In an interview with, former WWE and current TNA star Matt Morgan discusses whether he thinks TNA should stay at the 8:00 PM Eastern time slot or not.

“I’m not opposed to moving to 8, to be honest with you. But it’s not my decision. Obviously the people that are in charge know a lot more about this than I would. I’m not the head of a major national cable network or else I could give you a better answer. But in my opinion I think that it wouldn’t be a horrible idea to get a jumpstart on a show that starts at 9 o’clock that’s opposing us. Because it worked before. But then the other side of me says that it’s pretty cool to go head to head directly at 9 o’clock and just see what happens. The competitive athlete in me likes that a lot and I like the confidence that our owner has in us to be able to do that. No matter what the ratings come out to be. Whether they’re horrible, or they’re not as good as what people thought they might be, she still sticks with us.”

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