Wrestleview Predictions: TNA Lockdown PPV

Predictions from the Faculty
TNA Lockdown Edition
April 18, 2010
Introduction by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com
Predictions by: The Wrestleview Columnists and Recappers
Organization and Closure by: Anthony J. Valvo of Wrestleview.com

Introduction (By: David Stephens)

TNA Lockdown is upon us. The one night of the year when every single match is held inside of the dreaded steel cage. Good or bad, tonight’s matches are going to be bloody, and brutal. I think Scott Steiner said it best, so I’m going to leave you guys with this completely unrelated quote that is too good to pass by:

Scott Steiner: “You know, they say all men are created equal, but you look at me and you look at Samoa Joe, and you can see that statement is not true! See, normally if you go one-on-one with another wrestler, you got a 50-50 chance of winnin’. But I’m a genetic freak, and I’m not normal, so you got a 25% at best at beatin’ me! And then you add Kurt Angle to the mix? Your chances of winnin’ drasticy go down. See the three-way, at Sacrifice, you got a 33 1/3 chance of wiinnin’. But I, I got a 66 2/3 chance of winning, cause Kurt Angle KNOWS he can’t beat me, and he’s not even gonna try! So, Samoa Joe, you take your 33 1/3 chance, minus my 25 percent chance, and you got an 8 1/3 chance of winnin’ at Sacrifice! But then you take my 75 perchance chance at winnin’, if we was to go one-on-one, and to add 66 2/3 ch… percents, I got a 141 2/3 chance of winnin at Sacrifice! See, McJoe; the numbers don’t like, and they spell disaster for you at Sacrifice! See- but I’m gonna break it down for all you ladies.” (turns to Lauren) “Would you rather be with me, or would you rather be with Joe?”

Lauren: “Well, I think Joe’s kinda nice, I mean, you know?”

Steiner: “See, you’re one o’ those girls that like romance. I’m-a talk to all my freaks out there. Would you rather come home to me, a genetic freak, to be satisfied every night, or go home to that fatass Samoa Joe!? See, tonight, we’re gonna win, and I’m gonna be the World Champion at Sacrifice! Come on, Petey! Let’s go!”

Predictions (By: The WrestleView Columnists and Recappers)

Before we present our predictions, here is where we stand as of WrestleMania

1) Daniel Browne (For Queen and Country)……………………………..19-11 (6-4)

2) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap and RAW Recapper)………….18-12 (5-5)

3) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza and TNA Recapper)……………….18-12 (6-4)

4) Students of the Week (The Best from Prev. PPV)………………17-13 (5-5)*

5) Matt O’Brien (Notes From The Nosebleeds)…………………………17-13 (6-4)

6) WrestleView Students (The Loyal Readers)………………………..16-14 (5-5)

7) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)……………………………………16-14 (6-4)

8) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa/2009 WV Champ)………16-14 (6-4)

9) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)………………………………………..15-15 (4-6)

10) Mike Tedesco (Smackdown and NXT Recapper)…………………14-16 (5-5)

11) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V/ROH Recaps)……….14-16 (5-5)

12) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)………………………………….13-17 (4-6)

13) Jeff Springer (WWE Superstars Recapper)……………………………12-6 (7-3)

Our Student of the Week is SUPERSTARZZ thanks in part to an impressive 8-2 WrestleMania XXVI record. If any student or students defeat the current Student of the Week, then those students will take his place and his/her picks will be posted for the world to see at Extreme Rules.

Past Students of the Week: Evan O’Brien, TJ Patton, Ricky Langston, Craig Alan Cope, and Paul Lyons.
Absent from The Faculty this week will be: Joe Baiamonte and Mike Tedesco.

And now WrestleView Students please allow us to present our picks for TNA’s Lockdown Pay Per View!

**All Matches will be contested inside a Steel Cage**


Motor City Machineguns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) vs. Homicide and Brian Kendrick



Josh B. – THE GUNS.

Superstarzz – MCMG.

Matt O. – THE GUNS.

Jose M. – MOTOR CITY MACHINEGUNS because I don’t see TNA wanting to do anything with a tag team of Homicide and Kendrick.


Anthony V. – This seems rushed to me. I mean why are Homicide and Kendrick all of the sudden a tag team? Based on that I have really no choice to go with the true tag team here, and that is the MOTOR CITY MACHINEGUNS.

Doug L. – MCMG via… um… TNA needed an extra match and what kind of story is being told in this match anyway? I thought MCMG were in line for a tag title shot or something…

Jeff S. – MCMG.

Consensus: Motor City Machineguns 9-1. Only Professor Hurley predicted the team of Homicide and Kendrick to succeed. However, the faculty predicts that the tag team defeats the team that appeared to be just thrown into the mix for PPV time. The Guns get over in this contest.

Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon) vs. The Band (Scott Hall and Syxx-Pac)

Daniel B. – THE BAND.

David S. – THE BAND.

Josh B. – TEAM 3D.

Superstarzz – TEAM 3D.

Matt O. – BAND.

Jose M. – TEAM 3D because after jobbing to the Nasty Boys I doubt they want to job to the Band too.

Sean H. – THE BAND.

Anthony V. – I have a feeling that there will be some interference or foreign objects in this contest. I mean, c’mon…it is a hardcore team against a team that likes to cheat. I like the cheaters in this match. THE BAND wins this one and 3D will be spray painted afterwards.

Doug L. – THE BAND via having a hard time imagining Hall, Bubba, or D-Von being tremendously active at all. Waltman will busy running laps around the inside the cage like a rabid terrier while the big dumb circus bears stare with mouth agape drooling from the side…

Jeff S. – TEAM 3D.

Consensus: The Band 6-4. Though it appears close on paper, The Band may make this interesting thanks to the quickness of one Syxx-Pac. The majority of the faculty expects The Band to find a way to beat this legendary tag team.

Kevin Nash vs. Eric Young

Daniel B. – KEVIN NASH.

David S. – ERIC YOUNG.

Josh B. – YOUNG.

Superstarzz – ERIC YOUNG.

Matt O. – YOUNG.

Jose M. – KEVIN NASH because I just can’t buy Eric Young beating him in a cage.

Sean H. – NASH.

Anthony V. – This one can go either way. Nash has his faction with The Band and Scott Hall. Eric Young is a vigilante now going after the one that betrayed him. I like the Eric Young character and I think TNA gives him the rub at Lockdown since they are in a cage. I hope they do the right thing and give ERIC YOUNG the victory.

Doug L. – NASH via same logic as the previous match only slightly different. The big dumb circus bear swipes and actually connects with the hyperactive trapeze artist…


Consensus: Eric Young 6-4. Though Nash may be the biggest dog in this fight, Eric Young has something to prove against the man that turned his back on him last month. There should be a good chance here that EY finally gets a nice win here.

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

Daniel B. – MR. ANDERSON.

David S. – KURT ANGLE.

Josh B. – ANGLE.

Superstarzz – MR. ANDERSON.

Matt O. – ANGLE.

Jose M. – KURT ANGLE it was pretty cut and dry that whoever won that key was not winning the cage match and Kurt didn’t win the key.

Sean H. – MR. ANDERSON, assuming Kurt will be taking time off and all.

Anthony V. – The best feud in TNA going right now. It had it all; blood, sweat, and tears. Now we may finally have closure as Kurt Angle get a well-deserved break. Since Anderson won the CAGE KEY, I say that KURT ANGLE earns the victory the hard way. Also, everyone knows how much I mark our for a Pittsburgh wrestler.

Doug L. – ANGLE via… um…. Anderson staring at his ‘cage key’ wondering what the hell he’s supposed to do with it. Seriously, what is the advantage of having the key? Is it to escape and win? That’s the only reason I can think of… by the way… is this mysterious ‘cage key’ involved in any of the other matches?


Consensus: Kurt Angle 6-4. According to some sources, Angle may take a break after Lockdown. What better way to end this feud by having the good guy being the victor? The faculty predicts a victory for the Olympic Gold Medalist over the Green Bay loudmouth.

**To Determine who gets the man advantage for Lethal Lockdown**
Rob Van Dam (representing Team Hogan) vs. James Storm (representing Team Flair)

Daniel B. – JAMES STORM.


Josh B. – RVD.

Superstarzz – ROB VAN DAM.

Matt O. – RVD.

Jose M. – JAMES STORM the heels usually have the man advantage in Lockdown.

Sean H. – RVD.

Anthony V. – I think the heels get that one-man power play, it usually happens in these situations, right? I say that JAMES STORM gets the minor upset of Van Dam.
Doug L. – RVD via Sting wanting to be the last one in the match with least amount of physical activity. How is this considered an ‘advantage’ when all the members from both teams end up in the cage at the end?


Consensus: Tie 5-5. When it all comes down to this encounter the faculty can’t predict a final outcome. As Professor Lackey stated “how is this considered an advantage when both team end up in the cage”?

**Lethal Lockdown**
Team Flair (Capt. Sting, James Storm, Robert Roode, and Desmond Wolfe) vs. Team Hogan (Capt. Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Jeff Hardy, and Rob Van Dam)

Daniel B. – TEAM HOGAN.

David S. – TEAM HOGAN.


Superstarzz – TEAM HOGAN.


Jose M. – I want to say TEAM HOGAN because they have been getting there behinds handed to them but I still wouldn’t be surprised to see a Bischoff turn here that goes in favor of Team Flair or for that matter a turn after the match.


Anthony V. – This match I considered it to be a dead-heat, 50/50. I would flip a coin if I had the money so I am going to give that extra one percent to TEAM FLAIR. I don’t think Sting would come back to the ring to lose right away and Eric Bischoff I predict will do something to Jeff Jarrett. It is a shame that Jeff Hardy seems to not really be the headliner in this match, huh?

Doug L. – TEAM HOGAN via having a difficult time imagining the other team going over. Hogan Lite, Mr. ‘I built this house of cards and enjoy seeing it blow apart every month’, People of Moore County v. Starving Artist, and the owner of the World’s Largest Collection of Spawn Memorabilia. I just don’t see them going down…


Consensus: Team Hogan 9-1. Only Professor Valvo went with Flair’s team, as everyone else in the faculty predict this contest to end in Hulk Hogan’s favor.


If any Beautiful People member wins, the woman who pinned Love will be the Champion. If Love or Tara pins a member of the Beautiful People, then they will be the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions. I hope I got the stipulations right for this contest.
TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions The Beautiful People (Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky) vs. TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love and Tara


David S. – LOVE & TARA.




Jose M. – I was hearing how there was talk to reunite the BP with Angelina back in the fold but I know how much Russo likes the whole feuding tag team partners thing and it seems he has done it every way except with the woman so I am going to go with ANGELINA and TARA.

Sean H. – I don’t understand. I say LOVE and TARA win the Tag Titles.

Anthony V. – I know some TNA fans that I communicated with do not like how the TNA Knockouts Title is being tossed to one after the other. I am not sure about the stipulations in this one, but I am going to say that ANGELINA LOVE and TARA settle their differences for at least one night and become the TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions.

Doug L. – LOVE & TARA via why the hell not… another angle involving tag champs who don’t like each other? Sure why not. Might be a better reason to have the Knockouts on TV other than having them open fireproof cases full of stenciled rewards.


Consensus: Angelina Love and Tara 9-1. We all knew we were going to pick a new champion, but this may have been too much. Still, according to the stipulations and our predictions it appears that Tara will leave with a championship, while Angelina Love will carry additional gold to her TNA Knockouts Title.

TNA X Division Champion Douglas Williams vs. Kazarian vs. Shannon Moore

Daniel B. – KAZARIAN.



Superstarzz – DOUG WILLIAMS.


Jose M. – DOUGLAS WILLIAMS because it is too soon to take that title off of him.


Anthony V. – Well, I said time and time again that Doug Williams as the X Champ is the best thing going for TNA. After seeing the tension in the ring with Kaz and Moore I have a feeling that one of these guys will cost the other. I say DOUGLAS WILLIAMS retains in what I think will be a surprisingly good X Division match.

Doug L. – WILLIAMS via I said so, that’s why! Us Douglases stick together and unite in times of turmoil… just like how Row 3 stuck together during this trying time in the life of TNA… wait… huh?


Consensus: Douglas Williams 8, Kazarian 1, Shannon Moore 1. While Dean Browne predicted Kaz and New Professor Springer selected the man who believes in DILLIGAF, the majority of the faculty enjoy “the finest things in life”. With eight votes, we almost agreed entirely that Douglas Williams will retain his X Division Championship.

TNA World Champion AJ Styles vs. D’Angelo Dinero

Daniel B. – AJ STYLES.

David S. – AJ STYLES.

Josh B. – DINERO. I’m going out on a limb here and say they are going to hot shot the belt to Dinero, I’m not very confident on this but I really think this is the perfect time to try the belt on Dinero.

Superstarzz – AJ SYTLES.

Matt O. – STYLES.

Jose M. – AJ STYLES because the Pope may be pimping but he isn’t ready yet.

Sean H. – AJ STYLES.

Anthony V. – Dinero finally gets a World Title shot and he is actually a serious threat to the title! I for one would love to see this happen, but AJ STYLES will be their champion for a LONG time. However, don’t give up on Dinero as I think he could potentially be the top face for TNA very soon.

Doug L. – POPE via hmmmmm… AJ has had this strap for over 7 months now, it’s about high time we see him in a ‘rematch’-like storyline with the Hunter-approved ‘most charismatic’ member of the TNA roster. I just hope Pope doesn’t accidentally inhale his new belt when he delivers his weekly promo on TV…

Jeff S. – THE POPE.

Consensus: AJ Styles 7-3. I think this is the first time in months that the WrestleView faculty predicted AJ’s opponent to win the belt off of him. However, with only three votes secured Dinero will be another man that came close to dethroning “The Champ”! The majority of the faculty predicts another successful victory for AJ Styles.

Dismissal (By: Anthony Valvo)

Well, that does it for another round of Predictions from the Faculty for the 2010-2011 season.

And remember students, this is YOUR column too! Please present to me your choices for the winners of any PPV by e-mail at mistervwv@hotmail.com or by sending me an inbox message on Facebook. Winner of each PPV receives a coveted (and NEVER duplicated) Gold Star in my latest column and is named the “Student of the Week” for the next Predictions article.

Well, that does it for us, class. On behalf of my peers on WrestleView I bid you farewell. We will be taking a 6-day break and will be back with our predictions for WWE’s Extreme Rules. As always, thank you for reading our predictions. Now go and enjoy the rest of your weekend! You are all…DISMISSED!

Thank you for reading and to those that do, participate. We appreciate your feedback.