Sunday, August 1, 2021

Tag: SPOILERS: WWE Superstars for Thursday

From last night's taping in North Carolina.Dark match:*Tyson Kidd vs. JTG - JTG wins via pinfall. WWE Superstars:*Zack Ryder vs. DH Smith - Ryder wins via pinfall.*Natalya & Gail Kim vs. Melina & Alicia Fox. Fans were cheering the...
Credit: Brandi Mendez and PWInsider.comDark match:*Mark Henry def Zack Ryder with the World's Strongest Slam.WWE Superstars for April 7:*Yoshi Tatsu def Tyson Kidd. Good.*Santino Marella def Ted DiBiase. Not good.*The place was completely packed.*After Rock and Cena shook hands,...
Taped tonight from Providence, RI:Dark match:- William Regal defeated developmental talent Johnny Curtis.WWE Superstars:- DH Smith & Yoshi Tatsu defeated Primo and Zack Ryder.- Melina defeated Tamina.
Matches taped last night for WWE Superstars:- William Regal defeated Darren Young with the Regal Stretch.- DH Smith pinned Tyson Kidd. Note: We received reports that the entire upper level was tarped off.
The following took place today in Manchester, England.WWE Superstars (for this Thursday, November 11):* Drew McIntyre def. Kaval.Source:
The following took place today in Manchester, England.Dark match:- William Regal def. Alex Riley.WWE Superstars:- Yoshi Tatsu def. Zack Ryder.- Ezekiel Jackson def. Primo.Source:
Matches taped tonight..Credit: Nick Fox and Jack Swagger defeated Kaval with the ankle lock. - Luke Gallows pinned Vance Archer in a decent match.
The following was taped last night in Long Island, NY.Dark match:- Yoshi Tatsu def. Primo.WWE Superstars Taping:- Gail Kim def. Alicia Fox.- The Usos def. Mark Henry in a 2-on-1 handicap match.
Results from Green Bay, WI tonight. Dark match:- Yoshi Tatsu beat Primo. SUPERSTARS:- Mark Henry beat Jey Uso. - Zach Ryder beat Tyson Kidd via pinfall. D.H. Smith interrupted Kidd, causing the loss.
Matthew Brosseau sent this in:Hey, I attended RAW in Calgary and am delivering my live report. I was very impressed with the way tonight's RAW went over the previous visit in Calgary in 2009. Superstars: Santino/Kozlov defeated The Usos....
Taped tonight in Portland for Thursday night:- Kelly Kelly (w/Natalya) defeated Layla (w/Michelle McCool) via school boy pin.- Curt Hawkins over Trent Barretta via elbow off the top.
Results from last night's Raw tapings...Dark Match:- Ezekiel Jackson pinned PrimoWWE Superstars:- William Regal pinned Darren Young- The Usos defeated The Hart DynastySource: PWInsider
credit: Michael Grote and for the following results from Cincinnati, Ohio.- Ezekiel Jackson returned and beat Zack Ryder.- On Jerry Lawler's monitor, there was a screen shot of MVP v. Luke Gallows..that Jackson-Ryder match was a dark match.-...
The following was taped on Tuesday night in Albany, NY.Dark match:John Morrison def. Tyler ReksSuperstars:Kofi Kingston def. Chavo GuerreroSource:
Matches taped tonight in Boston, MA prior to tonight's Raw.- No dark matches.- Ted DiBiase pinned Goldust. - Santino Marella pinned Jimmy Uso.