Marc sent this in:

TNA event in Kent, WA

In a follow-up to your 3/18 posting, the nice thing about the Showare Center is that you can go online to their website and select the exact seats you want to buy and also see which seats have already been sold. Looks like they’ve only sold around 100 tickets in the first three weeks, and by the look of the seating chart, they’re only using half the arena anyway. It’s still not being advertised on their website. I was hoping they’d do a tour of the entire region (Spokane, Vancouver, Portland, etc.), but they don’t seem to be very interested in generating buzz for this event. Also, it’s on a Thursday evening, so their competing with their own free cable TV show. WWE can afford to do this, but not TNA. I’ve got my tickets and will be pulling for it to be a successful show though.