The Peterborough Examiner has an interview up with current TNA star Robert Roode where he confirms reports last week that he has re-signed with TNA Wrestling. Roode added, “My contract is put away and I’ve re-signed for five years with TNA. I’m very happy about it. They wanted to sign me to a long-term deal. Most contracts are one to three years, but they wanted to keep me around for five. I’m quite pleased. There was a little bit of interest there (from WWE). If TNA didn’t step up to the plate, I would have tried a little bit harder (with WWE). I have an agent working for me as well. It was one of those things where my heart wanted to stay here. And TNA wanted me to stay there, too. So they stepped up to the plate and gave me a really nice offer.”

We reported last Saturday that Roode had just recently agreed to a new deal with TNA or was in the last stages of finalizing things as of last week.