11/16 CHIKARA Results: South Windsor, Connecticut

11/16 CHIKARA “For Your Eyes Only” Results: South Windsor, Connecticut

1. The Devestation Corporation def. The Batiri, The Bloc Party & Ashley Remington and Jervis Cottonbelly

2. Hallowicked def. Worker Ant when Soldier Ant interfered.

3. Nokken def. Shynron 

* Afterwards, Die BDK kicked out Milo from the group and Hack revealed himself to be the returning Pinkie Sanchez.

* In-ring segment with Jimmy Jacobs, Decaulion and Icarus. Icarus challenged Decaulion to a match at the 12/6 iPPV. Decaulion accepted. 

4. The Osirian Portal def. The Wrecking Crew

5. Eddie Kingston def. The Snow Troll 

6. Jimmy Jacobs def. Ultramantis Black when the Snow Troll interfered. 

7. Frightmare def. Juan Francisco de Coronado

8. CHIKARA Camponetos de Parejas The Throwbacks def. 3.0. to retain the titles.