Kevin Nash gives another update on his health

Kevin Nash has issued a new statement on TNA’s website giving an update on his health while in the hospital in Charlotte, NC. Nash was scheduled to be released today. TNA has photos of Nash in the hospital at this link.

“Well the good news is: I???m getting the hell out of here. I???ve got the blueprints to the hospital, and I???m planning to break out on Thursday.

It??’s been a long time since I???ve gone into full-on ???Big Grouchy??? mode. It never fails. They couldn???t get me out of here fast enough.

They had to put an actual ???Danger: Sarcasm??? sign on my door.

The only thing holding me up from leaving is the portable Wound-Vac, which I should receive tonight.

If you???re wondering what I did today ??? I watched about 75 episodes of CSI: Miami on A&E and some other syndicated garbage, ate food that I wouldn???t feed my dog and wondered why we didn???t have SpikeTV at the hospital.

If my math is correct, I???m now at Day 3 of not having soap OR water hit my body. My room has the pleasant smell of Axe bodyspray and ass.

The funk and the sarcasm is an incredible keep-out barrier because I think the nursing staff draws straws to see who MUST go in.

Just to think, I could be sitting in Dublin, having a beer with Kurt.

I guess the thing I???m most upset about is missing the European Tour. My family had already been conditioned for the fact that I was gonna be away from home for most of the month. And I was truly looking forward to wrestling for the fans in Europe. As always, there??’s always next time.

To those of you who have somehow gotten my phone number and called me, thank you for waking me up. I???ve never understood the fascination of someone saying, ???Hello,??? and then someone hanging up.

At this point, I???ve re-gained my life, will soon be leaving the great state of North Carolina and back on the beach with my family.

If anything changes, I???ll update.

Idol Day 2 is soon. Take care,

Dr. Funkenstein, aka, Kevin Nash”