5/14 CZW Prelude to Violence iPPV Recap: John Zandig makes a surprise return to the company, Da Hit Squad win the Tag Titles in the main event, Matt Tremont vs. Danny Havoc for the CZW Title, Chris Dickinson returns, more build for Tournament of Death 15

Zandig returns


Combat Zone Wrestling Proving Grounds iPPV
May 14, 2016
Voorhees, New Jersey (Flyers Skate Zone)
Commentary: Dan Cowhey, Emil Jay, Jake Black
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Tim Donst vs. John Silver

Chain wrestling early. Silver with a shoulder tackle and a rana. Series of chest kicks get 2. Donst hot-shots Silver across the top rope. Silver blocks a powerbomb off the apron and double stomps Donst, then wipes him out with a tope suicida. Back in, Silver with a running forearm, but Donst blocks the biel and sends Silver outside. Donst with a running clothesline off the apron sending Silver into the barricade.

Back in, Donst begins to take control. Lifting Kondo Clutch applied by Donst, then he breaks and gets 2. Donst taunts the crowd. Both men fight for a suplex until Silver finally hits one on Donst.

Silver with a clothesline and this time hits the Biel, sending Donst into the turnbuckles. TKO by Silver, followed by a running chest kick for 2. More chest kicks by Silver, followed by an uppercut and a series of jabs and knee strikes. Silver with another rana, but Donst turns him inside out with a clothesline for 2. Donst kicks at Silver, but Silver responds with a slap. Donst with a slap, then they trade strikes until Silver with rapid-fire slaps. Donst comes back by spiking Silver with a Blind-Side Cutter. Silver trips up Donst and hits a facewash against the ropes, followed by a Swinging Rack Bomb for a close 2. More uppercuts by Silver, but Donst comes back with a backslide for 2. Silver rolls through a Sunset Flip, then avoids another Blind-Side Cutter, victory roll gets 2.

Donst takes down Silver, From Dusk Til Donst applied, Silver submits.

Winner: Tim Donst by submission (From Dusk Til Donst)

David Starr vs. Dave Crist w/JT Davidson

Before the match, Jonathan Gresham comes out with his Best of the Best trophy to taunt Starr, who he beat in the Finals. JT Davidson comes out and cuts a promo on Starr, saying Starr got lucky when he beat Crist in the First Round. Crist attacks Starr from the behind as the bell sounds while Gresham joins commentary.

Crist with a running kick in the corner, followed by a Mushroom Stomp off the top for 2. They head outside as Crist with chest kicks to Starr against the barricade. Starr fights back and unloads with chops to Crist against the barricade. Crist avoids a charge, sending Starr into the barricade, followed by a running boot. Starr avoids being sent into the barricade and backdrops Crist across the barricade, sending Crist into the crowd.

Back in, Starr with the Violence Party to Crist in the corner, followed by a series of running elbows. Crist comes back with a forearm, but then Starr with a Shotgun Dropkick sending Crist into the turnbuckles. Running dropkick by Starr knocks Crist off the apron, but Crist avoids a dive. Crist charges in, but Starr with a spinning back suplex sending Crist across the barricade. Starr with a head of steam and he wipes out Crist with a springboard plancha. Back in, Crist blocks a suplex and hits some forearms, but Starr comes back with a Deadlift German. Crist pops right up and hits a roundhouse kick for 2. Crist goes for a Swinging Flatliner, but Starr counters with a knee strike, followed by a brainbuster across the knee. Starr hits a rolling elbow to the back of Crist’s head. Starr hits the Product Placement (Straitjacket German), but Davidson distracts the ref. Starr goes after Davidson, then catches Crist coming in with a superkick. Crist avoids a 2nd Rope Moonsault, then hits a Springboard Cutter for a close 2. They go to the apron and trade strikes. Starr blocks a DVD and gets back in, then knocks Crist off with a clothesline. Brittany Blake comes out as the ref is with Crist and Davidson and nails Starr with a low blow.

Crist gets back in and hits the Swinging Flatliner for the win.

Winner: Dave Crist by pinfall (Swinging Flatliner)

JT Davidson does the announcement for Crist’s win afterwards as Crist and the newest member of Scarlet & Graves, Brittany Blake. Crist yells to the crowd as he leaves with Davidson and Blake that God is a p***y and he’s a real God.

The Amazing Gulaks come out for a promo. Drew Gulak notes that he just qualified for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, but they are there tonight to teach the crowd how to be AMAZING. Out comes Dan O’Hare and SHLAK from the Dojo Wars student shows. Gulak notes that O’Hare and SHLAK’s bands are gonna be performing at Tournament for Death. O’Hare & SHLAK cut wacky promos that lead to them wanting tips on how to be AMAZING. Out comes “Too Hot” Steve Scott, who has been featured on New Jersey indie On Point Wrestling. Scott says he is the Selfie Superstar, introducing himself to the crowd. Then, out comes the return of Alexander James as O’Hare and SHLAK leave the ring. James cuts a promo as he has Kit Osbourne open the ropes for him. James runs down the Gulaks, then challenges them to a tag match. Gulak slaps James and the bell sounds for this impromptu match.

The Amazing Gulaks (Drew & Rory) vs. Alexander James w/Kit Osbourne and Steve Scott

Rory wipes out everyone with a flip dive early. Drew sends Scott into the barricade, then drills him with a hard chop. Scott wants to take another selfie with the crowd, but the Gulaks send Scott into James. James then sends Drew hard into the crowd. Back in, Scott nails Rory from behind. Scott with a corner clothesline, then takes another selfie while having Rory in a chinlock. Rory comes back with a Neck Lock Suplex for 2. Drew in, senton to Scott, then taunts James. Rory in, Gulaks with the multiple leapfrogs, pinwheeling shoulder tackle in the corner, then yell out “AMAZING!” Rory gets 2. Rory with a corner clothesline, followed by a running dropkick in the corner. Drew in, Gulaks with an assisted elbow drop from an electric chair for 2. Chinlock applied by Drew. Scott comes back with a Slingblade.

James in, Belly-to-Belly to Drew for only a 1 count. Body scissors applied, Drew bridges backward for 2. James then with a pin attempt for 2. Back suplex by James, then he mocks Drew and gets another 2. Scott in, bites Drew in the ribs, then chokes him in the corner. Dropkick by Scott for 2. Another corner clothesline by Scott, then he hits a Selfie Bulldog for only a 1 count. James in, stomps away at Drew. Running uppercut to the back of Drew’s head by James for 2. O’Connor Roll by James for 2, then he stops Drew from making a tag, but Drew with a roll-up for 2. James again stops the tag, Scott in, but he wants to take a selfie before they hit a double suplex, allowing Drew to break free and tag in Rory.

Dropkick by Rory to Scott, followed by a Slingshot Vader Bomb and a back suplex for 2. Brainbuster by Rory, Drew tags in.

Grand Finale by the Gulaks (Assisted Splash from an Electric Chair) for the win.

Winners: The Amazing Gulaks by pinfall (The Grand Finale)

I Quit Match: Alex Colon vs. The Preacher

This is Preacher’s first CZW match in 18 months after Colon broke his neck doing an apron DVD in November 2014. They fight at ringside as the bell sounds. Colon sends Preacher into the barricade, but Preacher comes back by snap suplexing Colon into a chair against the barricade. Colon throws a chair at Preacher, then crotches him on the barricade and hits a dropkick. Colon brings out a barbed wire board from under the ring and sets it up against the barricade. Preacher comes back with a chairshot to the head as we see that he is busted open. Colon sent off the ringpost, but then he uses the apron to spring off and hits Preacher with a Tornado DDT on the floor. Back in, Colon throws in a bunch of chairs and nails Preacher across the back with one, then chokes him with it. Victim Kick by Colon, he places all the chairs on top of each other. They head up top as Colon goes for a superplex, but Preacher blocks it and sends Colon crashing down onto all the chairs. Preacher leaps off and DDTs Colon onto all the chairs. They go to the apron as Preacher says he is gonna do to Colon what Colon did to him. Colon blocks it and goes for the same apron DVD on Preacher that broke his neck, but Preacher blocks it. Preacher puts thumbtacks inside Colon’s mouth, then kicks him in the mouth, followed by an apron DDT. Colon sends Preacher knees-first off the steps, then sets the steps up on their side. Colon places Preacher on the steps, but Preacher avoids a double stomp and sends Colon crashing off the steps. Preacher charges in, but Colon hits him with a Flatliner on the steps. Preacher comes back with a Brainbuster on the steps. Colon refuses to quit. Preacher says he wants to kill Colon so bad, his dick is f**king hard. Preacher grabs a barbed wire bat, but Colon kicks the ropes into him, crotching Preacher. Colon rakes the the bat against the face of Preacher, but Preacher refuses to quit. Preacher avoids a bat shot and kicks the bat into Colon’s crotch. Preacher then back suplexes Colon onto the barbed wire bat, but Colon still won’t quit as we see that Colon’s back is bleeding. Colon drop toe holds Preacher onto the barbed wire bat, then hits a series of Inquistion boots to Preacher in the corner. Colon heads up top, but Preacher shoves him off, sending Colon through the barbed wire board outside. Colon says he will never say I Quit as he is trapped in the barbed wire board. Colon finally gets free from the barbed wire and sends Preacher into the barricade. Colon has handcuffs and he cuffs Preacher to the bottom turnbuckle outside, then unloads with chairshots to him. Preacher says that Colon’s mother is a whore. Colon goes for a bat shot, but Preacher’s wife runs out and gets in-between them. Colon grabs Preacher’s wife for something, but Preacher finally says he quits to avoid something happening to his wife.

Winner: Alex Colon

Colon goes for the apron DVD anyway onto Preacher’s wife after, but Danny Havoc runs out and brawls with Colon to the back. CZW VP Maven Bentley runs out with a key to release Preacher from the cuffs as he is helped to the back.

Joe Gacy runs out before the next match and wants all the weapons from the previous match to be left out there.

#1 Contenders Match: Joe Gacy vs. Greg Excellent w/Chrissy Rivera

They brawl around ringside early. Gacy wipes out Excellent with a running boot. Running pump kick by Gacy against the barricade. Gacy with another charge, but Excellent throws the chair into Gacy’s face. Chairshot to the back by Excellent. Excellent has ring attendants bring the barbed wire board into the ring, then has words with the crowd. Back in, Excellent drives the chair into Gacy. Excellent chokes Gacy with a cord from one of the ringside cameras. Excellent wedges the chair into the turnbuckles, but Gacy sends Excellent off the wedged chair. Excellent sent off the chair again and he has been busted open. Gacy then kicks Excellent’s head into the chair. Gacy sets up the barbed wire board against the turnbuckles. Gacy goes for a Blu-Ray, but Excellent blocks it. Excellent with headbutts, but then Gacy hits Excellent with an Exploder into the barbed wire board. Gacy sets up 2 chairs against each other and nails Excellent with a superkick. Excellent blocks a suplex and then powerbombs Gacy onto the 2 open chairs. Excellent gets 2. Gacy fights back and hits a clothesline for 2. More right hands by Gacy, then he bites at the open wound of Excellent. Gacy goes for a Handspring Cutter, but Excellent nails him with a chairshot. Excellent goes for the Tiger Driver ’85 on the chair, but Gacy counters with a Headlock Driver for 2.

Rings of Saturn variation applied, Excellent submits.

Winner and the #1 Contender to the CZW Title: Joe Gacy by submission (Rings of Saturn)

Joey Janela vs. Chris Dickinson (Lio Rush’s representative)

Lights go out and Dickinson is in the ring, having Janela up for the Pazuzu Bomb, as this is Dickinson’s return to CZW after well over a year. Dickinson hits it and plays to the crowd. Dickinson with a running boot to Janela against the barricade. Another running boot by Dickinson against the barricade. Dickinson chokes Janela with his shirt, then hits a big chop. Janela comes back by catching a Dickinson charge and sending him into the crowd. Janela charges and wipes out Dickinson with a flip dive over the barricade and into the crowd. Back in, Dickinson comes back with a series of clotheslines in the corner, but then Janela with a crossbody off the top for 2. German by Janela sends Dickinson outside. Janela heads up top and wipes out Dickinson with an Orihara Moonsault. Back in, Janela with a running kick for 2. Big forearm, but it has no effect on Dickinson. Janela goes for a Crossface, then slips out of another Pazuzu Bomb attempt, but then Dickinson with a Death Valley Bomb for 2. Victim Kick to the back of Janela’s head, then Dickinson taunts Janela. Big chest kick by Dickinson, but Janela flips him off and tells him to bring it. Another chest kick by Dickinson and he stands on Janela’s hands. Dickinson puts on the bad mouth to Janela, then drills him with another chest kick. Rapid-fire slaps by Dickinson, but Janela comes back with a Tombstone. Dickinson sits right up, Janela with a big head kick, but Dickinson kicks out at the count of 1. Superkick by Janela, but then Dickinson with a Windmill Kick. La Magistral by Dickinson for 2. Janela with shoulders to Dickinson in the corner, then they head up top. Dickinson blocks a superplex and hits a Super Pazuzu Bomb to Janela, that sends him outside, but prevents him from being pinned. Referee begins his 10 count as Janela is out on the outside. Somehow, Janela gets back in before the count of 10. Janela counters another Pazuzu Bomb by Dickinson and this time locks him in the Crossface. Dickinson tries to roll out, but Janela keeps the hold applied. Dickinson is able to reach the ropes.

They head back up top as Dickinson hits Janela with a Super Rana, but Janela catches him off a charge back into the Crossface and Dickinson taps.

Winner: Joey Janela by submission (Crossface)

Janela and Dickinson shake hands after as Dickinson raises Janela’s hand before leaving. “Please Come Back” chants by the crowd for Dickinson as Janela celebrates his win.

– Intermission –

Devon Moore vs. Jonathan Gresham

Moore unloads with shots early to Gresham. Gresham avoids a dive, but Moore nails him with more shots around ringside. Gresham comes back by sending Moore off the steps. Moore comes right back with a slam on the floor, then wipes out Gresham with a Shooting Star Press off the apron. Back in, Moore heads up top and hits a crossbody for 2. Moore unloads with right hands to Gresham. Ref gets in-between them, allowing Gresham to get in a cheapshot. Gutbuster by Gresham, then he begins to take control. Camel Clutch applied, Moore gets to the ropes. Seated Abdominal Stretch applied, Moore fights out, but Gresham goes back downstairs. Gresham gourdbusters Moore across the ropes, then his presses his foot down onto Moore’s ribs. Both men miss elbow drops, then Gresham with an Airplane Spin into a dropkick for 2. Moore sent outside, then Gresham does an Airplane Spin to Moore around ringside. Gresham taunts the crowd as Moore beats the ref’s 10 count. Moore avoids another dropkick and peppers Gresham with jabs, followed by a Bionic Elbow and an elbow drop for 2. Moore heads up top, but Gresham runs up with him and hits a superplex. Gresham heads up top, but Moore avoids a Shooting Star Press. La Magistral by Moore for 2. Gresham slips out of a Cutter, Inside Cradle for 2. Moore this time hits a Cutter for 2. Moore heads up top, but Gresham shoves him off, sending Moore crashing outside. Gresham traps Moore’s foot in the barricade with Moore’s shoelace and stomps away at him as the ref begins his 10 count.

Gresham rolls in at 9 and Moore is counted out.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham by count-out

Afterwards, Gresham cuts a promo, saying he wants a title shot against CZW Champion Matt Tremont and he will wreak havoc on CZW until he gets it. David Starr comes out and eyes Gresham’s Best of the Best trophy at ringside. Starr grabs the trophy and teases slamming it down, then instead breaks it with a superkick! Starr begins smashing the trophy and stomping on it as Gresham looks on in horror. Starr leaves as Gresham looks at his fallen trophy. Gresham sees Moore back in the ring and runs off. Moore grabs the mic and rips on Gresham before leaving and doing more smashing of the Best of the Best Trophy.

Fatal 4-Way: EYFBO (Mike Draztik & Angel Ortiz) vs. Nate Carter & Mia Yim (subbing for Dave McCall) vs. Scarlet & Graves (Zachary Wentz & Desmond Xavier) w/JT Davidson, Dave Crist and Brittany Blake vs. The Nation of Intoxication (Conor Claxton & Lucky 13)

Mia Yim is subbing for Dave McCall, who suffered a shoulder injury at an On Point Wrestling show last week and will be out for a good chunk of time. Lucha tag rules apply. Yim & Draztik start. Yim notes that Draztik looks like Eddie Kingston. Draztik goozles her, but Yim cartwheels out and hits a series of strikes. Draztik with a shoulder tackle. Yim comes back with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Xavier in, running knee to Yim, followed by a STO. Another running knee by Xavier, followed by a back suplex, Ortiz breaks up the pin. Armdrag by Ortiz to Xavier, followed by a Spring-In Bulldog. Lucha roll-up by Ortiz for 2. Claxton in, Victim Kick to Ortiz. Running boot by Claxton, Carter comes in. Running knees by Claxton, but Carter comes back with a powerbomb. Wentz in, running knee in the corner to Carter, followed by a FK and a standing corkscrew moonsault, Lucky breaks it up. Enziguri to Wentz, followed by a suplex/Lumbar Check combo. Draztik in, rakes the back of Lucky. Ortiz in, double back elbow, double back suplex, assisted standing moonsault by EYFBO. Claxton in, double reverse suplex by EYFBO. Carter in, Exploder to Ortiz, Butterfly to Draztik. Yim with a PK to Draztik, then a slam/kick combo to Ortiz. Carter gorilla presses Yim onto EYFBO outside, wiping them out. Lucky in, enziguri to Carter, followed by a Tornado DDT onto the apron. Wentz with a head of steam, Fosbury Flop wipes out everyone. Xavier with a head of steam, Spring-Out Flip Dive wipes out everyone. Claxton sends Scarlet & Graves off the barricade and ringpost. Claxton stops Carter from diving outside and headbutts him. Carter with a headbutt right back, then they trade headbutts until they both go down. Scarlet & Graves back in, stereo missile dropkicks take out Claxton and Carter. Ortiz in, shots to Scarlet & Graves back and forth repeatedly. Xavier comes back with an enziguri, followed by a dropkick and then a Bronco Buster by Wentz in the corner. Basement dropkick by Xavier for 2. Ortiz fights back with chops, but Xavier with a running boot. Xavier with a Standing Corkscrew Moonsault for 2. Xavier knocks Draztik off the apron, but then Claxton with a Slingshot DDT into a Brainbuster on Ortiz, Draztik breaks it up. O’Connor Roll by Ortiz for 1. Spring-In DDT by Ortiz on Claxton. Lucky in, but Ortiz blocks a Tornado DDT and hits a Superplex off the top. Yim and Draztik in, Draztik with shots to Yim and Carter, Carter with a boot to Draztik, followed by a Code Red by Yim, Wentz breaks up the pin. Scarlet & Graves with chest kicks to Carter repeatedly, followed by a double superkick. Standing Moonsault by Wentz as Xavier shoved him into place in mid-air, Claxton and Lucky break it up. Series of double teams by Lucky and Claxton to Wentz. Claxton heads up top, leg drop to Wentz, EYFBO break up the pin. Baseball slide by Draztik wipes out Lucky. Xavier with a shot to Ortiz, but Ortiz with a headscissors. Assisted Cannonball by EYFBO to Claxton in the corner. Draping Cutter/Double Stomp combo by EYFBO to Claxton, then Ortiz wipes out everyone with a moonsault outside. Lucky breaks up the pin. Lucky with a leaping knee to Ortiz, followed by a Falcon Arrow, Yim breaks it up with a German.

Carter with a Dominator to Lucky for the win.

Winners: Nate Carter & Mia Yim by pinfall (Dominator)

CZW Title: Matt Tremont (c) vs. Danny Havoc

They shake hands as the bell sounds. They trade strikes early, then headbutts. Tremont sends Havoc outside, where they continue to brawl. Havoc with back elbows to Tremont against the barricade. Havoc throws a chair at Tremont. Tremont blocks a suplex, but Havoc drapes him across the barricade and hits a running boot. They fight into the crowd and around the Flyers Skate Zone. Havoc leaps off the penalty box with an elbow drop to Tremont on the floor. Havoc goes for a piledriver, but Tremont counters with a backdrop that sends Havoc onto a bunch of chairs. Tremont spits water at Havoc as they head back towards ringside. Havoc with a chairshot to the ribs of Tremont, then sends him off the steps. Havoc drives a chair off the top of Tremont’s head. Havoc brings more chairs into the ring as they head back in. Havoc goes for a Dragon, but Tremont blocks it. Havoc avoids an avalanche in the corner and hits a running forearm. Tremont catches a shot and throws Havoc into the corner. Tremont catches Havoc off the top and hits a Urnangi for 2. Tremont sets up an open chair and goes for a DVD, but Havoc trips him up and drives the chair against the back of Tremont’s head. Havoc sets up an open chair and locks in a seated surfboard, bending Tremont’s against the chair. Knee drop with the chair by Havoc against the back of Tremont’s head for 2. Havoc sets up a chair platform using 6 chairs, then puts another chair on top of it. They fight up top as Havoc goes for a superplex onto the platform, but Alex Colon runs out and powerbombs Havoc onto the chairs. Referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Danny Havoc by DQ

Tremont goes after Colon afterwards as Havoc and Colon brawl all the way to the back. Crowd is not happy with the end of the match. Tremont grabs the mic and says the end was BS. All of a sudden, one of the staff members attacks Tremont with a chair to the back, followed by a Brainbuster onto an open chair as we see that its northeast indie wrestler Jeff Cannonball, making his CZW debut. Cannonball cuts a promo saying that for months, CZW has been making him be security, but he is Jeff Cannonball and he is not security. CZW Owner DJ Hyde comes out as Cannonball says he wants the top dog and wants to be in Tournament of Death. Hyde says he’ll let Cannonball in, but that Cannonball owes him a favor. Hyde says he will give Cannonball his spot in Tournament of Death. They shake hands and Cannonball leaves. Tremont grabs the mic and cuts a promo on Cannonball. saying its about time someone earns their spot the right way. It will be me vs. you in the first round in a Home Run Derby Deathmatch. Tremont says he has to defend his TOD crown and he’s gonna go back-to-back, b***h! Tremont leaves as Hyde grabs the mic.

Hyde announces that starting in August, CZW will film a pilot for TV live at 2PM ET and tickets are absolutely FREE! Hyde then cuts a promo on John Zandig, playing Zandig’s music to trick the crowd. Hyde then begins ripping on Zandig until his music hits again and this time Zandig comes out, making his return to the company. Zandig cuts a promo ripping on Hyde, saying he regrets selling the company to Hyde, saying he hears the company is stale and that the roster has gotten soft. Zandig says he isn’t gonna come back to this new CZW, he will come back to the true CZW. Zandig cuts a promo on Joey Janela, who he will face at the GCW indie event in New Jersey in a few weeks. Hyde rips on Zandig, saying he re-built bridges burned by Zandig. Zandig cuts him off, saying Hyde is delusional. Zandig and Hyde go back and forth on the mic ripping on one another.

Zandig leaves as Hyde says that if Zandig shows up at Tournament of Death, he will end him. Hyde finally leaves.

Main Event for the CZW Tag Team Titles: TV READY (BLK Jeez & Pepper Parks) (c’s) w/Cherry Bomb vs. Da Hit Squad (Dan Maff & Monsta Mack)

Cherry Bomb distracts Da Hit Squad as TV READY comes through the crowd and attacks the Da Hit Squad from behind as the bell sounds. Jeez with a dropkick to Mack, then a basement dropkick sending him outside. Jeez then wipes out Mack with a flip dive. TV Ready begin to take control on Maff. Maff fights back on Parks, but Parks chokes and bites him. Cherry gets a cheapshot in on Maff as well. Jeez in, slam to Maff. Jeez heads up top, elbow drop to Maff for 2. Jeez pulls at Maff’s face, Parks tagged in. Double back elbow by TV Ready gets 2. Maff comes back by catching Parks leaping off the ropes with a Cutter. Mack and Jeez tag in. Mack with clotheslines, then a bulldog/dropkick combo to TV Ready. TV Ready roll outside to regroup, but Maff wipes them out with a tope suicida. The two teams brawl around ringside. TV Ready sends Mack into the steps. TV Ready set up a bunch of chairs in the rampway. TV Ready then double suplex Maff onto the pile of chairs, then taunt the crowd. Back in, TV Ready with shots to Mack, but he comes back with a Double Belly-to-Belly. TV Ready regain control as Jeez taunts him, then hits him with an Inward Cutter. Parks with a snap slam on Mack for 2. Jeez with a corner dropkick on Mack, followed by a running boot by Parks. They head up top with Mack and hit him with a double superplex, but Maff breaks up the pin. Parks stops a gorilla press by Maff on Jeez, but Maff spears Parks. Jeez hits a leaping Flatliner on Maff. Mack slips when trying off the ropes and Jeez gets 2. Jeez sends Mack outside and takes him out with a baseball slide. Jeez heads up top, but Maff stops him. Burning Hammer by Maff to Jeez, but Jeez rolls outside to avoid being pinned. Parks rolls up Maff for 2. Parks with a pump kick to Maff, but Maff flips him off. Another pump by Parks, but Maff with a forearm. Another pump kick by Parks, followed by a knee, but then Maff with a Pop-Up Sit-Out Powerbomb. Cherry throws a chair into the ring as Maff places Jeez up top. Cherry grabs Maff’s leg as he goes for something on Jeez. With the ref distracted, Parks nails Maff with a chairshot to the head for a close 2. Parks can’t believe it. Parks with a Boston Crab applied as Jeez hits Maff with BLK Jeez Walks. Parks with a Jackknife Pin to Maff, but Mack breaks up the pin. Mack stops a double team and hits a Fire Thunder Driver/Hip Drop combo onto TV Ready.

Frog Splash by Mack to Parks to win the titles.

Winners and NEW CZW Tag Team Champions: Da Hit Squad by pinfall (Top Rope Frog Splash)

Da Hit Squad celebrate their title win as the show closes.

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