1/16 TNA Results: Dublin, Ireland (Three reports)

TNA House Show Results – 1/16/09
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Pim sent this report in:

Thought I would send the results from the first ever TNA show in Dublin Ireland.

It was held in the National stadium which holds about 2000 people and it was packed to the roof with one frantic crowd

First up was a 3 way match for the X-Division Title between Eric Young, Doug Williams and Alex Shelley (c)

The crowd was heavily in favour of Shelley and booed Williams the entire time, as he is from that other country around here 😉

Shelley won the match by hitting Slice Bread

Second match was a Tag Team match between Angelina Love/Velvet Sky and ODB/Taylor Wilde

Beautiful People win after ODB gets sprayed in her eyes with the Beautiful People holy water

Next out came Sheik Abdul Bashir who was trash talking to the crowd.

Then the first sounds of Samoa Joe’s Entrance song sounded and the crowd went absolutely mental, as most of us had not expected to see him.

From Bell to Bell the crowd was going from JOE JOE JOE to JOE’S GONNA KILL YOU to OLE OLE OLE OLE.

Joe won by hitting his Muscle Buster on Bashir for the 1, 2, 3.

You could see that Joe was visible impressed with the reaction from the crowd and took every minute off it after the match with one huge smile on his face

The Crowd itself was amazing tonight, from the beginning to the end most of us were standing making noise it added so much to an overall amazing show!

Match Four was a Number One Contenders Match for the TNA Tag Team Titles for tomorrow night in Dublin.

Abyss and Matt Morgan vs Team 3D in a Dublin Street Fight.

Up in the crowd they went and passed me by literally inches, great pictures.

Great Match, with a spot in where Brother Ray puts the bell (bell side first) in Matt Morgan??’s privates and D-Von Breaks a 4×4 over it. Which got the crowd going ECW ECW.

Team 3D wins by 3D


Jeff comes out and speaks to the crowd how he is so happy to be here and brings out Foley which makes the crowd wild. Foley speaks about how he was having dinner the other day in the beautiful county of Cork, after which he got booed off stage. He turns around to Jeff who is standing in the corner laughing. “I didn???t see that one coming.. Honestly..”

He tells us that his origin is from Ireland and that his grandma is, he didn???t get any further as the crowd broke out in a frantic Grandma Foley chant. After which Foley just pulled up his shoulders and smiled.

The 5th match was for the TNA Tag Team Titles

Lethal Consequences vs Beer Money (c)

This was a good match, with some lovely chants for Beer Money.

The crowd reacted to Earl Hebner missing a tab between Lethal and Creed with a “Dublin Screw Job” Chant.

Match was won by Beer Money.

The Main Event of the evening was between Kurt Angle and AJ Styles, the crowd was absolutely cooking during this match and it was a great match too watch. Lots of back and forth action, which kept the crowd going.

Kurt wins the match after an Angle Slam.

Kurt attempted to molest AJ with a chair, but was stopped by Foley who got popped instead by Angle. Who in turn got taken out by Jarrett.

They Announce Jarrett vs Angle tomorrow night in Dublin.

This was actually my first ever Pro Wrestling Event I ever went to, as I just don???t bother with WWE.

And it couldn???t have been any better.

Absolutely amazing night with an amazing crowd and u could see that coming off all the TNA wrestlers, they were absolutely amazed by the amount of sound came off this small but tightly packed crowd.

Quick Results:

Alex Shelley over Doug Williams and Eric Young

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky over ODB and Taylor Wilde

Samoa Joe over Sheik Abdul Bashir

Team 3D over Abyss and Matt Morgan

Beer Money over Lethal Consequences

Kurt Angle over AJ Styles

Most Pops:

1. Samoa Joe

2. Mick Foley

3. Kurt Angle

4. AJ Styles

5. Team 3D

Most Heat:

1. Doug Williams

2. Sheik Abdul Bashir

3. Beautiful People

4. Beer Money

5. Mick Foley (Cork Comment)

Hope TNA comes back to Dublin quick! Tomorrow night another Sold Out Show too bad no tickets!

That??’s the end of it for me!

Goodbye and Good night

Connor Ward sent this report in:

– Alex Shelley defeated Eric Young and Doug Williams with Sliced Bread 2 on Young to retain the X Division championship. (Williams is a great heel here, being English and all.)

– The Beautiful People defeated ODB and Taylor Wilde when Love hit the Flatliner on ODB.

– Samoa Joe defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir with the Muscle Buster

– 3D defeated Matt Morgan and Abyss with the 3D on Abyss in a Dublin Street fight, to earn a title match the next night.
~After an intermission Jarrett and Foley talked.~

– Beer Money defeated Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed when Storm brained Lethal with the belt. ??? the crowd started a “You screwed Bret” chant at Hebner, and Storm shouted: “No, he screwed your mother!” Roode did his part too, they cheated a lot in my favorite match of the night.)

– Kurt Angle defeated AJ Styles with the Angle Slam. He attacked AJ after the match, Foley came out and made a match for the next night between Angle and Jarrett.

Thought you might want these. All the best Connor Ward.

Martin Ward sent this report in:

Hi everybody, just back from this evening’s TNA house show in the National Stadium, Dublin. Here’s a report on what went down.

Jeremy Borash hits the ring and welcomes everybody, he announces that the noisiest fans in the stadium will be given backstage passes, he’s true to his word and these give aways continue throughout the night between matches.

Earl Hebner is out next, and it’s obvious the Irish fans haven’t forgot about Montreal.

Triple Threat for the X-Division Title
Eric Young vs Doug Williams vs Alex Shelley (Champ)
Fine opening match with equal offense by all 3 wrestlers. Doug Williams was almost booed out of the building for wearing the British flag on his robe. Shelly hit the Shell Shock on Young for the win and basked to a great ovation.

Rudy Charles is out to ref the next bout

The Beautiful People vs Taylor Wilde and O.D.B.
With the large number of males in attendance, it’s difficult to tell who’s supposed to be the heels in this one. Acceptable Knockouts match, Velvet Skye pinned O.D.B. after Angelina Love sprayed perfume in O.D.B’s eyes

Sheik Abdul Bashir vs Samoa Joe
Bashir got on the mic and ran down the Irish before we see the Samoa Joe of old. Basically a squash match, with Joe dominating from bell to bell. Joe finished Bashir with the Muscle Buster. Good to see Joe being booked in this way again, hopefully TNA are testing the waters with these squash matches for Joe at house shows and might re-introduce this on screen. Joe had the fans in the palm off his hand.

Number 1 Contenders Match For TNA World Tag-Team Titles
Abyss and Matt Morgan vs Team 3D
Bubba grabs the mic and changes this match to a Dublin Street Fight (Falls Count Anywhere)
All 4 men brawl into the crowd to the delight of the fans. When they take it back to the ring they’ve collected an arsenal of weapons which include the timekeepers bell, a 2×4 and the ever deadly…….. beachball. Bubba and Devon win it after 3-D ing Abyss. Devon did most of the work for his team in this one, when Bubba got the hot tag his only real offense was elbows, he looked really out of shape, but the crowd didn’t seem to mind, with several E-C-DUB chants throughout the match. Bubba said they would make history tommorrow night by winning the tag titles.

After the intermission Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley are introduced by J.B.
Jarrett does his standard ‘thank the fans’ rhetoric, while Foley is much more entertaining. In brief he mentions:
1. His Irish relatives in County Cork, not a good idea in Dublin (much Booing)
2. Barrack Obama’s Irish roots (some applause)
3. Reading the Irish Times newspaper (deafening boos)
4. The miracle crash landing on the Hudson River yesterday (great ovation)
5. His Irish Grandmother’s health (massive GRAND-MA-FOL-EY, CLAP CLAP CLAP chant)

TNA Tag-Team Titles Match
Beer Money Inc. (Champs) vs Consequences Creed and Jay Lethal
Early in the match Earl Hebner and Robert Roode started to argue and it resulted in Hebner removing his referee’s shirt, which Creed put on, and Hebner and Roode had a mini match. Lots of double teaming by Beer Money on Creed, which frustrated Lethal. When Lethal did get the Tag he cleaned house, but Storm clocked him with one of the belts behind the ref’s back and Roode got the pinfall.

Main Event
Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles
The crowd was split 50/50 for this one. Lots of near falls in the early going and the match progressed at a good speed. Both Angle and Styles used, or at least attempted their full repetoire. Angle pinned AJ after hitting the Olympic Slam. Angle proceeded to beat down AJ after the bell. Jarrett and Foley made the save. Foley then announced Angle vs Jarrett for tomorrow night, with Foley as Guest Ring Enforcer.

All in all, this was probably the best house show I’ve ever been to, my first TNA house show. No phoned in performances, no hesitance on doing high risk and lots of interaction with the fans. I’ve been to 5 WWE shows when they’ve been in Ireland and have grown accustomed to lacklustre events, and yet I have tickets to their next show here in April ( A guy can dream!) This show was a breath of fresh air and I would strongly recommend any british fans to go see TNA when they get over there, since there are still tickets available.

Bye for now, stay classy San Diego
Martin Ward.