Results from the 10th Anniversary weekend of SHIMMER

10/10-10/11 SHIMMER 76-79 Results: Berwyn, Illinois

Volume 76

1. Candice LeRae won a #1 Contenders Battle Royal, last eliminating Cheerleader Melissa.

2. LuFisto def. Taylor Made

3. Sonoko Kato def. SHIMMER Tag Team Champion Kimber Lee w/Cherry Bomb

4. Courtney Rush def. Shazza McKenzie

5. Mia Yim def. Kellyanne

6. Yumi Ohka def. Makoto

7. Cheerleader Melissa def. Crazy Mary Dobson

8. #1 Contenders Tag Tournament: Heidi Lovelace & Evie def. Saraya Knight & Rhia O’Reilly

9. Nicole Savoy def. Hiroyo Matsumoto

10. Kellie Skater def. Kay Lee Ray

11. SHIMMER Champion Nicole Matthews def. Candice LeRae to retain the title.

Volume 77

1. Veda Scott def. KC Spinelli

2. Saraya Knight def. Xandra Bale

3. Liberty def. Sammi Baynz

4. Kay Lee Ray def. Allysin Kay, Candice LeRae, Kellie Skater, Marti Belle & Sonoko Kato

5. Courtney Rush def. Crazy Mary Dobson

6. Jessicka Havok def. Yumi Ohka

7. SHIMMER Tag Team Champion Kimber Lee w/Cherry Bomb def. Heidi Lovelace

8. Cheerleader Melissa def. Makoto

9. #1 Contenders Tag Tournament: Tessa Blanchard & Vanessa Kraven def. The Lucha Sisters

10. Nicole Savoy def. Evie

11. Madison Eagles def. SHIMMER Champion Nicole Matthews in a No DQ Match to win the title.

Volume 78

SPARKLE: Mary Elizabeth Monroe def. Paloma Starr

Taped for Volume 77: Hiroyo Matsumoto def. Thunderkitty

1. Solo Darling def. Amanda Rodriguez

2. LuFisto def. Veda Scott

3. Allysin Kay def. Shazza McKenzie

4. Rhia O’Reilly def. Leva Bates

5. #1 Contenders Tag Tournament Finals: Heidi Lovelace & Evie def. Vanessa Kraven & Tessa Blanchard to win the tournament. 

6. Jessicka Havok def. SHIMMER Tag Team Champion Kimber Lee w/Cherry Bomb

7. Courtney Rush def. Liberty

8. Nicole Matthews def. Mia Yim

9. Kay Lee Ray def. Kellyanne

10. Cheerleader Melissa & Yumi Ohka def. Hiroyo Matsumoto & Makoto

11. Kellie Skater def. Sonoko Kato

12. SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles def. Nicole Savoy to retain the title.

Volume 79

1. Leva Bates def. Thunderkitty

2. Vanessa Kraven w/Tessa Blanchard def. LuFisto

3. Mokato def. Marti Belle

4. Jessicka Havok def. Sammi Baynz

5. Cheerleader Melissa & Yumi Ohka def. KC Spinelli & Xandra Bale

6. Kay Lee Ray def. Liberty

7. Shazza McKenzie def. Allysin Kay, Mia Yim & Veda Scott

8. Heidi Lovelace w/Evie def. Kellyanne

9. Crazy Mary Dobson def. Saraya Knight

10. Sonoko Kato def. Nicole Savoy

11. Hiroyo Matsumoto def. Rhia O’Reilly

12. SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles, Kellie Skater w/Tomoka Nakagawa, Lexie Fyfe & Daizee Haze def. The Canadian NINJAS, SHIMMER Tag Team Champion Kimber Lee w/Cherry Bomb & Lacey in Portia Perez’s retirement match when Daizee pinned Portia.