Kevin Eck of The Baltimore Sun has an interview up with TNA star Mick Foley discussing TNA’s move to Monday night’s on March 8 and what he feels Vince McMahon’s reaction will be to it.

Foley on TNA moving to Monday night’s starting March 8:

“I hope so. I think it is. I was not somebody who thought that two shows going head to head in the ?90s would have been good for wrestling, and it turned out to be the best thing that could have possibly happened. I think anything that gets a buzz going around the wrestling world is going to be positive for everybody, including me, including the wrestlers, including Vince [McMahon], including Dixie Carter. I think it’s going to force both groups to put out their best product, and I think the wrestling fans are going to be the main beneficiaries.”

What he feels Vince McMahon’s reaction will be.

“I think he will no-sell it publicly for a while. I think it has to be a concern to him internally, if only because so many of the people who were big stars on his show are now working for the competition. I would say honestly with the exception of their top six or seven guys that we have a lineup that fans are really more familiar with.”

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