Update on Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash was originally treated for an MSRA staph infection in his elbow, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. MSRA staph infections are resilient to many antibiotics. Nash believes he got the infection from a mat burn while wrestling on the Tokyo Dome show. Nash didn’t cover it with a band-aid.

Due to the infection, Nash was forced to drive from a Charlotte hospital to his home in Daytona Beach because he wasn’t allowed to fly with a blood bag.

Nash is expected to return to action in a few weeks, as the company hopes he can work the 1/26 and 1/27 Impact tapings, even if he still can’t wrestle.

The original booking idea was for Nash to wrestle Samoa Joe at the 2/8 Against All Odds PPV, which still could happen based on his recovery.

In a recent interview, Nash noted that he is under contract to TNA until October 2011, by which time he???ll be 52.