4/26 Beyond Results: Providence, Rhode Island

4/26 Beyond Results: Providence, Rhode Island


1. AR Fox def. Speedball Bailey

2. John Silver & Orange Cassidy went to a No Contest after Ryan Galeone interfered.

3. Alex Reynolds def. Ryan Galeone

4. Fluffy def. Dave Cole, Gran Akuma & Buxx Belmar to win the ISW Other Title.

5. Matt Tremont def. Steve Corino

6. Kimber Lee def. Pinkie Sanchez

7. Da Hoodz def. The Colony

8. Donovan Dijak def. Jack Cannor

9. MOOSE & Black Baron def. Worst Case Scenario

10. JT Dunn def. David Starr

When Satan Rules His World

1. Team PAZUZU def. The Nation of Intoxication

2. Tracy Williams def. Conor Claxton

3. M1nute Men def. The Symboite

4. The Crusade for Change def. The Garden State Gods

5. Brian Fury def. Heidi Lovelace

6. Chris Dickinson def. Nick Gage in an Anything Goes Match.

7. War Machine def. Team TREMENDOUS

8. The Hooligans def. Tabernak de Team

9. Eddie Kingston def. Stockade

10. The Young Bucks def. Ninjas With Attitude

Source: PWPonderings.com