10/26 CHIKARA Results: Richmond, Virginia (Icarus/Jacobs)

10/26 CHIKARA “Moonraker” Results: Richmond, Virginia

1. Shynron def. Missile Assault Ant

2. Archibald Peck, Mr. Touchdown, Ice Cream Jr. & Shane Matthews def. Ashley Remington, Dasher Hatfield, El Hijo del Ice Cream & Scott Parker

3. Die BDK def. The Spectral Envoy

4. Eddie Kingston def. Volgar

* Afterwards, Decualion killed Archibald Peck with the Chokebreaker.

5. The Wrecking Crew def. The Osirian Portal & NRG

6. The Colony def. The Bloc Party

7. CHIKARA Grand Champion Icarus def. Jimmy Jacobs to retain the title.

Source: PWPonderings.com