony Bryant pinned The Executioner…Nasty Russ defeated Brody Cormick in a Stretcher Match…Karl Anderson pinned BJ Whitmer…Angel defeated Matt Stevens in a Surrender Match…Jesse Hyde defeated Jay Donaldson inside a Steel Cage to become the new NWF Heavyweight Champion…Anthony Bryant pinned Jesse Hyde by cashing in his Golden Ticket and became the the new NWF Heavyweight Champion. (8/16/14)

Lima-WAR Wrestling at the Allen County Fair: Jeff Halloway pinned Nate Wings…Levi Connors pinned Chris Hall…Remi Wilkins pinned Jimmy Shane…Joe Coleman pinned Brian Beech…Juice Jennings & Matt Taylor defeated Zakk Spadez & Aer aron Williams…Dusty Dillinger defeated Jock Samson by DQ…Scarboni’s defeated The Painkillers & the Soul Shooters…Sherman Tank, Levi Connors & Dusty Dillinger defeated Jock Samson, Chris Hall & Joe Coleman. (8/16/14)

Lima-WAR Wrestling at the Allen County Fair: Donnie Hallows pinned Jacob Hallows…Sherman Tank pinned Chris Hall…Jeff Halloway pinned Sless Taylor…Nate Wings pinned Levi Connors…Appollo Starr defeated Jock Samson by DQ…Matt Taylor pinned Zakk Spadez…Dusty Dillingers pinned Joe Coleman…Aaron Williams pinned Brian Beech…Remi Wilkins & the Soul Shooters defeated Jock Samson & the Scarboni’s by DQ. (8/17/14)

Marion-NWA Sports Entertainment Wrestling at Lincoln Park: Ethan Wright & Alex Matthews defeated Eddie Excess & Prince Titus…Brandon Xavier defeated Stormy & Josh Emanuel in a Triple Threat Match…Kaela defeated Hailey Rose by DQ…AJ Snow pinned Ryan Burke…Jess McCoy pinned Bryen Douglas…Graham Wellington pinned War Machine Williams…Bruiser Schmidt pinned Malice to become the new Citywide Champion…Joshua Singh & Alex Daniels defeated The Bearded Dragons to become the new Tag Team Champions. (8/23/14)

Youngstown-Real Action Pro Wrestling at the Youngstown Spanish Heritage Festival (12 pm Event): The Duke pinned Brandon Xavier…Sean Reznikk & Gabriel Shephard defeated The Bearded Dragons…The Bouncer defeated Shawn Blaze by DQ…Marcus Knight defeated Angel Dust, Ryan Burke, TJ Dynamite, Flip Evans & Curt Fury in a Scramble Match… Space Warrior Attack Team (Eli Thomas & Chase Aaryons)defeated Space Warrior Attack Team (Eli Thomas & Chase Aaryons) by DQ…The NEW LA Gunz (Flea & Kip Paige) defeated Vincent Maverick in a Handicap Match…Brandon Xavier won a battle Royal to earn a Wild Card Title Match at the 4 pm show. (8/17/14)

Youngstown-Real Action Pro Wrestling at the Youngstown Spanish Heritage Festival (4 pm Event): Space Warrior Attack Team (Eli Thomas & Chase Aaryons) defeated Space Warrior Attack Team (Eli Thomas & Chase Aaryons) & The Bearded Dragons…Sean Reznikk pinned Vincent Maverick…Curt Fury defeated Flip Evans & the Aftermath…Tuff Tina pinned TJ Dynamite…Brandon Xavier defeated Jesse McCoy & the Duke by DQ…Marcus Knight & #ZombieKillers (Bouncer & Angel Dust) defeated Shawn Blaze, Flea & Andrew Jeremy. (8/17/14)


Jasper-AIWF Young Blood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: Maniac pinned L’l Bink…Acid pinned Jason Williams…Sinister defeated Freddie Reckless by Submission…Thomas Cage defeated Mike G by Submission…Freddie Reckless pinned R.J. Starr…Eric Michaels pinned Jay Anthony. (8/16/14)

Jasper-AIWF Young Blood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: Mikey G pinned Cousin Jed…Jason Williams defeated Paul Hatchet & L’l Bink in a Three-Way Elimination Match…Jeff Rayne defeated Sinister by Count Out…Eric Michaels defeated Thomas Cage in a 2-Out-Of-3 Falls Match to become the YBW Unified Champion. (8/23/14)

Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Ringmaster pinned Ray Dunnavant…Mikey Dunn defeated Tyler Bivins by Count Out…Brittany Love & Destiny defeated Cheyanne & Roni Nicole…Homie D pinned Lawrence…Shaun Fatal & Larry Cooter & Lee Byford & Aaron Plague…Ringmaster pinned Jeremiah Plunkett to become the new ASW Heavyweight Champion. (8/23/14)


Saint Albans-Slam All-Star Wrestling at the Saint Albans City Hall: T-Wreck & C.J. Scott defeated Green Mountain Grappler…Big Vigo pinned C.J. Scott…The Northern Studd defeated Fronz Roddy in a Grudge Match…Ricky Williams pinned T-Wreck…Drake Evans pinned Tyler Vincent…Foxx Vinyer defeated Lance Madewell, Liam Mcferrin and Damon Ravage to become the new Slam All-Star Wrestling Television Champion. (8/23/14)


Arborg, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Arborg Street Festival: Billy Blaze pinned Mike Mission…MENTALLO pinned Rob Stardom…Danny Duggan pinned Kevin Cannon…Moses Luke pinned Adam Race…Danny Duggan, MENTALLO & Billy Blaze defeated Rob Stardom, Kevin Cannon & Mike Mission in a Six-Man Tag Match…MENTALLO won an Over-The-Top Rope Battle Royal. (8/23/14)

Winnipeg, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite “Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal” at Rookie’s Sports Bar: Billy Blaze defeated Bobby Collins & Steven Styles in a Last Man Standing Match…AJ Sanchez defeated Frankie Falconie by Submission…Anderson Tyson Moore defeated Nate Hardy in a Lumberjack Match…Mike Mission defeated Brian Rich in an I Quit Match…Stefan Epic defeated Adam Race in a Falls Count Anywhere Match…Robby Royce defeated Moses Luke in a 30-Minute Iron Match…Dick Blood pinned Kevin Cannon in a Cannon’s Rules Match…Danny Duggan defeated Tyler Colton in a Best 2-Out-Of-3 Falls Match…Billy Blaze won the Rumble for Rocky. (8/22/14)