Rhino on time in ECW, WWF/WWE, finisher and TNA

The Miami Herald has an interview up with TNA star Rhino where he talks about his time in ECW, WWF/WWE, his finisher and TNA Wrestling. Here are some highlights.

On his time with ECW:
“The hardcore style worked for me. That was my style, and that’s why Paul Heyman hired me.”

On his time with WWE:
“My time with WWE was fine. It was good. I enjoyed it and had a lot of big matches.”

On how he came up with The Gore finisher:
“Tracy Smothers told me to hit my opponent with it, my first match in ECW. I’d done it before at an indie show in 1996. I did it again that first match in ECW. After that, I kept doing it. Then Paul Heyman named it because of a rhino goring someone.”

On his time with TNA Wrestling:
“We’re all working hard together — the people in the office, the whole staff, the wrestlers. We’re all working hard to make this thing grow. The fans see the growth. They’re entertained, and they’re there for us. It’s a rewarding feeling to see the crowds grow and the pay-per-view buy rates grow.”

To check out the full interview, click here.