4/11 SHIMMER 72 & 73 Results: Berwyn, Illinois

Volume 72

1. Jessicka Havok def. Cheerleader Melissa

2. Ontario’s Top Team def. Made in Sin

3. Vanessa Kraven def. Thunderkitty

4. Misaki Ohata def. Nicole Savoy

5. LuFisto def. Miss Natural

6. Veda Scott def. Shazza McKenzie

7. AKINO def. Portia Perez

8. Team Slap Happy def. Saraya Knight & Mayumi Ozaki in a No DQ Match.

9. Madison Eagles def. Yumi Ohka

10. Athena def. Mia Yim in a 2/3 Falls Match.

11. The Kimber Bombs def. SHIMMER Tag Team Champions 3G to win the titles.

12. SHIMMER Champion Nicole Matthews def. Kay Lee Ray to retain the title.

Volume 73

* In-ring promo from the debuting Tessa Blanchard.

1. LuFisto def. Marti Belle

2. Melanie Cruise def. Crazy Mary Dobson

3. Cheerleader Melissa def. Thunderkitty

* In-ring segment where Madison Eagles vs. Portia Perez in a #1 Contenders Match is made for later.

4. Mia Yim def. Kyoko Kimura

5. Kay Lee Ray def. Saraya Knight

6. Evie def. Nicole Savoy, Allysin Kay & Kellie Skater

7. Tessa Blanchard def. Athena when Vanessa Kraven interfered.

8. SHIMMER Tag Team Champions The Kimber Bombs def. Ontario’s Top Team to retain the titles.

9. Heidi Lovelace def. Misaki Ohata

10. Madison Eagles def. Portia Perez in a #1 Contenders Match.

11. Tomoka Nakagawa def. AKINO

12. SHIMMER Champion Nicole Matthews def. Jessicka Havok to retain the title.

* In-ring segment with 3G that led to Aja Kong & Dynamite Kansai coming out and making their debuts, attacking 3G. Ohata & Hiroyo Matsumoto ran into make the save and an 8-Woman Tag was made for the next day.

Source: PWPonderings.com