The following took place on Tuesday in Orlando, FL.

Adam Santic sent this report in:

TNA Impact March 26, 2009 Spoilers

Before Impact tapings started all the TNA talent came down to the ramp for a announcement by Jim Cornette.

Jim Cornette in the middle of the ring to announce that at Lockdown in Philly there will be a lethal Lockdown match then Cornette goes on to explain the rules of the lethal Lockdown match and announces that tonight’s main event will be a 20 man steel cage gauntlet match and the last 2 standing will be this year’s captains. Kurt Angle comes out with the Main Event Mafia minus Sting. Kurt Angle says he’ll win the gauntlet match. Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring that he is in the match to make sure it doesn’t happen.

X Division Champion: Suicide def. Kiyoshi (X Division Championship Match)
Suicide does his finisher to retain the X Division Title.

Velvet Sky & Angelina Love def. Raisha Saeed & TNA Knockouts Champion: Awesome Kong
Angelina Love distracts Awesome Kong long enough for Velvet Sky to get the pin.

Sting & Foley mic time.

Samoa Joe def. Abyss, Legends Champion: AJ Styles, Alex Shelly, Jay Lethal, Chris Sabin, Matt Morgan, Homicide, Scott Steiner, Consequences Creed, Rhino, Jeff Jarrett,Yujiro, Kurt Angle, Shane Sewell, Sheik Abdul Bashir, Booker T, Tetsuya Naito, Eric Young, & Hernandez (20-Man Gauntlet Match)
TNA Referees surround the ring. The Rules for the match is 2 people begin in the ring and every 2 minutes another one enters the cage and the last two renaming are the captains for Lethal Lockdown.

Order of Elimination
Abyss eliminates Matt Morgan.
Chris Sabin eliminates Homicide.
Jay Lethal eliminates Alex Shelly.
Kurt Angle eliminates Consequences Creed.
Kurt Angle eliminates Jay Lethal.
Scott Steiner eliminates One of the No Limit Person.
Kurt Angle eliminates Shane Sewell.
Booker T eliminates AJ Styles.
Rhino eliminates Booker T.
Kurt Angle eliminates Sheik Abdul Bashir.
Scott Steiner eliminates Abyss.
Kurt Angle eliminates Eric Young.
Rhino eliminates One of the No Limit Person.
Kurt Angle eliminates Rhino.
Kurt Angle eliminates Hernandez.
Jeff Jarrett eliminates Scott Steiner.
Kurt Angle eliminates Jeff Jarrett.
Samoa Joe eliminates Kurt Angle
Samoa Joe wins.

TNA Lockdown Match Card
*Sting vs. Mick Foley
*IWGP Tag Team Championship & the TNA World Tag Team Championship are on the line: IWGP Tag Team Champions: Brother Ray & Brother Devon vs. TNA World Tag Team Champions: Robert Roode & James Storm
*Lethal Lockdown Match: Team Joe vs. Team Angle