Stephanie McMahon

Beginning in 2018, will return to monitoring and reporting on any stories making the rounds among the wrestling media. These stories will be clearly marked as a “rumor” (as highlighted in the image above) for reference.

As reported back on Friday, WWE announced that Stephanie McMahon would be returning to RAW tonight in Cincinnati to make a “historic announcement.”

While WWE has not officially hinted at anything involving the announcement, a number of our readers on Facebook started to share some guesses. A majority involved something involving women and either an all women PPV or women’s tag team titles.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reported earlier this month that WWE officials had started “internally discussing” the idea about running an all-women’s event this fall. While not confirmed, this was possibly due in part to make up for women not being allowed to wrestle at the Greatest Royal Rumble event back in April in Saudi Arabia.

Twitter user @BeltFanDan, who refers to himself as a “Human Belt Encyclopedia”, tweeted out that WWE was indeed working on women’s tag team titles and mocked up what the championships could end up looking like. It should be stressed that this was simply a mock up created by Dan and NOT the actual design of the expected titles.

Either way, we will find out live tonight what the announcement ends up being.