Eric Bischoff was a guest on Sunday’s nights Live Audio Wrestling show. A few notes from the interview:

– He said they want to take advantage of WWE keeping their PG rated content, and will attempt to attract the 18 to 34 and 18 to 39 demographics.

– Bischoff does believe in a product buffet, or offering something for everyone.

– He received reports that Abyss was over at the weekend TNA house shows.

– Bischoff said he believes the TNA product is already better since his arrival, and will continue to get better. He cited AJ Styles as a sign of the product improving.

– He wouldn’t discuss the power structure within TNA.

– He said it was the right decision to debut Hulk Hogan and himself on Monday night against the WWE.

– Bischoff said it was the right decision to move Impact to Monday nights.

– He said Spike TV has established a measuring gauge for TNA’s success (or failure) on Monday nights, as has TNA. Bischoff is confident they can meet the network’s expectations.

– Bischoff said that if they are successful, they would likely move to a weekly live schedule.

– Bischoff said the TNA PPV buy numbers will improve as the product gets better.

– He asked about the possibility of Shane McMahon working for TNA against his father. Bischoff said he has a lot of respect for Shane, but doesn’t expect him to call.