Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Tag: number is up

The 7/11 WWE Smackdown on Syfy drew a 1.78 cable rating with 2.54 million viewers. This is up from last week's 1.37 rating with 1.88 million viewers. Source:,
Last night's 4/28 WWE RAW drew a 3.25 cable rating with 4.61 million viewers. The first hour drew 4.51 million viewers, the second hour drew 4.67 million viewers and the third hour drew 4.65 million viewers. The show tied the NBA...
Last night's 11/14 TNA Impact Wrestling drew a 0.96 cable rating. This is up from last week's 0.87 rating. Overall viewers are not known at this time. The only negative was that the show didn't rank among the top...