1/17 TNA Results: Dublin, Ireland (Night #2)

TNA House Show Results – 1/17/09
Location: Dublin, Ireland (Night #2)

Dave Power of www.wwr.ie sent this report in:

Saturday 17th January 2009, Dublin, Ireland

2nd night at the National Stadium got off to a great start for Dave Power, host of WWR, Irelands only wrestling radio show as he got to interview AJ Styles, Alex Shelley and Consequences Creed before the event, These interviews will be broadcast on www.wwr.ie and WWR live on Dublin City FM
at 7.30pm this Friday 23rd January 2009.

Opening contest was a four way X Division Match between Doug Williams, Eric Young, Consequences Creed & Sheik Abdul Bashir. Fans behind Eric & Creed, Eric wins and celebrates with Creed!

Repeat of Tag match from last night between Beautiful People against ODB & Taylor Wilde. All the women looking sexy as hell. Tonight ODB & Wilde get the win thanks to ODBs alcohol!

AJ & Samoa Joe team up to take on Abyss & Matt Morgan in a hugely entertaining tag match. Loads of Joe & AJ chants. Joe takes a vicious shot to Abyss that sends the guardrails into the fans nearly crushing them. Joe gets the Ole Ole Ole chants going. AJ & Joe win leading to a bust up between Morgan & Abyss, Abyss stays in the ring and gets a wonderful
ovation that he thoroughly deserves.

Kurt Angle sends JB a text message saying that he has arrived in the building for all the idiot Irish fans to see which gets a loud pop! Angle is so OVER in Dublin and rightfully so!

Team 3D keep up the momentum from last night and whip the Irish fans into a frenzy. We Want Table chants echo the National Stadium. Beer Money play their role to perfection as Tag Champions threatening to leave the arena if they dont get respect from the Irish fans. This leads to more abuse and You Suck chants coupled with Brokeback Mountain chants. Great spots with Brother Ray humiliating James Storm. The match ends with Team 3D losing to Beer Money but the real fun starts after the match has ended. Beer Money look like they have the advantage and drag a table into the ring only for Team 3D to reverse the offensive and Dudley Drop Storm through the table. Then follows a great touch from Team 3D presenting a piece of the broken table to a young Irish fan called Cian! Cian chants echo the arena! Great moment! ECW chants break out and Brother Ray asks the fans to chant the 3 new letters in wrestling TNA TNA TNA and he doesnt have to ask twice!

Main event time as Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle clash with Mick Foley as the Special Guest Enforcer. All three get tremendous pops and the match is a back and forth struggle with Earl Hebner getting caught in the middle of both mens dirty tricks. Foley pulls out Mr Socko to a huge ovation and this allows Jarrett to grab the guitar and smash it full force over Angles head leading to a Jarrett win in Dublin! Thank you Jeff chants can be heard! He brought to TNA to Dublin for these unforgettable shows

Irish fans will never forget them as long as they live!

Dont forget interviews with AJ Styles, Alex Shelley and Consequences Creed will be broadcast on www.wwr.ie and WWR live on Dublin City FM at 7.30pm this Friday 23rd January 2009.

Biggest Pop:
Team 3D
Mick Foley
Kurt Angle

Biggest Heat:
Beer Money
Doug Williams
Earl Hebner

Cant wait for TNA to return to Dublin in the near future. Best of luck with the rest of the Maximum Impact Tour!

Connor Ward sent this report in:

Quick results from the 2nd show at Dublin.

X Division Four-Way: Eric Young defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir, Consequences Creed and Doug Williams

The Beautiful People defeated Taylor Wilde and ODB

X Division Champion Alex Shelley defeated “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal

Samoa Joe & AJ Styles beat Abyss & Matt Morgan
TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money defeated Team 3D

Jeff Jarrett defeated Kurt Angle with Mick Foley as special enforcer