9/12 CZW Down with the Sickness iPPV Results: Voorhees, New Jersey

* Show opened with CZW Owner DJ Hyde coming out and paying tribute to passed on CZW alumni, including Brain Damage, Trent Acid, Chris Cash and JC Bailey.

1. Joey Janela def. Lio Rush, Caleb Konley & Trevor Lee by pinfall when he pinned Rush with a Package Buster. Damn good opener, had a PWG kinda vibe to it. Match was originally supposed to be Janela vs. Rush, but both Konley & Lee came out to get involved, making it an impromptu 4-Way. Good way to start the show.

2. CZW Tag Team Champion Dan Barry & Candice LeRae (subbing for Bill Carr) def. Tabernak de Team to retain the titles when Barry pinned one of Tabernak de Team with a Rope-Walk Swanton. Good, fun match. Tabernak de Team was OK in their debut outing in CZW, but nothing really stood out. Candice dressing up like Bill Carr, suspenders and everything, was a hysterical touch to being an impromptu sub with Barry. Crowd was super into the match and behind Candice, who is one of the more likable performers on the independent scene. Good stuff here. 

3. CZW Honorary Jr. Champion Greg Excellent w/Chrissy Rivera def. Mia Yim by pinfall with 2 Tiger Drivers. Good match, right in line with their series of matches in 2011 and 2012. Love the story told in this that now with the influence of Chrissy Rivera, Excellent is delving more into the heel side of things, especially after ducking a challenge for a rematch with Dick Justice in the post-match and walking off. Another piece of good stuff here.

4. Joe Gacy & Frankie Pickard def. CZW Wired Champion Tim Donst & The Pectoral Poseidon by pinfall when Gacy pinned Poseidon with a Death Valley Driver after Donst walked out of the match. OK match, love the idea behind the Pectoral Poseidon character for Rex Lawless, but it didn’t click with the crowd on this night. Donst walking out to continue to avoid Gacy adds more to their ongoing rivalry. OK overall.

5. Ohio is 4 Killers (Jake & Dave Crist) def. The Dub Boys (Nate Carter & Dave McCall) by pinfall when Jake pinned McCall with the Killing Spree. Good showcase match for OI4K and another good outing on a main show by the Dub Boys, even though this was a more decisive win for OI4K than anything else.

Afterwards, we are supposed to get Eric Ryan & Alex Colon vs. The Nation of Intoxication, but the match never starts as OI4K lays out The Nation of Intoxication in a 4-on-3 beatdown, putting Lucky 13 through a barbed-wire board on top of chairs that had Conor Claxton on it with a 2nd Rope Death Valley Bomb. They also put Danny Havoc through a barbed-wire ironing board with a Double Stomp/AA combo. Danny Havoc then got on the mic and said the OI4K-Nation of Intoxication rivalry has to end, challenging OI4K to a 4-on-4 Tangled Web match at the next CZW show on October 10. Very good brutal angle to set up the annual Tangled Web match.

6. #TVReady (BLK Jeez & Pepper Parks) def. CZW Champion Matt Tremont & Sozio by pinfall when Parks pinned Sozio after a low-blow and an inside cradle when the ref was distracted by Jeez & Tremont on the outside. Afterwards, Jeez & Parks lay out Tremont & Sozio with chairshots. Solid match and post-match angle to further along the World Title program with Jeez & Tremont and the rivalry between Sozio & Parks. Very New Japan Road To-esque overall with this match and to further along storylines and future matches, not a single problem with it at all.

* In-ring angle with David Starr & JT Dunn going back-and-forth on the mic, with Starr ripping on Dunn’s past issues with alcohol and drugs, as well as bringing up his dead mother, leading to a massive pull-apart brawl, with mutliple attendants being laid out by both men. Crowd was super into this angle and the brawl, and as a way to set up a heated match for the future, namely at the next show, this was very well done. Good performances by both guys in this.

8. The Amazing Gulaks (Drew & Rory) def. Biff Busick & MASADA by pinfall when Drew pinned Busick with a backslide. Very good match, great surprise with the return of MASADA after a year-plus absence to be Biff’s new partner after the unfortunate issues that occurred over the last week involving Nick Gage. MASADA coming back here makes sense as Gulak beat him for the CZW Title in 2013 and MASADA was on his way to a rematch last year, until he stepped away from the company. Gulaks new “Amazing” personas with the circus motif and the wacky entrance, all the while saying simplistic moves are “Amazing” is sensational and has gotten over quickly with the audience. Know some were not fans of them mocking the recent issues with Gage during this match, but I didn’t mind it. Post-match farewell for Busick was a cool deal to see as he also moves onto NXT and the Performance Center. Very good stuff here.

9. Main Event in the annual Chris Cash Memorial Ladder Match to see who is the true Best of the Best: AR Fox w/Roxy def. Speedball Bailey to become the True Best of the Best, unhooking the Best of the Best trophy from the ceiling. This was an INSANE main event, with both guys playing a game of “who is the more out of their mind?” By far to me, this was the best CZW match all year and one that will be remembered for quite some time. Go out of your way to see this match, that is all I can really say about it, words don’t do it justice.

Overall, Down with the Sickness was a very good show with a phenomenal main event, some fun tag matches up and down the card, some nice angles to further storylines for the fall and a hot crowd to boot. Definitely recommend the replay of this show at StreamCZW.com. CZW returns on October 10 with Tangled Web VIII in Voorhees, NJ.