Kayfabe Commentaries to do ROH series with former booker

Kayfabe Commentaries sent out the following, announcing a new DVD series interviewing talent from the early days of ROH, hosted by former ROH booker and current EVOLVE founder, Gabe Sapolsky:

“We are always excited to announce the latest programs we develop and it’s time to drop some news. Coming this Fall we will premiere our next series, chROHnology, hosted by Gabe Sapolsky. In each edition of the series, Gabe will sit down with the major talents from classic ROH and they will cover all the decisions, directions, disagreements, and developments they navigated. chROHnology will take you back to the exciting and innovative years of ROH and you’ll hear how Gabe and the ROH talent developed their characters and the product itself. chROHnology comes your way in November!?”