5/9 WSU “Power” & CZW “Proving Grounds: Return of the King” iPPV Results: Voorhees, New Jersey

Results courtesy of CZWrestling.com:

WSU Power

Sassy Stephanie w/The Office def. Jenny Rose

Hania Addresses WSU
Hania arrived to address her actions at the Anniversary event back in February. But before she could talk too long, Athena came out to confront the Howling Huntress. Just as it looked like the two women were about to come to blows, WSU Officials split the two competitor up. It was at that moment Niya Barela arrived to start her match with Athena a bit early.

Athena def. Niya Barela with the O Face to Advance in the Spirit Championship Tournament

Leva Bates def. Veda Scott with the Pepsi Plunge to Advance in the Spirit Championship Tournament

Brittany Blake def. Hania the Howling Huntress via a roll-up to Advance in the Spirit Championship Tournament

Allysin Kay def. Solo Darling to Advance in the Spirit Championship Tournament

Annie Social & Kimber Lee def. Pink Flash Kira & Rick Cataldo to retain the WSU Tag Team Championships
Prior to the match, Cataldo revealed that Brittney Savage was no going to be in attendance. Cataldo felt that she was dead weight for 5 years with him and now that he is finally rid of her he doesn’t need nor want her back! Cataldo made it clear that its Kimber Lee that he has the issues with, but wouldn’t reveal exactly what those issue are. His replacement seemingly disappointed him because he wanted a fair contest and refused to cheat. Even though she would lose the match, Social and Lee were sure to show her the respect that she deserved while Cataldo had a temper tantrum on the outside.

Cherry Bomb def. LuFisto to become the NEW WSU World Champion
At the conclusion of the match, it became clear that Cherry Bomb was hand picked to become the new WSU Champion as it took a distraction from the Office for Bomb to win the championship. As her husband Pepper Parks came down to celebrate, LuFisto would become irate and viciously assault both Ms. Rodriguez and Mademoiselle Rachelle. This would lead to Director of Operations Sassy Stephanie to suspend LuFisto without pay for WSU Control on July 11th.

CZW Proving Grounds: Return of the King

Gulak def. Nick Gage
In a shocking turn of events, Gulak defeated the returning hero in his first match in over four years. Following the match, Gage laid out the challenge to Gulak to face him in an Ultraviolent Rules Match. Stay logged onto CZWrestling.com to find out if and when that match will happen!

Greg Excellent w/Chrissy Rivera def. Alexander James to retain the CZW Jr. Heavyweight Championship
Coming after James seemingly fired his last remaining members of the Revelation, McCall angrily pulled his vest which James was standing on causing James to slip and fall. The little misstep was all it took for Excellent to put away James for the second time and seemingly shutting the book on their war.

Pepper Parks w/Cherry Bomb def. Caleb Konley & Joey Janela
Thanks to a distracted referee and the newly won WSU Championship, Pepper Parks walked away victorious.

Sozio def. Eric Corvis
Following the match, the new Front assaulted their former leader. But before the damage could be done, Greg Excellent and Chrissy Rivera arrived to take out the Front. This unlikely alliance then laid out the challenge for New Heights in July… Sozio, Excellent, and Rivera vs. Corvis, Galeone, and Trooper! Stay logged onto CZWrestling.com for confirmation from CZW Officials regarding this challenge.

The Beaver Boys w/Rex Lawless-Silver def. Bill Carr & Buxx Belmar w/Dick Justice

Joe Gacy vs. Mike Bailey ruled a No Contest
At the conclusion of the match, the Combat Zone was surprised to see the return of AR Fox who attacked the Best of the Best 14 winner. It seems as though the comparisons made between Fox and Bailey has not pleased the fearless high flying phenomenon, especially considering Fox has never been able to win the Best of the Best trophy.

Milk Chocolate Performance Interrupted by DJ Hyde
DJ Hyde interrupted the resident boy band to make some major announcements. The first being that Nick Gage has been entered into Tournament of Death 14. The second was when the Young Bucks return on July 11th, they will face off against Team Tremendous and the Beaver Boys!

Trevor Lee def. Andrew Everett

David Starr attacked by Shane Strickland & JT Dunn

BLK Jeez def. Matt Tremont to retain the CZW World Championship
In typical BLK Jeez controversial fashion, it took an unlikely run-in from Pepper Parks and Cherry Bomb to help Jeez secure the victory. The “TV Ready” crew changed the course of the Combat Zone and WSU with their actions, only time will tell how and why this alliance came about.

Danny Havoc def. Conor Claxton in a Panes of Glass Match
Following the match, OI4K ruined the proud moment for the Nation of Intoxication as they christened Wrench a full-fledged member. It was actually Wrench who would fight the men off. It was at that moment that the Nation laid out a few challenges for OI4K. Havoc made it clear that on his 10th anniversary as a wrestler, he was entering himself in Tournament of Death. But he wanted to know which member of the Killers had the guts to entered the bloodiest tournament in all of wrestling. A riled-up Lucky demanded Eric Ryan in a match. Meanwhile, Moore demanded Dave Crist in a match. Stay logged onto CZWrestling.com to find out if CZW Officials allow these challenges to stand. But just before Proving Grounds went off the air, Wrench grabbed the microphone and made the most shocking challenge of the evening… “I want Nick Gage in TOD!” Stay logged onto CZWrestling.com in the coming days as officials plan to release the first round match-ups.

Source: CZWrestling.com