Report by’s own Josh Boutwell

Whatsup guys, this is Josh Boutwell (TNA Impact Recapper/Viva la Raza: Lucha Weekly) and I?ve just gotten back from TNA’s event in Ozark, Alabama (March 25, 2010) and I decided to do a full recap for the show.

First off, the biggest question everyone asks about a live TNA show is about the ring. Yes, it was the 4-sided ring and to me it looks to be the same size as the WWE’s (maybe a little smaller). Anyway, we actually came an hour and a half before the show started and still had to wait in a HUGE line (it actually went all the way out to the street). Don West came out while we were waiting to get in the doors and starting hyping up the show and hustling TNA products. They actually sold TNA programs while we waited which was cool. Finally as the show started a pre-recorded message from Hulk Hogan was played hyping up TNA and the show tonight. Jeramy Borash then came out and said the loudest fans would get backstage passes. A member of the TNA Staff came out and said that AJ Styles didn?t want any fans in the backstage area (which got TONS of heat) but JB said he didn?t care so they would be giving out backstage passes to the loudest fans (a kid a few rows behind me got one I believe). 3D were signing autographs pre-show as well.

TNA X-Division Title #1 Contenders Match: Shannon Moore def. Kazarian
This was a great way to start out the show. Both guys were over as the match started but by the end Moore was getting ALL the cheers while Kaz was getting booed (Moore is OVER). Great back and forth action with some mat wrestling thrown in with high spots and tons of nearfalls. It was under a 15 minute time limit and actually went all the way to 14:50 before Moore got the surprise pin on Kaz. Great stuff from these two guys.

Angelina Love def. Madison Rayne
Next up was the knockouts. These girls (and that goes for all four on tonight’s show) are even more gorgeous in person. Pretty good match from these two (not surprising) with Angelina going over in the end with the Lights Out. A fan at ringside had a sign that said ?Ugly Inside? which Angelina brought into the ring and stuck in Madison’s face (and my dad replied ?there’s nothing ugly about that? hilariously).

TNA World Tag Team Titles: Matt Morgan & Rob Terry (c) def. Team 3D to retain the titles
I was wondering how they would handle this with the Tag Titles with Hernandez having the ?injury.? Morgan came out wearing both belts alongside Terry. He grabbed the microphone and ran down the crowd (first redneck Alabama joke of the night) and said he didn?t need a partner but TNA is making him pick one tonight to defend the belts so Terry ?would do.? He issued an open challenge to any tag team which 3D happily accepted to a huge ovation. Pretty solid tag stuff in this one with Terry even getting solid in-ring time (easily the most I?ve ever seen him in the ring) and he didn?t look too bad either (which may have a lot to do with the fact that he was in there with the guys that trained him, 3D). In the end 3D set up for the 3D on Terry but Morgan pulled D-Von out of the ring and Terry hit the One-Armed Spinebuster on Bubba for the win. After the match Morgan laid Terry out with the Carbon Footprint and then set up a table, but ended up getting put through it by Team 3D courtesy of a 3D.

Main Event #1:
TNA World Heavyweight Title: AJ Styles (c) def. D?Angelo Dinero to retain the title

Man, is Dinero over. He got a huge pop as did Styles but those cheers quickly turned to boos as AJ played up the heel role perfectly. Great back and forth match and the best match all night in my opinion. They really gave us a taste of what I expect at Lockdown. AJ even got into with an older lady at ringside getting in her face at the guardrail (she hilariously didn?t back down either). It didn?t stop there either. Late in the match AJ had Dinero in the Figure Four and began blowing kisses at the old lady which made her even madder (priceless stuff). In the end Dinero went for the DDE but AJ moved out of the way and hit the Pele out of nowhere. It wasn?t enough, though, as Dinero kicked out. Dinero started to make a comeback until AJ hit a low blow behind the referees back followed by the Styles Clash for the win. After the match AJ talked trash about Dinero (and Alabama) and then grabbed a chair. He placed it on Dinero’s previously ?injured? ankle (which he worked on the whole match) and went for an Elbow Drop on it, but Dinero moved and then laid AJ out with a Codebreaker. Dinero then got on the microphone and said he was taking out some trash in Ozark tonight (AJ) and then thanked the fans. The match overall went around 20-25 minutes.

During intermission Angelina Love came out and signed autographs.

TNA Knockouts Title: Tara (c) def. Velvet Sky to retain the title
Velvet is beyond gorgeous in person. Moving on to the actual match, Tara looked awesome and Velvet was decent as well. It ended with Tara getting the clean win after a Widows Peak. Tara was accompanied to the ring by a young kid who screamed that Velvet ‘sucked? on the microphone with Tara’s encouragement.

Main Event #2
Kurt Angle & Jeff Jarrett def. Desmond Wolfe & Rhino

Angle got the biggest pop all night and Jarrett got a decent one. Rhino & Wolfe were all boos which they ate up. Wolfe and Angle stole the show with all the crazy reversals and submission moves they threw at each other. The end came when Rhino missed a Gore on Jarrett and then ate the Stroke. Wolfe then knocked Jarrett out of the ring and went for the Lariat on Angle. Angle ducked it and went for the Angle Slam but Wolfe countered into the Hammerlock DDT attempt. Angle blocked it as well and hit the Angle Slam for the pin. After the match Angle and Jarrett thanked the fans and JB said they would be returning to TNA ‘soon?. Angle then took pictures in the ring with fans (for $20) and Jarrett signed autographs.

After the show was over Kazarian, Shannon Moore, Jeff Jarrett, Tara, & Angelina Love all signed autographs at ringside. All in all it was a great show and a very fun experience. TNA’s live show is like no other wrestling show I?ve been to (WWE, Indy, or whatever). They really get up and close with the wrestlers and fans. My dad has never seen a TNA show in his life but when I told him I was going asked me to get him a ticket as well (he’s an old school wrestling fan from back in the day) and he had about as much fun as anyone I saw. I don?t want to endorse any of TNA’s products or anything but I do have to mention one great deal that they offer for live events only. It’s called the ?Brown Bag Special? where u pay $20 and get a t-shirt and 4 DVDs (about a $100 value) inside a little bookbag type of bag. That was a hell of a deal. Below are some of the pics I took at the show?

Us in line an hour and a half before the show started. The line actually went all the way to the street.

The ring as we made our way in.

Shannon Moore


Kaz & Moore battle on the top rope.

Madison Rayne

Angelina Love

Rob Terry & Matt Morgan

Team 3D


Morgan gets put through a table!

The Pope!

The Phenomenal One!

AJ gets pimp slapped!

AJ flies!

Pope misses the DDE

Styles Clash!

Pope stands tall

Oh my…

Nothing needs to be said here…

The Knockouts Champ

Desmond Wolfe

Kurt & Jeff

Jeff & Rhino lock it up

Ankle Lock!

Angle Slam!

Kurt thanks the fans.