Impact Slammiversary XVII Results – 7/7/19 (Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin for World Title)

Slammiversary XVII Results

Impact Wrestling Slammiversary XVII Results
July 7, 2019
Dallas, Texas (Gilley’s Dallas)
Results by: Josh Boutwell

Your (not so) favorite former Impact recapper is back with live coverage of Impact’s Slammiversary XVII from Dallas, Texas. On the same weekend of New Japan’s G1 in the same city no less.

Slammiversary opens up with a nice video package highlighting the history of the company and the current goings on, and then we go straight to the ring.

X-Division Fatal 4-Way
TJP vs. Trey Miguel vs. Dave Crist vs. Willie Mack

This is TJP’s first PPV match since recently returning to Impact – after his departure from WWE earlier this year – and he’s had a hot start to his most recent Impact return with a pair of pinfall wins over Ace Austin on Impact.

After pie –facing everyone, Jake Crist eats a Double Superkick from Miguel and TJP. The action then goes hot and heavy with all four guys taking turns hitting big spots. TJP hits a beautiful headstand into a rana and then he throws Miguel at Mack and Miguel hits him with a headscissors of his own. Trey does his Fenix impression with a series of springs off the ropes into a spinning armdrag.

TJP and Mack square off together in the ring with Mack getting the better with a Samoan Drop followed by a Standing Moonsault for the first nearfall of the match.

Jake takes Mack out and pairs off with TJP as the fans chant “you suck” at him. TJP does his Spider-Man impression in the ropes to avoid Jake and then wraps Jake up with a crazy submission until Willie comes after him only for TJP to cut him off. Trey then comes in with a Diving Neckbreaker on TJP, which causes TJP to DDT Mack at the same time as he still had him hooked!

TJP locks Jake in an Octopus and then also locks Trey in a hold but eats a nasty right hand from Mack. TJP hangs Mack out in the ropes and then hits a Springboard Dropkick. Jake knocks TJP to the floor and then Mack dives onto him. Jake hits a Tope Suicida into a DDT on Mack! Miguel sets up for a dive but Jake avoids him. Trey lands on his feet and then hits a 619 off the apron before going back into the ring and diving onto everyone with a crazy Springboard Tornillo!

Trey rolls TJP into the ring but Mack climbs up to the top only to get cut off by Trey. Trey goes for a Superplex but Dave climbs up with them only to be pulled down by TJP. TJP lifts Trey up onto his shoulders but then Jake shoves them both into Mack. Trey backflips away from them only for TJP to catch him and lock him in a Mexican Surfboard.

Jake covers TJP in the middle of that hold but Mack comes flying out of nowhere with a Diving Foot Stomp onto everyone in an insane spot!

Mack goes for a Powerbomb on TJP but he blocks it and hits a Spinning Back Kick only for Mack to run him over with a shoulder block. Trey dropkicks Willie to the back of the head and then backflips into a head scissors takeover on Jake. Jake then Powerslams Trey into the corner for a nearfall.

Jake kicks TJP in the head repeatedly and then DVD’s Willie Mack for another nearfall which is broken up by TJP. TJP and Jake exchange strikes until TJP gets the better with a Tony Jaa sequence followed by a Backdrop Driver.

TJP grabs Jake’s leg as he went for a spin kick and then locks in a Kneebar. Trey dives of the top with Meteora on TJP! Trey goes back up top but eats an Enziguri from Jake followed by a Super Cutter! Mack comes flying out of nowhere with a Frog Splash for the pin on Jake!

Winner: Mack via pinfall (Frog Splash)

Josh Matthews mentions LAX dropping the tag titles to The North at Bash at the Brewery on Friday. Footage of the title change is shown, as well.

Melissa Santos tries to interview The North backstage but Josh Alexander takes the mic away from her and they get pissed at people saying that it was “surprising” they defeated LAX on Friday. Ethan Page says they did exactly what they said they were going to do. Alexander says that they started Slammiversary as Impact Tag Champs and they will leave with the belts, too.

Impact World Tag Team Championships
The North (Josh Alexander & Ethan Page) (c) vs. LAX (Ortiz & Santana) w/Konnan vs. The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz)

As was just mentioned, The North wrestled the titles away from LAX on Friday night and Josh Matthews once again mentions that LAX struggles when Konnan is not by their side. This has been a running thing with LAX over the last two years. The Rascalz have been on a nice run as of late and had a Triple Threat of their own on Friday where Wentz pinned Trey Miguel to put Wentz and Dezmond into this match for the titles.

The North taunted Konnan as they come to the ring but then get attacked from behind by LAX. LAX pairs off with The Rascalz in the ring now but as they whip them into the ropes, the Rascalz dive through the ropes with stereo Tope Suicidas onto The North!

LAX sets up for a dive but The Rascalz come in and lay them out. LAX cuts them off and hits some insane double team moves on Dez and Wentz. Santana hits a Mafia kick on Wentz and then a Rolling Cutter on Xavier. Alexander then comes in and grabs Wentz and throws him into Ortiz before hitting a big Sidewalk Slam for a nearfall and then transitions right into an Ankle Lock!

Page keeps LAX from interfering but Dez is able to jump on Alexander’s back with a Sleeper before eating Superkick from Page. Wentz rolls through the ankle lock sending Alexander into Page. Dez then sides Wentz flying into Page before The Rascalz kill Alexander with kicks capped off with a Mushroom Stomp from Wentz for a nearfall.

LAX back in with some more double team moves on The North but as they go for a pin Page tosses Wentz off the top on top of LAX! Dez then kills Page with a Leaping Enziguri in the corner. Dez climbs up with Page but Alexander cuts him off and then hits a Spanish Fly! Page hits the Swanton Bomb but Dez kicks out!

Santana dives off Ortiz’s back with a Rolling Senton on Page in the corner! LAX hits a Double Flip Slam on Alexander then go for the Driveby on Page, but Alexander cuts it off. Ortiz still manages to Powerbomb Page for a nearfall, however.

It looks like Santana is hurt on the outside. Ortiz rolls Alexander up for a nearfall as EMTs come down. The North lay Ortiz out with a double team move for another nearfall but Wentz breaks it up. Wentz tries to fight them both off but then Dez comes flying out of nowhere with a Somersault Dropkick over the top rope from the ramp onto The North! They hit the Assisted Shooting Star Press on Ortiz, but then Page Powerbombs Dez on top of Wentz for the pin!

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: The North via pinfall

The Rascalz come over and help Santana up as he was demanding the medical guys to try and let him walk out on his way. It’s been reported for a few months that LAX’s contracts were coming up, so we can probably assume they will not be back.

The Rascalz come over and help Santana up as he was demanding the medical guys to try and let him walk out on his way. It’s been reported for a few months that LAX’s contracts were coming up, so we can probably assume they will not be back.

Sami Callihan cuts a promo backstage and complains about “keyboard warriors” getting mad about him attacking a woman, and then he says that he threatened to quit if his match tonight wasn’t in the Main Event.

First Blood Match
Killer Kross vs. “Lone Wolf” Eddie Edwards

This feud all started over Kross stealing Eddie’s kendo stick but got pretty intense pretty quickly. I can’t even remember the last time Impact had a First Blood Match, maybe early TNA like 2005 or 2006?

Kross comes out wearing a priest’s collar and has his face painted black and white with a huge black ‘X’ on his forehead. Almost immediately Eddie sends Kross to the floor and then dives onto him with a Suicide Dive.

Eddie grabs a steel chair but Kross grabs him by the throat and then slams him onto the ring apron in an absolutely sickening spot. I say sickening because the sound Eddie made as he hit was pretty insane.

Kross rolls Eddie into the ring and then he runs right into a Bell-to-Belly Suplex from Eddie. Kross gets right back to his feet and hits a suplex of his own. They are both no-selling the suplexes and pretending they are in the Tokyo Dome here while exchanging suplexes and strikes.

Kross retreats to the floor and Eddie goes for another dive only to eat a face full of steel chair as Kross throws it at him! The referee checks on Eddie but he still hasn’t been busted open. Kross Gutwrench Bombs Eddie off the apron onto a pair of chairs!

Kross tries to hit Eddie with the chair again but Eddie moves out of the way and then throws another chair at him sending his own chair into his face. Eddie tries to hit Kross again but Kross catches it and flings it away. Eddie ducks a kick and then hits a very sloppy Blue Thunder Bomb. Eddie then just starts punching Kross repeatedly to try and bust him open.

Kross hits a pair of kicks on Eddie and then lays into him with some Forearm Smashes before Hip Tossing Eddie into the turnbuckles. Kross teases Eddie with his kendo stick before tossing it to the floor and throwing Eddie back into the turnbuckles.

Kross lifts Eddie up to the top and then climbs up with him and tries to German Suplex Eddie onto the ramp, but Eddie fights him off and kicks Kross off and crotches him on the top rope. Eddie then hits a Boston Knee Party off the top!

Eddie grabs his kendo stick “Kenny” and swings it but Kross ducks and locks in the Kross Jacket. Eddie hits Kross repeatedly with Kenny as he holds the submission and then sends Kross out to the floor. Kross holds onto the submission as they hit the floor but Eddie again rolls out and then hits a Tiger Driver on the floor!

As they both roll back into the ring Eddie hits another Boston Knee Party, this time to the back of the head, and then a third Boston Knee Party. Eddie tells Kenny that he is sorry and he loves him before breaking it in half and then stabbing Kross with it until he bleeds.

Winner: Eddie via making Kross bleed

RVD cuts a pretty awful promo about his match with Moose backstage. He doesn’t look TOO stoned, so I guess that’s a win.

“Mr. Impact Wrestling” Moose vs. “Mr. Pay-Per-View” Rob Van Dam

This is RVD’s first match on PPV since returning to Impact. Moose attacks RVD as he climbs into the ring and then lights him up with some chops. RVD comes back with a spinning heel kick and then a Corkscrew Leg Drop.

RVD goes for Rolling Thunder but Moose slides to the floor to avoid it only to eat a Slingshot Somersault Plancha from RVD over the top rope to the floor. RVD plays to the crowd and pays for it as Moose kills him with a Bicycle Kick!

Moose attempts a Powerbomb on the floor but RVD hits a hurricanrana to counter it. RVD then dives off the apron with another Somersault Plancha onto Moose on the floor. Back in the ring, RVD connects with a series of shoulder blocks on Moose in the corner followed by a nasty Spinning Heel Kick.

RVD sets up for another one but eats a dropkick followed by a Delayed Dropkick in the corner from Moose. Moose chokes RVD in the ropes and then a Vertical Suplex. Moose tosses RVD back out to the floor and taunts the crowd.

RVD rolls back into the ring and Moose continues to choke RVD and work him over in the corner. Moose whips RVD into the turnbuckles hard repeatedly and continues to taunt RVD. Moose drags RVD to the mat with a headlock as the fans try to rally RVD.

RVD fights Moose off but then eats a big Bicycle Kick. Moose goes for another one but this time RVD backdrops Moose over the top onto the ramp! That one looked painful.

Moose rolls back into the ring but eats a clothesline from RVD and then he pokes RVD in the eyes as RVD showboats. Moose hits the ropes but eats a Spinning Heel Kick! RVD follows up with a Split Legged Moonsault for a nearfall.

RVD with another Spinning Heel Kick in the corner and then he climbs to the top only to eat a dropkick from Moose! Moose hits a Super Go To Hell (Sitout Choke Bomb) off the top! 1..2…NO RVD kicks out!

RVD and Moose exchange strikes as they get to their feet and then exchange some nice counters before Moose spikes RVD with a DDT! Moose nips up to his feet and then climbs to the top for a Frog Splash, but RVD rolls out of the way and hits a DDT of his own for a nearfall.

RVD sets up for something but Moose pulls the referee in front of him. RVD pulls the referee away and Moose low blows him! Moose rolls out to the floor and grabs a chair but the referee pulls it away from him. Moose shoves the referee and grabs the chair back but RVD then hits the Van Daminator sending the chair into Moose’s face! RVD gets a nearfall but Moose got his foot on the bottom rope.

RVD drop toe holds a charging Moose into the chair and then leaps to the top for the 5-Star Frog Splash, but Moose moves and RVD lands on the apron! Moose hits the No Jackhammer Needed Spear for the win!

Winner: Moose via pinfall (No Jackhammer Needed)

James Mitchell introduces Monsters Ball.

Impact Knockouts Championship
Monsters Ball Match
“La Wera Loca” Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. “The Havok Death Machine” Jessika Havok vs. “The Demon Assassin” Rosemary vs. “The Undead Bride” Su Yung

All four of these women have held the Knockouts Title with Taya obviously being the current champion. This is the first Knockouts Monsters Ball Match since Rosemary faced Jade (Mia Yim) back in 2017 and is just the fourth one in the history of Impact/TNA involving the Knockouts.

Havok pairs off with Taya while Rosemary and Yung pair off. Rosemary locks Yung in the Upside Down in one corner while Taya puts the boots to Havok. Taya then hits a nasty Running Knee to Yung before shoving Havok into Yung.

All four women then go to the floor and pull out the plunder as it seems like Havok and Yung will try to work together here. Taya tries to staple Havok with a staple gun but she cuts her off. Rosemary sets up a chair in the corner and then hits Havok with a garbage can. Rosemary turns around and gets clotheslined over the top by Yung.

Taya puts the boots to Yung and then staples her on the back repeatedly! Taya pulls out an 8×10 from her bra and then staples it to Yung’s face because she said she wants to make her look pretty! Havok comes in and kills Taya with a backbreaker and then hangs her up in the corner and knees her repeatedly before stomping her onto a chair!

Havok hits the Samoa Joe Facewash on Taya in the corner but then eats a Missile Dropkick from Rosemary. Rosemary nails Havok with a cookie sheet repeatedly but Yung then hits her with a dog collar that Rosemary brought to the ring. Yung puts the collar around her and Rosemary’s necks to tie them together.

Yung then uses the turnbuckles to backflip into a headscissors on Rosemary into the chair in the corner. Taya pulls out a ladder and slams it into Yung and Rosemary as Mitchell pulls the dog collar off of Yung.

Havok tries to Chokeslam Taya onto the ladder but Taya hits a nice Bodyscissors Takeover sending Havok into the ladder. Taya lays Havok out on the ladder and then climbs up top only for Yung to crotch her and hang her up in the Tree of Woe. Yung climbs up top but Rosemary cuts her off and goes for a Superplex but then Taya lifts herself up and German Suplexes Rosemary off the top sending both Rosemary and Yung crashing into the ladder as Havok rolled off of it!

Havok charges at Taya but she sidesteps her and Havok crashes into the chair that was setup earlier. Rosemary then Spears Taya out of nowhere! Rosemary pulls out a bag of tacks and pours them out on the mat!

Rosemary attempts the Red Winning on the tacks but Taya blocks it and then hits a German Suplex, but she avoids the tacks. Taya then Curb Stomps Rosemary face first into the damn tacks! Havok breaks up the pin attempt.

Yung tries to pin Rosemary which pisses Havok off and then Yung tires to mist Havok but she ducks and she mists Mitchell! Havok and Yung then put each other into Mandible Claws at the same time! Havok shoves Yung into the turnbuckles

Taya and Rosemary fight each other on the apron and then Rosemary attempts to German Suplex Taya off the apron through a table, but Taya blocks it and then hits a Uranage Suplex on Rosemary through the table!

Yung puts the Mandible Claw back on Havok and then drags her to the top but Havok Super Tombstones Yung into the tacks! Taya throws a chair at Havok’s face as she went for the pin and then pins Yung to retain her title in an absolute war!

Winner & STILL Knockouts Champ: Taya via pinfall

Impact X-Division Championship
“All Night Long” Rich Swann (c) vs. “The Mayor of SlamTown” Johnny Impact w/John E. Bravo

Swann starts off the match with some simple chain wrestling and gets the better of Johnny which causes Impact to go to the floor for a timeout. Swann and Impact speed things up and just take turns countering each other and flipping over each other’s moves in a cool sequence until Johnny retreats to the floor again.

They go right back to trading holds and counters until Swann catches Impact with a spinning headscissors and a dropkick. Bravo collects all the tacks that were at ringside and hands them to Impact who then pours them on the mat to cause the referee to have to get rid of them so Impact can get a cheap shot in. Impact then crotches Swann on the top rope and rakes him across the top rope followed by a Disaster Kick that sends Swann crashing to the floor.

Impact slams Swann on the guardrail and rolls him back into the ring and lights him up with a series of kicks capped off by a spinning roundhouse for a nearfall. Impact tosses Swann back to the floor and then grabs the X-Division Title which causes the referee to get distracted as Bravo puts the boots to Swann.

Back in the ring, Impact hits a Hangman’s Neckbreaker for another nearfall and then puts him in a Cobra Clutch. Swann fights Impact off but again Impact dumps him to the floor. Swann comes back with a Leaping Enziguri from the apron followed by a Rolling Spike DDT!

Swann climbs up top but Johnny leaps up with him for the Spanish Fly but Swann blocks it and flings Johnny off the top. Swann hits a series of kicks followed by a cartwheel into a Phoenix Splash for a nearfall!

Swann leapfrogs a charging Impact and then hits an insane Tornillo off the top onto Impact on the floor! Swann rolls Impact back in the ring and hits a big Flying Elbow Drop for another nearfall!

Impact sweeps the legs of Impact and then connects with Shining Wizard followed by Johnny’s Edge for a nearfall! Impact puts the boots to Swann and then attempts a Neckbreaker but Swann counters it only to eat another boot from Impact.

Impact goes for the Springboard Spear but eats an uppercut in midair from Swann! Swann drags Impact up to the top rope but Impact fights him off and then goes for a Spanish Fly again. Swann cuts him off and they exchange a number of strikes on the top until both men fall all the way to the floor.

Both Impact and Swann manage to get back into the ring just as the referee was about to finish the 10-count. Impact lifts Swann up to the top rope again and this time connects with the Spanish Fly! Impact lifts Swann up to his feet in one fluid motion and connects with a Standing Spanish Fly but Swann still kicks out at two!

Bravo tries to trip Swann on the outside but Swann dives over the top with a Somersault Plancha onto him! Impact then goes for a dive of his own but Swann sidesteps him and Impact eats the floor.

Back in the ring Rich goes the Handspring Cutter but Impact catches him with a Disaster Kick in mid-move followed by Starship Pain! 1…2…NO Swann kicks out! Swann comes back with a series of nasty strikes capped off with the Handspring Cutter followed by a second one! Swann climbs up top and hits a Phoenix Splash! 1…2…3!

Winner & STILL X-Division Champ: Swann via pinfall (Phoenix Splash)

Impact World Heavyweight Championship
“The F’N Machine” Brian Cage (c) vs. “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

This is Cage’s first defense of the World Title after winning it back in April at Rebellion after suffering a pretty significant back injury in that match. These two hosses meet right in the middle of the ring at the bell with some nasty strikes.

Cage and Elgin just beat the ever loving hell out of each for the first few minutes until Cage runs Elgin into the corner and lays into him with a series of clotheslines. Cage whips Elgin into the opposite corner and hits a Running Knee followed by an Elbow Strike and then a Sidewalk Slam! Elgin rolls to the floor and Cage follows with a Somersault Plancha over the top onto Elgin on the floor!

Cage rolls Elgin back in the ring and goes for a DVD but Elgin blocks it and counters a Tornado Clothesline into a nasty Dragon Suplex! Elgin hits some VICIOUS Running Lariats in the corner and then lifts Cage to the top. Elgin hits a Leaping Enziguri and then climbs up with Cage and hits a huge Superplex for a nearfall!

As Cage hit the mat he immediately grabbed his back and started screaming to sell the previous back injury. Elgin goes for the Elgin Bomb but Cage drops down to his knees to block it. Elgin then runs Cage back into the turnbuckles and whips him hard into the opposite corner.

Elgin drags Cage out to the floor and slams him back-first into the guardrail as Don Callis points out that everything that Elgin is doing right now is targeting Cage’s back. Elgin hits a Back Suplex onto the ring apron and then rolls Cage back into the ring. Elgin climbs up top and attempts a Twisting Senton Splash but Cage rolls out of the way!

Cage attempts a Bicycle Kick but Elgin blocks it and hits a Backbreaker. Elgin attempts a Superkick but Cage blocks it and hits one of his own! Cage is still selling the back but connects with a Springboard Tornado DDT! Cage follows up with a 619 and then a Pump Handle Driver! 1…2…NO Elgin kicks out!

Cage sets up for Drill Claw but Elgin runs him into the corner and connects with a back elbow. Elgin climbs up top but Cage cuts him off and Superkicks him followed by an Electric Chair Drop for another nearfall. Cage continues to reach back and grab his back after every move.

Cage goes for a Powerbomb but Elgin backdrops him and Cage rolls him up, but Elgin counters into a rollup of his own and then deadlifts Cage up into a Powerbomb! Elgin goesf or a Lariat but Cage blocks it and hits a series of kicks and then runs right into a back elbow followed by a Lariat from Elgin!

Elgin hits another Lariat and then hits Sitout Razor’s Edge for another nearfall! Elgin hits a Buckle Bomb but Cage explodes out of the corner with a Discus Lariat and both men are down!

Both men get back to their feet before the 10-count and then run into each other with lariats. Elgin kills Cage with some forearms but then Cage comes back with a Superkick only to eat a Superkick from Elgin. Cage comes back with a Leaping Knee Strike. Elgin comes back with a series of kicks laying Cage out.

Elgin sets up for the Elgin Bomb but Cage counters into a Buckle Bomb of his own followed by an attempt at the F-Bomb, but Elgin counters into a Canadian Destroyer! 1…2…NO Cage still kicks out!

Elgin lifts Cage up into a Torture Rack but Cage escapes it and Backslides Elgin and then rolls through into a Knee Strike followed by a nasty Powerbomb and the F-Bomb! 1…2…NO and Elgin kicks out! This is nuts!

Cage goes for Drill Claw but he sells the back like it went out and Elgin hits a series of kicks and forearms to the back of Cage’s head. Elgin hits a Buckle Bomb followed by a Canadian Destroyer attempt but Cage blocks it and sits down on Elgin for the pin!

Winner & STILL World Champ: Cage via pinfall

After the match Elgin attacks Cage and hits him with the World Title. Elgin then takes the title and gets in Callis’ face. Elgin grabs Callis and tosses him into the ring. Elgin sets up for the Elgin Bomb but someone in a mask that looked pretty clearly like Rhino Spears Elgin and then escapes through the crowd!

Main Event
“Undeniable” Tessa Blanchard vs. “The Draw” Sami Callihan

Sawyer Fulton walks out with Callihan but Callihan sends him to the back before he gets to the ring. Callihan brings a bat to the ring but Tessa also brings on with her, as well.

After they get in each other’s faces Tessa elbows Callihan repeatedly and then hits a gorgeous Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors followed by a springboard dropkick that sends Callihan to the floor. Tessa hits a series of two Suicide Dives onto Callihan on the floor but Callihan caught her on the third attempt and then swings her head-first into the guardrail twice before hitting a DVD onto the floor!

Tessa tries to get back in the ring but Callihan tosses her back to the floor and then hits an Apron Bomb! Tessa rolls back into the ring beating the 10-count which annoys Sami, so he kicks her in the face repeatedly while taunting her.

Sami goes for a Powerslam but Tessa counters into a Neckbreaker. Tessa hits the ropes but eats a Big Boot from Sami. Sami starts to work on Tessa’s foot and ankle now before hitting a Scoop Slam.

Callihan tosses Tessa out onto the ramp and then he attempts to Powerbomb her off the ramp, but Tessa blocks it and then hits a Tessa Cutter on the ramp! Both of them try to crawl back to the ring before the referee counts to 10 and both eventually are able to do it.

Tessa gets fired up as Callihan continues to trash talk her. Tessa hits a series of forearms but Callihan flips her off and calls her a bitch which causes her to explode with a series of forearms. Callihan then punches her in the gut and hits the ropes only for Tessa to lift him up into a Samoan Drop!

Tessa hits a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT and gets her first nearfall of the match. Tessa goes for the Buzzsaw DDT but Callihan blocks it and then rolls her into a Shoulder Breaker followed by a Knee Strike and then a Powerbomb! 1…2…NO Tessa kicks out and Callihan floats over into an STF!

Tessa crawls to the bottom rope and grabs it to break the hold which further pisses Sami off. Sami drags Tessa up to the top rope for a Super Piledriver, but Tessa blocks it and crotches Sami before connecting with a Flying Codebreaker off the middle rope for another nearfall!

It looks like Tessa’s nose is busted.

Tessa accidentally elbows the referee as he tried to pull her off of Sami in the corner. Sami then decks Tessa with the bat as a second referee eventually runs out! 1…2…NO Tessa kicks out and Sami blasts the second referee in frustration!

Sami grabs the bat again but this time Tessa low blows him and grabs her bat! Tessa hits Sami in the gut with the bat and then dives off the top with Magnum! 1…2…NO Callihan kicks out but she floats right over into a Crossface! Sami almost reaches the ropes but Tessa rolls back into the middle of the ring!

Sami fights up to his feet and hits a Cradle Tombstone! 1…2…NO Tessa kicks out! Sami hits another Piledriver for the pin!

Winner: Callihan via pinfall (Piledriver)

After the match, Callihan picks up both bats and teases like he is going to hit Tessa with them, but instead hands the gold bat over to Tessa and nods to her before leaving the ring.