Carter and Hogan comment on Impact

Brian Fritz interviewed Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter following Monday’s press conference announcement. Dixie said they did consider going live every Monday but feels it needs to make sense in terms of dollars and cents.

“Smart business decisions are more important than anything else right now,” she said. “We should take a lot of those dollars and instead of just going live right away, use it to help spread the word on TNA.” When asked about taking Impact on the road, she said, “We don’t have that ability to go into all of these different regions outside of house
shows, which are really our best indicator right now of how well things are getting over in different regions of the country.”

Hogan said he doesn’t expect Monday nights against WWE to be competitive at first, but said he understands the process of building viewership, and claimed it took him just six months with WCW to defeat WWE in the mid 90s saying they went from drawing crowds of six-to-seven thousand people to 11 or 12 thousand people. It was actually nothing like that, but that’s apparently how he remembers it. Just read his book. He said creative is now his main focus. “I love Vince Russo from a distance. Sometimes a leopard doesn’t change his spots, you know? All those old clich’s I could plug in but I come in peace. I think we’ve all grown. I think we all don’t really live by knee-jerk reactions any more. And so far, everyone is holding their end up. As far as I’m concerned now that I’m running this thing with Dixie, everybody from the guy who sets the ring up to the guy who has the final say on the last hero shot when we go off the air, everybody has to prove themselves and everybody has to bring something to the table. And so far the writing staff ? Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara and Matt [Conway] ? these guys have really stepped up.”

(credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)