The deal between Bobby Lashley and TNA was said to be worked out only a few days before the Lockdown PPV and was only scheduled for the PPV appearance and the first set of TV tapings following the show in Orlando this week reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Lashley is not confirmed for the next set of TV tapings later this month on May 4 and 5 although it is possible he will be there. Nothing has been discussed in regards to him taking part in a special PPV match or any matches in general because the commitment isn’t that long.

This has of course sparked many questions as to why the company would even decide to bring him in if it was only a three to four day commitment. It has been well documented that Lashley is good friends with both Kurt Angle and Booker T and had said many times that he believed he could do limited pro wrestling during what he expected to be a rather short MMA career. Lashley is said to have been interested in getting back into pro wrestling for some time now and even came up with an idea for WWE as well, but the lure of a full-time schedule was what most likely caused that not to happen. His ultimate goal for his MMA career was to eventually make it to the UFC and get a fight with current UFC Heavyweight Champion and former WWE star Brock Lesnar, but not until he is ready for that level of competition.

It should be noted that according to a report by PWInsider, when sources at UFC discovered that Lashley was working with TNA it pretty much killed any chances of him ever competing for the company in the near future. It is no secret that UFC President Dana White wants zero connection with pro wrestling and told the same to Kurt Angle shortly before he signed with TNA when he expressed interest in an MMA career. The WWE reaction to Lashley appearing for TNA was said to be minimal if anything as sources in the company stated that they expected Lashley to sign with TNA at some point and that it wasn’t seen as huge thing for TNA or a major blow to WWE. Lashley has been getting tons of negative publicity for his TNA appearance among the MMA internet media feeling he isn’t taking his MMA career seriously. Some have pointed out that if Lashley had instead taken a job as an assistant college wrestling coach or took an acting job that no one would make such a big deal out of it as they are now, but because it is pro wrestling it is completely different. The belief that his TNA appearances, while limited, will give him at least some exposure on a weekly basis.